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Infinity Edge vs Navori Quickblade: Which Item is Better?

Infinity Edge vs Navori Quickblade: Which Item is Better?

Critical Strike items play a huge role in every League of Legends match. After all, these items can make or break any champion's damage output, which in turn determines how quickly they're able to take enemy champions out. Two popular options for marksmen and champions who rely heavily on critical strikes are Infinity Edge and Navori Quickblade.

Infinity Edge and Navori Quickblade both have their strengths and weaknesses that make them good choices for different circumstances. Whereas Infinity Edge is better for dealing high initial damage to enemy champions in order to quickly end a fight, the Navori Quickblade is better suited for drawn out battles.

We'll be going through the various pros of both critical strike items so you can determine for yourself which one is better for you.

Infinity Edge
Illustration of a glowing fantasy sword with futuristic design

The first critical strike item we want to go through is the Infinity Edge. Now, this item has been in the game for quite a while now, so it makes sense that most League of Legends players would have used it at least once.

Three specific plus points of this critical strike item are the amplified critical strikes, the bonus critical strike chance, and the bonus attack damage this item grants champions.

Amplified Critical Strikes
Detail of Infinity Edge item stats with attack and critical strike enhancements in a video game

The most significant aspect of Infinity Edge is its ability to enhance the critical strikes of any champion that purchases it. It increases the damage of your critical hits by 35%, allowing you to deal massive burst damage when those critical strikes land. While critical hits are already rather devastating as they are, this will make them even more beneficial for you.

Bonus Critical Strike Chance

Not only does the Infinity Edge increase the overall damage of critical hits, but it also increases the critical strike chance.  Infinity Edge grants an additional 20% critical strike chance. This bonus synergizes with other critical strike items and runes, further boosting your overall chance to land critical strikes. 

This specific bonus is particularly effective when paired with high critical strike chance builds, as it maximizes the impact of each critical hit. You can be sure the enemy champions will feel each and every critical hit you land.

Bonus Attack Damage

Finally, the last benefit champions get is that they get a boost to their overall attack damage. Alongside its critical strike bonuses, Infinity Edge provides a flat 70 attack damage. This additional attack damage significantly increases your overall damage potential, especially when combined with the amplified critical strikes.

Because of the rather high increase to the attack damage stat, beginner players in particular tend to use the Infinity Edge to get out of elo hell because it's a guaranteed damage boost.

Navori Quickblade
Illustration of Navori Quickblades, mystical glowing weapons

Up next is the Navori Quickblade. Although this is a newer addition to the League of Legends roster, at least when compared to the Infinity Edge, it has still managed to become a top bought item.

Three specific plus points of this critical strike item are the cooldown reduction from critical strikes, the increase in critical strike chance and attack damage, and the synergy with ability based champions.

Cooldown Reduction from Critical Strikes

The first advantage of this item is perhaps the most crucial one. The Navori Quickblade has the ability to reduce the cooldowns of your non ultimate abilities by 20% whenever you critically strike. This effect enables you to use your abilities more frequently during extended fights, providing increased damage output and utility. It rewards champions who rely on both auto-attacks and abilities.

Increase in Critical Strike Chance and Attack Damage
Detailed view of Navori Quickblades item showing its stats in a game interface

Navori Quickblade offers a 30% critical strike chance increase and a 20 point increase in attack damage. Although the critical strike chance is slightly lower compared to Infinity Edge, it still provides a respectable chance to land critical hits while also granting additional attack damage.

Synergy With Ability Based Champions

Navori Quickblade shines on champions with low cooldown abilities that benefit from critical strikes. This item allows you to spam your abilities more frequently, enhancing sustained damage and utility in prolonged engagements. It's particularly effective on champions who rely heavily on abilities and benefit from reduced ability cooldowns.

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Which One is Better
Game weapons comparison with a purple blade versus a yellow axe

With all of this being said, which of the two critical strike items is better? Well, it really depends on your personal playstyle and preferences.

The strength of Infinity Edge lies in its ability to enhance burst damage and increase the effectiveness of critical strikes. It's an excellent choice for champions who rely on raw auto attack damage, such as traditional marksmen and ADC. Infinity Edge is particularly potent when combined with other items that provide critical strike chance and attack speed, as it maximizes their impact.

On the other hand, Navori Quickblade is a strong choice for champions who have a mix of auto attacks and ability based damage in their kits. It offers increased mobility, utility, and sustained damage output. Champions like Yasuo, Tryndamere, and Yone, who have abilities that critically strike or rely on critical strikes for their damage, can make excellent use of Navori Quickblade's cooldown reduction effect.

Therefore, it's crucial that you first take a look at what type of champion you're playing as and what type of battles you want to fight in the match before determining which item you should go for. 

What’s next?

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