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Eloking vs. WorldBoosting: Which Website is Better?

Eloking vs. WorldBoosting: Which Website is Better?

There are several boosting websites that are considered to be 'the best.' Among them are Eloking, which is known in the entire community as being one of, if not the best boosting website for several notable games, and WorldBoosting, which isn't nearly as well-known. Today, we wanted to put them against each other to see which one is better.

Because both Eloking and WorldBoosting are such prominent names in the Elo boosting industry, it only makes sense that many people would want to find out which one is better. Therefore, it's essential to shed light on the distinctive features that set Eloking apart and make it the preferred choice for players seeking reliable, secure, and effective boosting solutions.

So, if you've been looking for the best boosting website to use the services of, keep reading. If you determine that Eloking is the website for you, then you can also use code "BoostToday" for an extra 20% off for all of our services.

Pricing and Service Quality

Screenshot of a discount code entry interface on a gaming platform

In the competitive world of League of Legends boosting, pricing and service quality are crucial factors that can significantly impact a player's choice of a boosting service. WorldBoosting might initially attract attention with its seemingly affordable pricing, especially for players on the Latin American servers (LAS). 

However, this apparent advantage diminishes when considering the sharp increase in prices for boosts on EUW or NA servers, often reaching levels that are 50% higher than industry standards. On the other side of the spectrum, Eloking distinguishes itself with a commitment to maintaining competitive pricing structures across regions, ensuring accessibility for players globally without compromising on the quality of service.

Eloking takes pride in its roster of elite boosters, some of whom are ex-professional players, creating a unique synergy that guarantees not only effective boosting but also a wealth of insights from individuals who have excelled at the highest tiers of the game. In contrast, WorldBoosting has faced criticism for inconsistent service quality, with reports of boosters impacting win rates due to lackluster skills and reliability. 

Eloking's dedication to excellence ensures that each boosting experience is not just about climbing ranks but also about learning and improving from some of the best players in the League of Legends community.

Customer Support

Screenshot depicting features of a professional gaming boosting service interface

In the realm of boosting services, the quality of customer support can be a defining factor in a player's overall experience. WorldBoosting claims to offer accessible customer support through various channels, but a notable limitation emerges when considering the language barrier. The primary communication on the website and with staff is conducted in Spanish, posing a challenge for non-native speakers seeking assistance. 

Eloking, however, surpasses this challenge by providing comprehensive support in multiple languages, ensuring that players from diverse backgrounds can navigate the boosting process with ease.

Eloking's customer-centric approach goes beyond language accessibility. The user-friendly interface and transparent communication through the customer area enable clients to monitor real-time progress, select preferred boosters, and communicate directly. This feature not only fosters trust and reliability but also ensures that players feel empowered and informed throughout their boosting journey. 

WorldBoosting's limited language support may hinder effective communication, potentially leaving international customers feeling disconnected or frustrated. If you consider taking care of all customers as customer support, then you'll love the "BoostToday" discount code Eloking has that anyone can use for 20% off all of Eloking's services.

Security Concerns

Screenshot of a discreet gaming boosting provider's website, featuring customer testimonials and service information.

WorldBoosting may catch the attention of budget-conscious gamers with its acceptance of various payment options, including widely-used methods like PayPal and Skrill. However, concerns arise when examining its approach to account security. Boosters employed by WorldBoosting reportedly do not utilize VPN protection or offline mode during the boosting process. 

This omission poses a potential risk to the security of customer accounts, as gaming platforms often frown upon irregular access patterns, leading to restrictions or, in severe cases, permanent bans. For players who value the longevity and safety of their gaming accounts, this could be a significant deterrent.

Contrastingly, Eloking places a paramount emphasis on the security of its clients' accounts. Eloking's boosters employ VPN protection and operate in offline mode during the boosting process. This meticulous approach not only safeguards customer accounts from potential penalties but also demonstrates Eloking's commitment to providing a secure and worry-free boosting experience.

The security measures undertaken by Eloking go beyond industry standards, reflecting the platform's dedication to maintaining the integrity of its clients' gaming accounts. As online gaming platforms increasingly tighten their security protocols, Eloking's proactive approach in utilizing VPN protection and offline mode sets a standard for boosting services.


How does Eloking prioritize account security compared to WorldBoosting?

Eloking places a high emphasis on account security by employing industry-standard practices such as VPN protection and offline mode during the boosting process. This ensures the confidentiality and safety of customer accounts. On the other hand, WorldBoosting has faced concerns regarding booster practices, with reports of boosters not using VPN protection, potentially putting accounts at risk.

Can I expect multi-language customer support with Eloking, unlike WorldBoosting?

Yes, Eloking offers comprehensive customer support in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility for players from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, they primarily communicate in English, a language that is widely known. 

In contrast, WorldBoosting primarily communicates in Spanish, which may pose a language barrier for non-native speakers seeking assistance. Eloking's commitment to a multilingual support system enhances the overall customer experience.

What’s next?

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