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How to improve aim in Valorant


Crosshair Placement

A lot of players tend to keep their aim at the ground and that is a very bad habit that you should avoid doing. Try to always keep your aim at head level because if you have it at the ground while facing an opponent then you'll take a little bit of time to move your crosshair at the proper body or head level. But if you already have your aim at head level then you get the advantage of reacting faster with your mouse.


You should always preaim at the angles you want to peek before peeking them. What does that mean? If you're expecting your opponent to be standing on a specific position then you should aim at that position before even peeking that position and that gives you the advantage to react faster on your opponent and possibly get the kill on him.

Use Your Abilities

Ability usage in Valorant is a very big plus and truly is game-changing, whether you're supporting your team or even using abilities to entries or even playing line ups in a post-plant. So you should always try and not only depend on your aim but also on your abilities, for example, try to flash for yourself when you're playing an agent that has a flash, you could also do a one way smoke and play on it. Placing a sage wall and staying on the top of it as an off-angle is also very unexpected, there is a lot do with abilities, always try to be creative with it.

Counter Strafing

This is a very popular and important tip that lots of players in lower levels don't follow. Most of them peek with just A or D - that is wrong because you don't get full accuracy for a few seconds. Instead, you should always counter strafe - A then cut the strafe by pressing D then shoot and vice versa, that way you'll have full accuracy after you strafe. Counter Strafing may sound easy but you should master it by practicing first.

Plant The Spike

Yes, always plant the spikes even if you already have won the round, your team gets money and you get an orb point when you plant the spike, this could be big at crucial and close games so don't miss this one.

Economy Management

In order to win games you will always have to work on your economy and manage it properly, and since Valorant is a team game then the whole team should work this together. For example: if you lost a round and don't have enough money to buy rifles then someone in the team should call to go for an Eco Round, an Eco Round is when the whole team save their money in order to have a proper buy on the next round.

Stop Crouching

Crouching is a very bad habit that lots of players tend to do. Crouching makes you a really easy target to kill so you should avoid doing it. You should crouch when you're fighting from a really far angle and you need that first bullet accuracy.

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