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Best Sova Lineups on Bind

Best Sova Lineups on Bind

Sova emerges as a standout agent in Valorant, showcasing exceptional skills in executing precise binds across various maps. While we've shared insights into optimal Sova bind strategies for Ascent, navigating his abilities on the Fracture map may present a challenge for some players due to its recent introduction. This is where our assistance becomes crucial.

In the Valorant arena, Sova, a perceptive initiator, brings forth a unique skill set focused on gathering intelligence and exerting strategic influence. Mastering Sova's bind techniques becomes essential to unlock his full potential on specific maps. Apart from refining the skill itself, precision lies in remembering the specific locations where you need to position yourself and shoot to achieve maximum efficiency.

Whether you're on the attack, defense, or involved in a retake scenario on the Fracture map, we've got you covered with the top Sova bind strategies. To efficiently grasp these binds and more, consider seeking the guidance of a professional Valorant coach from Eloking. Additionally, enjoy an exclusive 20% discount by using the code "BoostToday" for a comprehensive learning experience.

A Site Lineups

1. A Showers Recon Bolt

Best Sova Lineups on Bind - Image 1

The A Showers Recon Bolt is a fundamental lineup that grants Sova players a strategic advantage by clearing A Showers of potential threats. This lineup is especially effective in gaining control of this crucial area on the A Site, disrupting enemy plans and providing valuable information for your team.


  1. Find the corner next to the box in A Lobby.
  2. Position yourself and aim for the corner of the solar panel.
  3. Utilize one bounce on the Recon Bolt and charge it slightly more than one bar.
  4. Release the Recon Bolt, allowing it to bounce off the wall and penetrate A Showers through the hole in the roof.

This lineup's effectiveness lies in its ability to clear A Showers, a common location for defenders and potential lurking enemies. By strategically placing the Recon Bolt in A Showers, you gain critical information about enemy positions, allowing your team to make informed decisions on how to approach the A Site. This lineup is a staple in Sova's arsenal on Fracture, contributing to map control and the overall success of your team's attacking strategy.

2. Backside A Recon Bolt

Best Sova Lineups on Bind - Image 2

The Backside A Recon Bolt is a high-value dart that reveals the entire back side of the A Site. By using this lineup, you can expose enemy positions hidden behind boxes or corners, providing your team with a significant advantage during engagements on A.


  1. Tuck yourself in the corner outside of A Short.
  2. Look for the palm tree and align it with the left diamond on Sova's Recon Bolt UI.
  3. Charge the Recon Bolt with more than one charge but less than two.
  4. Release the Recon Bolt, unveiling the entire backside of the A Site.

This lineup is crucial for attackers aiming to gain control of A Site, as it eliminates the element of surprise from defenders positioned behind cover. Revealing enemy locations allows your team to plan their approach more strategically and make informed decisions on executing site pushes. The Backside A Recon Bolt is a versatile tool in Sova's kit, offering a balance of safety and efficacy in uncovering hidden threats on the A Site of Fracture.

B Site Lineups

1. B Hookah Recon Bolt

Best Sova Lineups on Bind - Image 3

Positioning a Recon Bolt in Hookah is pivotal for attackers, as it unveils potential threats lurking in close corners. Mastering this lineup can thwart aggressive pushes and disrupt defenders hiding within the confines of Hookah.


  1. Spawn barriers drop near B Site.
  2. Stand next to the wooden door frame where the spawn barriers descend.
  3. Use the left circle of the Owl Drone UI, aligning it with the corner of the window.
  4. Employ less than one bar of charge for the Recon Bolt.

This lineup ensures the Recon Bolt lands precisely in Hookah, granting visibility into the close corners that are often favored by shotgun-wielding defenders. By revealing potential threats early in the round, your team gains a significant advantage in controlling Hookah and executing successful pushes onto the B site.

2. Entire B Site Recon Bolt

Best Sova Lineups on Bind - Image 4

For a comprehensive overview of the B site, a Recon Bolt lineup covering multiple angles becomes indispensable. This lineup, executed from B Short, scans almost every hiding spot that defenders commonly utilize, offering a holistic view of the site.


  1. Go to B Short.
  2. Place yourself in the corner in B Short, aligning with the corner of the building.
  3. Raise your crosshair to reach the top of the building while maintaining alignment with the corner.
  4. Give the Recon Bolt a two-bar charge.

This high-impact lineup sweeps across various angles on the B site, providing critical information on defender positions. From back corners to common hiding spots, this Recon Bolt is a versatile tool that empowers attackers with the knowledge needed to formulate a well-informed strategy.


Why are Recon lineups crucial on Fracture's B site?

Fracture's B site is characterized by intricate architecture and multiple hiding spots. Utilizing Sova's Recon Bolt strategically provides vital information, enabling attackers to anticipate defender positions, plan effective pushes, and gain a tactical advantage. These lineups are designed to offer comprehensive visibility, giving your team the edge in engagements.

How can I learn these lineups?

Mastering Sova's Recon lineups requires practice and precision. Start by familiarizing yourself with the key locations and visual cues mentioned in the article. To accelerate your learning, consider seeking guidance from experts like Eloking. Their coaching service offers personalized training sessions to enhance your skills. Use code "BoostToday" to avail of a 20% discount on Eloking's coaching services, making the journey to mastery more accessible and affordable.

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