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How to get out of Silver rank in CS:GO


Are you tired of being in silver and would like to finally get out of this rank? Then perhaps this guide will be useful for you. First of all, I want to assure you that getting out of silver is easy if you follow this guide.

Don't Solo Queue

Let's begin with the most important thing, which is avoiding solo queue. You don't want to randomly queue up with possibly people who don't want to win or maybe just playing to waste time, as CS:GO is a team game you will definitely need people who can communicate, play together and achieve the same desired target you all want. Even in football Ronaldo and Messi won't be as shiny as they are without their teammates. So you got to find a group of friends to play with and avoid clicking the "Search" button without your premade.


The key of winning games in every competitive game is communication. Calling stuff and communicating means that you and your team are not lost in the map you are playing and you know what you're exactly doing, so you should call everything you see and hear, like footsteps or even utility being used by the opponents. So always try to step up your communication and make sure your team is also doing so.


CS:GO is a team game so you should play with your team, you don't want everyone to be split in the map so if we combine communication with teamplay what we get is strategies. So make sure that every round in the game someone has to call a strategy that everyone has to follow.

Low Mouse Sensitivity

You should use as low mouse sensitivity as possible, make sure that it's comfortable for you to move the crosshair, and in surprise case scenarios you could turn 180 degrees with this sensitivity in case someone is behind you. But let your sensitivity be as low as possible as it helps with aiming better.

Crosshair Placement

At silver rank everyone aims at leg level, which is a big disadvantage when you have to fight someone, so the main tip here is to always keep your crosshair at head height so you get better chances to hit your headshots. It might feel worse in the beginning but soon enough you will start hitting those heads.

Control Your Fire

You should always try not to panic when you see your opponent, I saw a lot of people in silver rank immediately spray when they see the enemy. That's wrong, you should try to tap or even burst fire if your enemy is fighting from long distance, but if you are fighting from a short distance then spraying should be okay there.


In order to hit your shots and be a hard target to hit yourself, it all starts with the movement, so for CS:GO you need to stand still to have perfect accuracy with your weapon, you can't just run and gun like some other games, but if you're just standing there you'll be an easy target to hit, so you'll need to strafe, stop then shoot.

Let's hope this guide was useful enough for you and don't forget to check out our services as they make your gaming experience easier.

What’s next?

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