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League of Legends Arena: Best Combos to Try

League of Legends Arena: Best Combos to Try

League of Legends Arena is a super fun new game mode that players have been having a blast with. However, because the mode is so much different from the other game modes players have been used to, namely Summoner's Rift and ARAM, it's only natural that some of them would seek out the best possible combos they can try with their buddies to get a competitive advantage against the enemy.

Now, there are several duo combos that have the potential to make it big. However, we've shortlisted a bunch of combos of champions you just have to try. Those combos include Ivern and Annie, Kai'sa and Nautilus, Alistar and Poppy, Mordekaiser and Kha'Zix, and finally Heimerdinger and Zyra. Naturally, we'll also be going through why they're the best combos to try.

If you've been looking for some new banger combos to try in LoL arena mode, then you're at the perfect place.

Ivern and Annie

League of Legends Arena: Best Combos to Try - Image 1

The first combo we want to go through consists of Ivern and Annie. Now, can you guys identify what these two champions have in common? That's right, they both have ultimate abilities that summon a different creature. What this means is that you and your duo can essentially increase your team's manpower by 2.

Both champions also bring unique strengths to the table that can be utilized together to create a powerful and versatile team composition. Firstly, Ivern is a support jungler with a highly supportive kit. For example, Ivern's Q ability, Rootcaller, is a long range skillshot that can root enemies, setting up potential kills for his teammates.

On the other hand, Annie is a burst mage and a great source of damage. Her Q ability, Disintegrate, refunds mana on killing the target, making it easier for her to sustain. Her W ability, Incinerate, is an AoE spell that can poke enemies.

However, her most significant asset is her ultimate, Summon, Tibbers, which deals massive AoE damage and summons a large bear that can tank damage and disrupt the enemy team.

When combined, Ivern and Annie can create deadly ganks and engagements. Ivern's Rootcaller can set up Annie's abilities, making it easier for her to land her stun and burst down targets with her high damage spells. Ivern's supportive abilities also help Annie stay alive longer in team fights, allowing her to unleash her full potential as a mage. 

Kai'sa and Nautilus

League of Legends Arena: Best Combos to Try - Image 2

Up next is the combo of Kai'sa and Nautilus. Most of you can probably guess why this combo is so powerful. That's right, it's a classic case of a hyper ADC and a beefy tank champion taking out all who stand in their way. The job of Kai'sa is to take down as many enemies as possible, while Nautilus is to be as beefy as he can.

One of the main reasons Kai'Sa and Nautilus work well together is the synergy between their crowd control abilities. Nautilus is known for his powerful crowd control kit, boasting multiple forms of CC, such as his Dredge Line hook, his passive Staggering Blow root, and his ultimate, Depth Charge.

 Kai'Sa, on the other hand, excels at dealing sustained damage to single targets and benefits greatly from reliable crowd control. The crowd control provided by Nautilus helps Kai'Sa to apply her passive more consistently, maximizing her damage output in team fights.

Furthermore, Nautilus's crowd control abilities also set up Kai'Sa's skill shots, such as her W and her ultimate, Killer Instinct. Nautilus can use his Dredge Line to pull enemies towards him, making it easier for Kai'Sa to hit her skill shots accurately and unleash her full combo on the target.

At the end of the day, aspects also play a huge role in making this combo as deadly as possible. We are, of course, talking about Kai'sa using aspects that increase her overall damage, while Nautilus should equip aspects that make him even more tanky.

Alistar and Poppy

League of Legends Arena: Best Combos to Try - Image 3

Alistar and Poppy make for a very powerful combo in League of Legends due to their complementary strengths and abilities. Alistar is known for his powerful crowd control abilities, most notably his Pulverize and Headbutt. These skills allow him to initiate team fights with ease, knocking up and displacing multiple enemies, which sets up opportunities for his team to follow up with damage and secure kills.

Poppy, on the other hand, brings her own set of crowd control and defensive tools to the mix. Her Heroic Charge can be used to knock back enemies and stun them against terrain, effectively disrupting enemy positioning and isolating key threats. 

Poppy's Steadfast Presence is a valuable zoning tool that prevents enemy dashes and mobility spells, further enhancing the team's ability to control the flow of a fight.

When Alistar and Poppy join forces, they create a formidable frontline duo that can dictate the pace of team fights. Alistar's crowd control sets up perfect opportunities for Poppy to follow up with her own disruptive abilities, making it challenging for the enemy team to respond effectively. 

Furthermore, their combined tankiness allows them to soak up a significant amount of damage. This synergy ensures you and your duo will stay alive for as long as possible to maximize your chances of winning.

Mordekaiser and Kha'Zix

League of Legends Arena: Best Combos to Try - Image 4

Mordekaiser and Kha'Zix can make a potent combo in League of Legends's arena mode due to their complementary strengths and abilities that synergize well together. Both champions bring unique aspects to the team composition, making them a formidable duo that can dominate various stages of the game.

Mordekaiser is a durable juggernaut with powerful sustain and crowd control. His passive, Darkness Rise, deals consistent AoE damage around him, making it difficult for enemies to stay in prolonged engagements. Mordekaiser's ultimate, Realm of Death, isolates a single enemy champion for a 1v1 skirmish within the Death Realm, potentially removing a significant threat from team fights. This isolation mechanic sets up Kha'Zix perfectly for his Assassin playstyle.

Kha'Zix, on the other hand, is an Assassin jungler known for his ability to eliminate isolated targets swiftly. His passive, Unseen Threat, enhances his burst damage when he attacks an enemy who is not surrounded by other foes.

When Mordekaiser uses his ultimate to isolate an enemy champion in the Death Realm, they become a prime target for Kha'Zix's devastating burst damage. The synergy between Mordekaiser's isolation mechanic and Kha'Zix's Unseen Threat amplifies their combined killing potential, making them incredibly deadly when they coordinate their attacks.

When it comes to the arena 2v2v2v2 mode specifically, then the gameplan is simple, Kha'Zix is able to deal more damage to enemies that are alone, right? Well, then Mord uses his ultimate to isolate both enemies, and Kha'Zix swoops in to take out the other enemy quickly. It's the perfect plan which can be made even better with the use of augments.

Heimerdinger and Zarya

League of Legends Arena: Best Combos to Try - Image 5

Finally, the last duo we want to go through is the Heimerdinger and Zarya duo that we don't think too many of you must have been expecting. As a matter of fact, Heimerdinger and Zarya make a formidable duo in League of Legends due to their complementary strengths and abilities, which synergize exceptionally well, especially in this arena mode.

Now, unlike some of the other duos on this list, Heimerdinger and Zarya rely on taking it slow so they could plant as many plants and turrets as possible. However, as soon as you're done building your little base of operations, any team composition will have a hard time getting past the onslaught of attacks coming their way.

Of course, one very viable counter to this team comp is if the enemy teams decide to stack MR, but even with that you should be able to do well enough. Basically, your job will be to put up as many turrets and plants as possible and then dish out damage from afar to ensure you two are in the clear.

What’s next?

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