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Spells: What are spells in League of Legends?

Spells are abilities players can equip to their champions, with the maximum number of spells being two. They are chosen in the champion selection screen and are used in the game to assist the player’s champion in many different ways.

When it comes to availability, players start with only two summoner spells unlocked. It takes getting to summoner level 9 to finally unlock all available eleven summoner spells that players can choose from.

What summoner spells can players choose from?

As mentioned above, there are eleven standard summoner spells players can choose from freely. Those are:


Heals your champion, plus the teammate closest to the cursor for 80-318 health, depending on your level. It also gives a 30% movement boost to both champions for one second.


Your champion ignores unit collision and gains a 28%-48% increase in movement speed based on level. The additional movement speed lasts for 10 seconds and is further increased if the champion gets a takedown while boosted.


Shields your champion for 105-411 damage based on level. The barrier lasts for 2 seconds.


Slows the targetted enemy by 30% and reduces their damage dealt by 35% for 3 seconds.


Throws a snowball at an enemy from a distance, dealing minor true damage, revealing the enemy for 3 seconds, and granting you the ability to instantly dash towards them for 3 seconds.


Restore 50% of your champion’s total mana and 25% of nearby allied champions’ total mana.


Makes your champion flash a short distance toward the targeted location.


Your champion, after 4 seconds of channeling, teleports to a targeted allied turret, minion, or ward.


Deals 450 true damage to a targetted monster, minion, or pet and heals your champion for 7.5% of your maximum health.


Removes all disables and debuffs on your champion and grants 65% tenacity for 3 seconds.


Sets the target enemy on fire for 5 seconds, revealing them and dealing 70-410 damage depending on your level.

The most popular summoner spell combination is easily flash and ignite.

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