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How to Boost FPS in Valorant


While most, if not all, professional Valorant players recommend you get a minimum of 120 FPS, especially for competitive play, for a player with a low-end PC, even 60 FPS is sometimes hard to achieve.

Getting decent FPS in any competitive shooter is crucial, as low FPS would hinder your reaction time and shooting accuracy. Fortunately, multiple potential fixes might help your PC boost the FPS you get while playing Valorant.

Tweaking settings in Valorant

While not too graphic-heavy, turning off specific visual options in Valorant settings can get you those extra frames you’re looking for. So boot the game, go to settings, and make the following changes.

With all these settings changed, you have to go to the ‘graphics quality’ subheading and lower pretty much everything (Such as Material Quality, Texture Quality, Detail Quality, UI Quality, and Anisotropic Filtering). So while medium settings are enough for most laptops and PCs, some players might have to change them all the way to low if they want a noticeable difference in FPS.

Multithreaded rendering being on might help your CPU’s performance. It is also recommended that you keep Improve Clarity on, as without it, you might not be able to see enemies properly, but you can turn everything else off (Such as Bloom, Distortion, Cast Shadows, and VSync). While this will make the game look worse, its performance will undoubtedly improve. 

However, to improve your own performance when playing Valorant, consider checking out our guide on how Valorant coaching works, which also explains why it’s the best way to get better at the game!

Finally, while highly uncommon, sometimes players accidentally put a limit on the amount of FPS the game is allowed to reach. Therefore, ensure that isn’t the case with you by switching the FPS limit to unlimited.

Using task manager to boost FPS

If you’re looking to boost your FPS in any game, then the task manager is your best friend. (opened by using the ctrl+shift+esc shortcut) 
Here you’re able to do multiple things, with the first being turning off any unnecessary programs that might be running in the background.

Next, go to the ‘startup’ section and disable any program you don’t use. This will make it so the next time you power on your PC, it won’t be weighed down by these apps starting up automatically.

Finally, when Valorant is already running, go to task manager and switch to the ‘details’ section. Look for VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe and VALORANT.exe to right-click on them, hover over ‘set priority,’ and change priority to high.

Ensuring all your drivers are up to date

Often, the performance of your games and other programs might be hindered because of outdated drivers. To ensure this isn’t the case with you, type device manager in the search box on the taskbar and then click on it.

Select any category to see the names of your devices, then right-click (or press and hold) the one you'd like to update(or check if there’s any update for) and select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. Finally, select ‘Update Driver’.

It is recommended that you prioritize updating the drivers of your display adapters, monitors, and processors, as those are most related to FPS.

Using a high refresh rate monitor

If you have a PC with good specs but a 60hz monitor, then the FPS will be capped at 60, and you won’t be able to make the most of your PC’s hardware. On the contrary, chances are it will lead to screen tearing, which occurs when the monitor's refresh rate and GPU's frame rate are not synchronized.

Therefore, getting a monitor with a 144 or 240hx refresh rate is recommended so you can finally break through that pesky 60 FPS barrier and improve your reaction time and aim. Speaking of aim, there are various other ways to improve it. If you’re looking to improve your aiming, which is a cornerstone of all first-person shooters, check out our guide on How to improve aim in Valorant.

Ensuring your PC or laptop meets the minimum requirements for Valorant

While doing things to boost your FPS is well and good, some PCs just can’t run the game properly because their specifications are not good enough. As such, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements according to Riot themselves. Those are

If you find your specifications to be lacking in any department, then chances are you might not even be able to hit that 60 FPS sweet spot, let alone 120 FPS.

Prioritizing performance over battery life

The last thing you can do is make it so that your PC prioritizes performance over battery life when playing Valorant. To do this, go to the Windows search bar and type ‘Graphic settings’. Click it and then click on ‘Browse’ before selecting Valorant, which will bring the program below the browse button.

Over here, select ‘Options’ (as shown in the picture above) and then change your graphics preference to ‘High Performance’ in the new window that pops up.

What’s next?

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