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How to Make Profile Private In Overwatch 2


Have you ever been queuing in for a specific role or hero in Overwatch 2 when some random player on your team started asking you to play the hero or role you’re good at? Well, chances are that other player checked your profile stats and found out that you hadn’t selected your most used role or hero. Infuriating, right? Fortunately, you can make it so this never happens again.

To make sure people aren’t able to see your profile statistics, you’ll have to set your profile privacy to private. To do this, you simply have to launch Overwatch 2 and proceed naturally until you reach the main menu. Then, you have to go to the settings and choose the social tab. Here, you’ll find an option labeled ‘Career Profile Visibility’ which you’ll have to set to private.

Today, we’ll be going in depth regarding everything you need to know about making your profile private. Naturally, this includes how you can do it, why you might want to do it, and the different options there are.

How to Make Profile Private in Overwatch 2

Without any delay, let us go into how you can make your profile private in Overwatch 2. All you have to do is:

  1. First, launch Overwatch 2
  2. Once you’re logged onto the game, go to the game menu and select Options 
  3. Choose the Social tab
  4. Find the Career Profile Visibility setting
  5. From here, simply change the setting from public to private

By following these steps, you won’t have to worry about other people seeing your in game stats anymore.

What Other Options Are There?

When changing your profile privacy settings, you might have noticed that there were other options you could have chosen as well. To be more specific, all of the different options you can go for are:

What Are the Advantages of Making Your Overwatch 2 Profile Private?

Now that you know just how to set your Overwatch profile to private, you must be wondering why players would even want to set their profile to private. After all, all it does is show other players your account’s statistics, right? Well, you can’t underestimate the lengths people would go to manipulate their teammates to pick the role or hero they want.

For example, let us say that your most played hero is Mercy, something we won’t blame you for since she’s one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes to play with a controller. However, because you aren't in the mood to play her, you switch to playing someone like Zenyatta. Well, there are some players who will instantly go to your profile, see that your most played hero is Mercy, and flame you in the game chat to get you to play as her. 

Of course, this was just a minor example of things that very commonly happen in competitive mode. To ensure these types of players don't even get the chance to do something like this, you can simply set your profile to private and save yourself the trouble. There's no harm in doing this, but it might potentially save you some headaches in the future.

Now, what stats can players even see if you set your profile to public? Well, players get a bunch of information on your Overwatch 2 history. Some examples of things other players can see are:

Speaking of competitive play ranking, one very common glitch is when you are not able to see your rank in Overwatch 2. This also sometimes applies when you’re looking at the profile of another player.

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