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Best Astra Setups for Pearl in Valorant

Best Astra Setups for Pearl in Valorant

Astra isn't the first agent players think of when they think of setting up utilities for maximum efficiency. However, her smokes and ultimate have the potential to decimate enemies when used properly. With that being said, it's important to know what setups you should use, especially for a map like Pearl, and that's what we're here to help you with.

Astra, the cosmic controller, finds her strengths amplified on the intricate terrain of Pearl. With tight spaces and numerous hiding spots, mastering Astra's setups becomes pivotal for both attack and defense. Today, we'll be delving into setups players can use for this character, covering attacking, defending, and utilizing her powerful ultimate.

So, if you want to start using Astra the way she was intended to be in the Pearl map, then keep reading. While some of these setups might be a little technical or hard to remember, you can always hire a professional-level coach to give you a hand. What's more, you can use code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount on this and all other Eloking services.

Astra's Superiority in Pearl

Female character in a video game celebrating a successful purchase

In the mysterious landscape of Pearl, Astra emerges as a cosmic force to be reckoned with. The unique layout of this map, riddled with tight corridors, hidden corners, and multifaceted approaches, creates an ideal canvas for Astra's cosmic abilities. Whether weaving through the narrow lanes on attack or orchestrating a stalwart defense against relentless foes, Astra's versatility shines brightly on Pearl. Since she's a little difficult to play, newcomers might be more interested in the best lineups on Pearl for Sova instead.

The distinct challenges posed by Pearl's architecture demand a strategic mastery of Astra's setups, making her an invaluable asset for any team seeking to navigate the enigmatic intricacies of this captivating map. Astra's cosmic control takes center stage on Pearl, offering players the opportunity to command the battlefield with celestial precision and unparalleled adaptability.

Before you're able to properly use the setups we're about to go through, it's important for you to know how her utilities work. To have a professional show you the wayuse code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount on all Eloking services.

Best Attacking Setups on Pearl

First and foremost, let's delve into the two optimal lineups tailored for Astra when assuming the role of an attacker. These lineups are designed to assist you in strategizing your assault effectively, ensuring a secure approach to the bomb site without falling victim to enemy interference.

1. A Plant

First person view of a gameplay scene in a shooter video game

Initiating an attack on A site demands precision and strategic use of Astra's abilities. The A Plant setup focuses on creating a path for your team while ensuring control over key areas, making it an ideal approach for coordinated assaults.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Begin by smoking both Dugout and CT/Flowers.
  2. Progress into the site, deploying a stun on Art for additional space.
  3. Optimal execution when accompanied by a Sage for wall support.

The A Plant setup revolves around creating a controlled entry into A site. By skillfully using smokes and a well-timed stun on Art, your team gains essential space, making it easier for the Sage to secure the site with a protective wall. This setup minimizes risks and maximizes control, ideal for a successful attack on A.

2. Mid To B

Player aiming a pistol in a first-person shooter game

Navigating the crucial Mid area to execute a successful push onto B site demands a strategic approach. The Mid To B setup showcases how Astra's abilities can be utilized to gain space effectively and clear potential threats for a seamless transition.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Push from Art (Middle) to B, following the indicated setup.
  2. Utilize smokes and a stun for a safer approach.
  3. Isolate key areas with well-placed smokes to streamline the push.

This setup is designed for gaining control in the Mid area and executing a smooth transition from Mid to B. The combination of smokes and a stun eliminates potential threats, providing a safer pathway for your team. Mastering this approach enhances your team's ability to secure B site with strategic prowess.

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Best Defending Setups on Pearl

Having covered the attacking setups, let's delve into two notable defending side Astra lineups tailored for the Pearl map. These setups are strategically crafted to gather crucial information about the enemy's attack, enabling swift and informed reactions from your team.

Effective communication with reliable teammates is essential for maximizing the impact of these lineups. If you're in search of professional-level Valorant teammates, Eloking has you covered. Utilize the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount and elevate your team coordination to new heights.

1. A Control

Player engaging in a futuristic video game with vibrant purple interface

Defending A site demands a strategic combination of Astra's abilities to create a formidable defense. The A Control setup focuses on preemptively denying enemy advancements through A main while maintaining control over key areas like Art.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. After smoking A main, pre-place a star strategically.
  2. Use the star as a pull, activating it when enemies step out of the smoke.
  3. Smoke Art deeply for a solid defense against potential threats.

This setup involves proactive use of Astra's abilities. The pre-placed star acts as a deterrent, discouraging enemies from pushing through the A main smoke. Activating the pull star creates disruption, buying valuable time for teammates to respond. Additionally, the deep smoke on Art ensures comprehensive coverage, providing a secure defense against potential threats.

2. B Passive

Player navigating a neon-lit, futuristic game map with strategic interface

Securing B site requires a controlled and adaptable defense. The B Passive setup focuses on early control and strategic use of Astra's abilities to hold the site effectively, especially in scenarios where a retake might be necessary.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Secure early control by using the pull on default.
  2. Activate the pull if forced out of the site to delay the plant.
  3. Adjust smoke placements based on enemy positions for varied defensive scenarios.

The B Passive setup emphasizes early control, utilizing the pull to dissuade enemies from freely approaching the site. If the defensive position is compromised, the pull can be activated to delay the plant, providing an opportunity for repositioning and coordinated counter-attacks. Flexible smoke adjustments cater to the ever-changing dynamics of enemy movements, ensuring a robust and adaptable defense on B site.

Best Ultimate Setups on Pearl

Although in some previous guides, we've expanded on how you can retake sites using lineups, that isn't the case here. After all, it's fairly difficult to use her utilities to retake sites. Therefore, we're going through two ultimate setups instead.

With that being said, Astra's ultimate might look confusing at first, because of this we recommend you hire a professional-level coach from Eloking to give you some pointers, something you can do with a 20% discount if you use code "BoostToday".

1. A Ultimate

Screenshot of a futuristic video game interface with purple hues and graphical HUD elements

Astra's ultimate is a game-changing ability, and when strategically deployed on Pearl's A site, it can create a powerful wall obstructing both Art and CT. This setup aims to control key areas, providing an advantage during engagements and post-plant scenarios.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Find a safe location near A site with clear visibility of Art and CT.
  2. Deploy Astra's ultimate, creating a substantial wall that blocks enemy sightlines.
  3. Use Astra's smokes to cover Secret, compensating for the open area not blocked by the ult.

This setup leverages Astra's ultimate to create a formidable barrier on A site, limiting the defender's options and disrupting their ability to respond effectively. By covering Secret with a smoke, you ensure comprehensive control over the site, making it challenging for the opponents to counter your strategic play.

2. B Ultimate

Colorful abstract game map screenshot with futuristic design

B site on Pearl is notorious for its numerous angles that defenders must contend with during retakes. Astra's ultimate provides a unique solution, allowing for the blocking of multiple angles and disrupting the attacker's coordination.

To efficiently execute this setup:

  1. Choose a secure location in CT or any spot with a clear view of B site.
  2. Deploy Astra's ultimate to create a barrier, blocking various angles on B site.
  3. Use the ultimate to nullify visibility and sound, providing a temporary advantage for the retake.

Executing Astra's ultimate on B site serves as a defensive stronghold by obstructing multiple angles. The placement of the ult is critical, aiming to cover as many lines of sight as possible and disrupt the attacker's coordination. This setup creates a window of opportunity for defenders to reposition, coordinate, and counter-attack during retake scenarios.


How crucial is precise timing when executing Astra's ultimate setups on Pearl?

Timing plays a significant role in maximizing the impact of Astra's ultimate setups. Proper coordination with your team, especially during retakes or attacks, ensures that the ult's effects align with your strategic goals. Effective communication and understanding the flow of the match contribute to successful timing for optimal results.

Can Astra's setups be adapted for different playstyles, or are they more suited for specific approaches?

Astra's setups offer versatility suitable for various playstyles. Whether you prefer an aggressive push, a passive defense, or a strategic ultimate deployment, these setups can be adapted to complement your playstyle. Experimenting with different approaches and adjusting the setups based on your preferred tactics adds depth to your Astra gameplay on Pearl.

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