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How to Get Better at Strafing and Counter Strafing in CS:GO


How do you differentiate a professional CS:GO player from an average one? We like to think there are three things that every skilled FPS player has. Movement skills, shooting skills, and game sense (which includes reflexes as well).

Well, one trick professional players use in games like CS:GO is called strafing, which comes in a package with its alternative which is fittingly called counter strafing, and they both just so happen to utilize all three of the skills we mentioned above.

But how exactly do we go about improving our strafing and counter strafing in CS:GO? Well, there are some tips and tricks to doing just that, and they can be found in both the video below as well as the rest of the post.

What are Strafing and Counter Strafing

Before anything, we feel as if it’s important to ensure everyone knows what strafing and counter strafing are in CS:GO. Strafing in gaming language means moving sideways in a way that you’re able to accurately yet quickly shoot enemies.

Similar to that, counter strafing is pretty much the same as strafing, with the key difference being it means moving the opposite way. So if you’re strafing using the D key, counter strafing would be tapping the A key immediately as soon as you want your character to come to a halt movement wise.

Method #1: Start Pre-aiming

Pre-aiming means to aim when turning a corner before the other side actually becomes visible to you. Don’t get how this is relevant to strafing? Well, there’s a form of counter strafing called pre aiming counter strafing, and it just so happens to be the most common form of counter strafing.

Pre-aim counter strafing is done in such a way that players have their crosshair set to a certain position so that when they strafe and peek at a certain corner, they already have an immediate accurate shot on their opponent’s head.

There are actually some more advanced forms of this specific counter strafing as well, such as doing it while crouching. Although this does make your character harder to it, it comes at the cost of mobility and a change to the pre-aim angle you might be used to taking when having your character standing.

Method #2: Consider Setting Binds

No matter how much they try, some players just aren’t able to get used to the button inputs required for strafing and counter strafing. If you’re one such player, then we recommend you turn towards setting up key bindings.

Pretty much every gaming mouse nowadays has additional buttons that are there so players can bind specific keys to them. Because of this, it’s possible to bind, say, the D and A keys to one button on either the mouse or keyboard so that you press that instead of the required buttons.

Of course, this might be a little too technical for a lot of players, because of which we recommend you check out this Reddit post instead, as it already has the required bindings written down.

Method #3: Stay Aware At All Times

Strafing and counter strafing are both useless if the player doing them isn’t as aware as they need to be. This technique relies a lot on quick reflexes and accurate aiming, yes, but it also relies heavily on map awareness.

Knowing which corners are good to pre-aim strafe, being sure that no one will shoot your unexposed backside while you’re strafing, and so many more factors rely heavily on awareness. 

Method #4: Practice Practice Practice 

We know this might seem very obvious, but the best way of getting better at strafing and counter strafing is by practicing as much as you can. Strafing is a skill that no one can master without first putting in the necessary time and effort. After enough practice, however, most players have stated that they’re able to apply their learnings in actual matches effortlessly.

The best way to practice this is by first getting used to the input commands required, and then applying them against a friend or acquaintance in a custom match until you get confident enough to put them to the test in unranked matches.

Method #5: Have Someone Show You The Ropes

Perhaps the best way of getting good at anything is by having someone who already knows how to do it teach you. Because of this, if you have a skilled friend or an acquaintance who knows how to strafe and counter strafe, we recommend you ask them to teach you how to do it in real time.

Alternatively, if you don’t have anyone like that, then it’s also possible to hire a professional player from Eloking, and ask them to give you some pointers while at the same time helping you win some matches.

As a matter of fact, we recommend the second option, as a professional should be able to give you more helpful tips as opposed to someone who doesn’t play the game professionally.

What’s next?

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