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How to Cheater Recall in League Of Legends

How to Cheater Recall in League Of Legends

There are many tactics players have adopted over the years to get even the slightest advantage in a regular game of the MOBA League of Legends. Wave management, perfect warding, and, the topic of the guide today, cheater recall.

To cheater recall, you first have to get a good advantage against the enemy in terms of minion control. If you're able to maintain that advantage for two waves, you can use the third wave as a cover to recall, heal, recover mana, get items, and come back to your lane all before the next wave reaches your tower.

Today we'll be going through everything you need to know about cheater recalling in LoL, including what the advantages of doing it are, as well as how to do it for yourself.

What is Cheater Recall in LoL

As mentioned above, cheater recall is a tactic League of Legends players has come up with over the years in order to get an advantage over the player on the opposite team playing in the same lane as them.

How it basically works is that you manipulate the minion waves in such a way that you're able to MAKE an opening for yourself to recall without there being any damage to your tower or major gold lost for you.

Advantages of Cheater Recall

By recalling at the right time, considering the fact that it's done pretty early on in the game, not only will you be able to recover both your health and mana (after all, mana consumption is highest during the early game), but you'll also be able to purchase an item using the gold you've made so far.


Screenshot of an online game's item shop interface displaying various tools and items


Because of this, when you do come back to your lane, you'll have several key advantages over your player. Those advantages will be:

How to Cheater Recall

When a match starts, you want to instantly start being aggressive. You don't necessarily have to take risks, but ensure that you deal more damage to the minions than the person playing opposite to you does.

For the first two waves, you want to continue dealing more damage to the enemy minions, all the while slowly pushing the wave toward the enemy tower. By the third wave, since you probably would have leveled up by now, you want to take out the enemy minions as quickly as possible.

Intense moment in a MOBA game with characters in combat

When you take the enemy minions out and confirm that your minions are under the enemy tower, that's when you'll want to recall. Heal up and make your purchase (You should have around 400 gold by now which is enough to make a decent purchase) then return back to your lane.

If done quickly, the fourth wave would have just spawned so it wouldn't have reached your tower yet, which would make it so you would have done all of that and gained such a huge advantage all without having to sacrifice any potential gold.

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Things to Remember

Now, pulling off a cheater recall perfectly requires a lot of patience, practice, and luck from your side, as you won't be able to pull it off in every single match you play. The biggest reason for this is that the cheating recall is done in the first three to four minutes of a game.

Therefore, if a jungler was to flank you and force you to recall, or if you weren't able to get the minion wave at the position you want to in time, then you won't be able to use the cheater recall efficiently.

Finally, the cheater recall can be used regardless of which lane you're playing. Whether you're playing top lanemiddle lane, or bottom lane as an ADC, you can still utilize this tactic.


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