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7 Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Controller Players

7 Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Controller Players

Overwatch 2 is an ever expanding game with a roster of playable heroes which is also expanding every update. With that being said, there's a major difference between playing the game with a keyboard and mouse compared to playing it with a controller, and no we don't just mean that the best settings for a controller are different. We're primarily referring to the fact that the best heroes for controller players are different from keyboard and mouse players.

Because it's significantly more difficult to play heroes that require more precise aiming with a controller, we've compiled a list of heroes that require minimal aiming. These heroes include Soldier 76, Moira, Mercy, Reinhardt, Junkrat, Winston, and even Torbjörn. 

In this article, we'll be going through seven of the best Overwatch 2 heroes you should play if you're a controller player.

Soldier: 76

Futuristic gunman with a high-tech weapon accompanied by a flying robot in an action-packed battle scene

Soldier: 76 is a versatile DPS hero who excels at mid range combat. Playing Soldier: 76 with a controller allows players to take advantage of his easy to use mechanics and accessibility. His primary weapon, the Heavy Pulse Rifle, has moderate recoil, but it is easily manageable with a controller's analog sticks. The weapon's automatic fire makes it forgiving for players who may not have pinpoint accuracy or quick flick shots.

One of Soldier: 76's most beneficial abilities for controller players is Sprint. This ability allows him to quickly reposition or chase down enemies. It provides mobility and can be crucial for surviving dangerous situations. Controller players can easily activate and control Sprint, enabling them to traverse the battlefield efficiently and find advantageous positions.

Where Soldier: 76 truly shines for controller players is with his ultimate ability, Tactical Visor. When activated, Tactical Visor automatically locks onto enemies within Soldier: 76's field of view, eliminating the need for precise aiming altogether. Controller players can rely on Tactical Visor to ensure their shots connect, allowing for potent damage output during crucial moments or team fights.


Futuristic female character with purple power gloves and sci-fi armor

What makes Moira particularly suitable for controller players is her primary weapon, Biotic Grasp. The Biotic Grasp emits a beam that automatically targets and heals allies or damages enemies within its range. This feature eliminates the need for precise aim, allowing controller players to effectively support their team without struggling with accuracy.

With Moira's Biotic Grasp, controller players can focus on positioning themselves strategically to maximize their healing output or dish out damage to key targets. The beam locks onto allies or enemies as long as they remain within its cone, making it easier for controller players to maintain consistent healing or pressure on the enemy team.

Moira's ultimate ability, Coalescence, further exemplifies her controller friendly playstyle. Coalescence emits a long range beam that simultaneously heals allies and damages enemies in its path. This powerful ultimate does not require precise aim, as the beam automatically affects targets within its range. Controller players can unleash Coalescence during critical team fights or when their team requires a burst of healing or damage, allowing them to make a significant impact on the battle without relying on pinpoint accuracy.

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Blonde anime character in a dynamic action pose

Up next is Mercy. Let's hope some of you actually want to be Mercy because she's one of the six heroes to play as in season 5. While she may not deal damage directly, her role as a primary healer and a guardian angel to her teammates makes her an essential hero on any team. Additionally, by playing as Mercy with a controller, players are able to focus on just focusing on her role as a healer.

Mercy's primary ability is her Caduceus Staff, which allows her to heal or boost the damage of a targeted ally. With a controller, players can easily switch between healing and damage boosting modes, prioritizing the needs of their teammates in the heat of battle. The beam automatically connects to the targeted ally, ensuring a consistent flow of healing or damage amplification.

The second reason we've put here on this list is Mercy's signature ability, Guardian Angel. This ability allows her to quickly fly towards a targeted ally, whether they are on the ground or in the air. Guardian Angel provides exceptional mobility and allows Mercy to reach teammates in need of healing or to escape dangerous situations. With a controller, players can easily navigate the battlefield and swiftly respond to their team's needs.


Futuristic armored character with a white beard in a combat pose

By far the best tank hero to play as if you're a controller player is Reinhardt. Playing as Reinhardt with a controller allows players to focus on essential aspects of his gameplay, such as positioning, map awareness, countering heroes like Tracer, and effective use of his abilities. His primary weapon, the Rocket Hammer, delivers devastating melee swings that don't rely on precise aiming. Instead, it's crucial to position Reinhardt strategically to make the most of his swings and cleave through enemies.

One of Reinhardt's defining abilities is his Barrier Field. With a press of a button, controller players can deploy a protective shield that blocks incoming enemy fire and provides cover for their teammates. Controller players can easily maneuver Reinhardt and adjust the shield's angle to counter different threats.

Finally, Reinhardt's ultimate ability, Earthshatter, is another ability that requires no aiming whatsoever. By activating it, Reinhardt slams his hammer into the ground, causing a shockwave that knocks down any hero in its path.


Animated character with a giant circular saw in a futuristic setting

Junkrat is another fantastic choice for controller players in Overwatch 2. What makes Junkrat particularly suitable for controller use is the nature of his abilities, which do not require precise aim to be effective. His primary weapon, the Frag Launcher, shoots grenades that bounce and explode upon contact with enemies or surfaces. Unlike hitscan weapons that require precise aim, Junkrat's grenades follow a projectile trajectory, making them forgiving for controller players.

In addition to his primary weapon, Junkrat possesses several abilities that are controller-friendly. His Concussion Mine is a versatile tool that can be used both offensively and defensively. By placing the mine strategically and detonating it, Junkrat can propel himself into the air, escape dangerous situations, or displace enemies from advantageous positions. His Steel Trap is another ability that lends itself well to controller play. By deploying the trap at chokepoints or objective areas, Junkrat can catch unsuspecting enemies and momentarily immobilize them. 

Finally, Junkrat's ultimate ability, RIP-Tire, is a game changer in team fights. He deploys a motorized tire armed with explosives, which can be manually controlled to traverse the battlefield and deal massive damage upon detonation. The tire's movement and detonation are not reliant on precise aim, making it an excellent tool for controller players to unleash chaos and turn the tide of battle.


Intense gorilla with futuristic helmet and armor looking focused

Playing Winston with a controller can be a rewarding experience, as his playstyle relies less on precise aiming and more on map awareness, positioning, and coordination with the team.

Winston's primary weapon, the Tesla Cannon, automatically targets and damages enemies within a certain radius. This means that controller players can effectively deal damage without needing precise aim. This makes Winston an excellent choice for players who prefer a more forgiving aiming mechanic. Pair it up with his jumping ability that gives him increased and easy to use mobility and you'll be able to cause some major damage.

One of Winston's key abilities is his Barrier Projector, which deploys a protective bubble shield. The Barrier Projector does not require precise aim to deploy effectively, as it covers a large area in front of Winston. This shield is crucial for protecting himself and his team from incoming damage, providing them with a safe space to operate. Controller players can easily position the Barrier Projector to block enemy attacks or create space for their team. 

Finally, Winston's ultimate ability, Primal Rage, is another ability that requires minimal aim. Winston basically swings his arms in a fit of rage, not unlike Reinhardt swings his axe, knocking back any enemy hero hit. This makes it a potent tool for disrupting the enemy team, buying time for allies, or contesting objectives.


Cartoon character swinging a large hammer in a dynamic action pose

The final hero on this list is Torbjörn. If you've played this turret loving hero before, then chances are that you already know exactly why he deserves a spot on this list.

His primary weapon, the Rivet Gun, fires projectiles that go toward their target. These projectiles do not require pinpoint accuracy, allowing controller players to focus on placing shots in the general direction of enemies to still deal effective damage. With that being said, the centerpiece of Torbjörn's kit is his turret. The turret automatically locks onto and fires at enemies within its range, making it a valuable asset for controller players. This enables Torbjörn players to focus on turret placement, strategically positioning it to cover important areas or protect their team's flanks.

In addition to his turret, Torbjörn possesses other abilities that make him a formidable hero with a controller. His Overload ability grants him increased attack speed, movement speed, and additional armor for a short duration. This allows Torbjörn to become more aggressive and deal substantial damage, making him a threat in close quarters combat.

Torbjörn's ultimate ability, Molten Core, covers the surrounding area in a pool of molten metal. This provides area denial and deals substantial damage to any enemies caught within it. Controller players can use Molten Core strategically to control objectives, stall enemy pushes, or clear out an area during critical moments without the need for precise aiming.

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