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How to Remove Stickers in CS:GO


Stickers in CS:GO are a fun way to personalize the weapons that you love. However, after you add a sticker to a weapon, players assume that you’re forced to stick with that sticker permanently (pun intended.) Well, fortunately, that isn’t the case. On the contrary, there’s a pretty effective way of removing stickers from your weapons in CS:GO.

To remove a sticker in CS:GO, you first have to go to your inventory and select the sticker. Then, you’ll see an option to scrape the sticker. The more you scrape it the more worn out it’ll be until it eventually gets removed completely. This process is completely free and shouldn’t take too long to do.

We’ll be guiding you on how to remove your stickers in CS:GO, as well as some things you should watch out for.

How Do You Remove Stickers in CS:GO

As mentioned above, many players wrongfully assume that removing a sticker is impossible once it has been applied to a weapon. However, that isn’t the case at all and the process of removing a sticker is really straightforward. All you have to do to remove a sticker is:

Other Uses of Scraping Stickers in CS:GO

Now, scraping stickers doesn’t only have the advantage of it being able to completely remove stickers from items. Instead, there are many players that scrape sticker purposefully to give them a specific look. For example, if you pair a sticker with a weapon that has a rustic skin, the sticker will look old and worn out too.

Additionally, stickers that have either the logo of a professional team or the signature of a professional players also oftentimes have some background stuff. However, by scraping them, you can eventually make it so just the logo or signature remains. This adds a new level of customization and personalization.

One thing to look out for is that if a sticker gets too heavily scraped, eventually you won’t be able to see it at all. Even if you inspect the weapon, the sticker’s outline will be the only thing that’ll be visible even with the best graphic settings for CS:GO applied. If you accidentally end up doing this and don’t like the empty look it gives off, it might be a better idea to just remove the sticker entirely.

Something to Watch Out For When Scraping Stickers

Now, there’s one VERY important thing we have to bring up before you remove your stickers. The thing about removing stickers in CS:GO is that the sticker gets removed permanently. Therefore, if you end up removing a sticker that you purchased using real money or a sticker that’s valuable, you’ll only end up losing it permanently. If you know how loot boxes work in CS:GO, you’ll also know how valuable some stickers can be.

Because of this, we highly recommend you watch out for what sticker you’re removing. Additionally, if you were trying to remove a sticker from an item with the intent of selling it, then you’ll be much better of not even trying. 

While there are indeed various third party services that claim to assist you in moving or removing stickers without destroying them, they’re all bogus. You shouldn’t believe them because there’s no official way of moving stickers without destroying them. On the contrary, a scrapped sticker is likely to have lower market value when compared to a brand ‘new’ one.

If you really want to sell or trade a sticker, the only option you’ll be left with will be to trade the item itself. Of course, we mean with the sticker intact and everything. This allows them to keep the sticker's value or apply it to a different item without resorting to removal. Trading platforms or communities dedicated to CS:GO can facilitate these exchanges

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