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How to Clear Angles Like a Pro in Valorant?

How to Clear Angles Like a Pro in Valorant?

Valorant is definitely one of, if not the biggest competitive FPS game right now, and as more people continue to jump into the game the more the competition gets. However, to separate yourself from the regular players, it's important for you to start performing even the simplest of game mechanics like a professional.

Today, we're here to go through several tips and tricks that are sure to help you clear angles like a professional in Valorant. This includes knowing the type of peak you want to go for and knowing the purpose of your peak as well. While a game like Valorant is definitely dynamic, that doesn't mean these tips can't help you.

So, without further ado, here's how you can clear angles in Valorant like a pro. While we'll mention this in the article too, one of the best ways to clear angles is by having a good teammate by your side, something you can do by simply hiring a professional-level teammate from Eloking. If that isn't enough, you can even use the code "BoostToday" for an excellent 20% discount.

Understand the Purpose of Your Peek

First-person view of a player holding a knife in a shooter game

Every peek in Valorant serves a purpose, and knowing when to employ a specific type is essential for success. For instance, jump peeking is excellent for gathering intel, but accuracy suffers while executing this maneuver. Silently jump peeking by holding the Walk key adds complexity but enhances effectiveness.

Jump Peeking

Jump peeking is a dynamic technique that allows players to swiftly collect information on enemy positions. Understanding the purpose behind this peek is crucial, as it excels in intel gathering but sacrifices accuracy. Learn how to execute a silent jump peek by holding the Walk key for added effectiveness.

Wide Swinging

Wide swinging is a powerful move against opponents holding tight angles. However, it can quickly turn into a blunder if executed without awareness of enemy positions or when facing multiple adversaries. Explore the strategic use of wide swings and when to opt for a more cautious approach.

Jiggle Peeking

Jiggle peeking is a versatile technique that allows players to gather information and engage in gunfights strategically. Learn the nuances of jiggle peeking, including the importance of quick retreats to cover. Mastering this method ensures effective intel gathering while minimizing exposure to enemy fire.

Short Peek or Standard Peeking

Standard peeks, also known as short peeking, involve clearing angles methodically and minimizing exposure to multiple angles. Brush through small sections at a time, isolating one-versus-one fights. Understand the tactical advantages of short peeking and its relevance in various in-game situations.

Avoiding Dry Peeking

Dry peeking, or peeking without any support utility, can lead to unfavorable encounters with enemies holding unpredictable off-angles. Discover the importance of utilizing abilities like blinds, recon, or scouts to counter opponents and enhance the success rate of your peeks. Avoid unnecessary risks by incorporating strategic utility into your gameplay.

Consider Your Condition

First person view of a shooter game with a focus on gameplay interface

Before peeking an angle, evaluate your condition to ensure a favorable outcome. Obstacles, such as Sage's Wall or anti-push abilities like Slow Orbs, can hinder your peek quality and place you at a disadvantage. Professionals advise against peeking too close to obstacles, as it impacts movement.

Movement is pivotal in Valorant, affecting both peeking and crosshair placement. The more obstacles impeding movement, the lower the quality of your peek. Pay attention to environmental factors and maintain a strategic distance from obstacles to optimize your performance.

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Peeking Like a Pro

Peeking in Valorant is most effective when your teammates provide support. In ranked games, where competition is fierce, communication is key. Request cover from off-angles while you handle the main engagement.

Develop a mental map of common enemy positions to anticipate potential threats. Understanding an opponent's perspective enables better preparation for gunfights. Learning to counter enemy strategies may involve a death or two, but the experience gained is invaluable.


Is jump peeking effective in all situations?

Jump peeking is an excellent technique for gathering intel, but it sacrifices accuracy during execution. While it's valuable for scouting enemy positions, relying solely on jump peeking in gunfights may prove challenging. Consider the specific purpose of your peek and choose the technique that aligns with your objectives.

Why is dry peeking discouraged, and how can it be avoided?

Dry peeking, or peeking without any support utility, is discouraged because enemies often hold unpredictable off-angles that are difficult to predict. To avoid this, incorporate supportive abilities like blinds, recon, or scouts into your peeking strategy. Utilizing such utility enhances your chances of success by countering opponents and mitigating unexpected threats.

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