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Counter-Strike 2 May 23 patch explained

Counter-Strike 2 May 23 patch explained

While Valve’s CS2 had a rather rocky launch, that doesn’t mean the developers have given up on it. On the contrary, updates and changes continue to come out to ensure the game is as well-optimized and fresh as possible. The May 23 patch was one of the bigger patches it had, not because of the content but because of how it changed the game.

Today, we’re here to go through the CS2 May 23 patch in its entirety. This includes going through all of the gameplay changes it brought as well as some of the major map changes players likely have already experienced.

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about CS2’s May 23 patch.

What’s new in the May 23 patch?

First-person view in a shooter game with a rifle aiming at a construction site

The patch is a big one, and there are quite a few things to cover. The update makes some big changes, ranging from new weapon prices and grenade mechanics to the addition of fun new animations for chickens. Let's take a deeper look into the patch notes, as well as how these changes will affect the game moving forward. 

Gameplay changes 

First-person view of a player holding a flaming gun in a sunny medieval village

The height of the flames from Molotov and Incendiary grenades gradually decreases over time. Before this change, the flames burned at the same height. The explosion and flames have been given a fresh visual look. The flames also last for a shorter amount of time and cover a smaller area. The cost has also been reduced from $600 to $500.

When a bomb is planted but then defused, the reward has been shrunk down from $800 to $600. This change works on balancing the impact of the first round on the rest of the game.
The price of the M4A4 rifle has dropped from $3100 to $3000, making it more affordable. Moreover, some minor changes have been made to how the first-person camera moves and behaves during gameplay, which should make the player experience a tad bit smoother. 

Two commands, “switchhandsleft” and “switchhandsright” have been added, which let you switch the hand holding your weapon. Also, no matter your loadout, the bonus weapons for everyone in Deathmatch are now the same for everyone. 

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Upon opening the kilowatt case with a key, players are now given the option to rent the entire collection for a week instead of just getting one item. The rented weapons will go back to their stock versions when the rental period is over, and the rental weapons can't be modified, traded, or sold. 

HUD Changes

A bug where the MVP name was being incorrectly displayed has been fixed. More bugs related to refunding in the Buy Menu, mismatched scoreboards, and persistent tooltips have also been patched. 


Realistic hen sculpture on a stone surface with a garden backdrop

A cool new animation for chickens has been added, and they can now walk up hills and turn right before walking. 

UI Changes

The performance of the Warehouse main menu and item inspection backgrounds has been improved. 


Kill and death events are now shown through the demo playback timeline. A brand new mode called “highlight mode” allows you to see only your kills and deaths. Apart from these, a few minor UI changes have been made. 

Map changes 

Spacious industrial warehouse interior with natural sunlight and shadows

A couple of maps also received some minor changes that are sure to change the way players strategize, especially when playing competitively.


A new catwalk has been added by bombsite A that connects to the back of A. The connector and elevator that were previously present have been removed, and a new passage has been opened. Minor changes to the size of the bombsite and spawn timings have been made.


A movement hitch on the lower conveyor has been fixed, and the height of the central conveyor has been lowered, which will allow for better sniper views. 


An issue where plates could shoot through multiple walls has been fixed. 


Collision issues on props and around windows have been fixed. 


What is the impact of this update?

Counter-Strike 2 has come a long way from its early days, and this patch is evidence of the fact that Valve wants to continue keeping things fresh. The update brings some pretty cool changes that will shake things up, especially changes related to the grenades and the maps. Also, they’ve tackled some annoying bugs that have been bugging us for a while, which is a positive sign for the player base. 

What’s next?

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