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The best Valorant sensitivity settings

The best Valorant sensitivity settings

Unlike other shooting games like Apex Legends or Quake, where you're rewarded for fast gunplay and quick movement, Valorant is one of those titles where you need to be slow and steady because every bullet matters. If you want to hit those headshots consistently, you'll need great aim, and that's where sensitivity comes in.

Alongside raw aiming skill, sensitivity matters a lot, and there are three sensitivities. One is in your game's settings, the other is your mouse's DPI and the final is eDPI, a mixture of both. In this article, we'll look at all of them and what settings to have if you want to hit shots consistently.

So, if you're wondering what the best Valorant sensitivity is, keep reading. Alternatively, you can also have some pro Valorant coaches from Eloking help you find the optimal sensitivity for your play style. Just don't forget to use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

The three types of sensitivities

The best Valorant sensitivity settings - Image 1

In-game settings

The in-game settings in Valorant change whenever you swap accounts and won't change how your mouse functions outside of the app. To change this sensitivity, open the game and go to the settings page, where you'll find three sliders. One's your main sensitivity, and the other two are multipliers. The main sensitivity will change the smoothness of your aim throughout, whereas the other two will scale up or down (or not at all) if you're aiming down scopes.

Mouse DPI

Next up, we've got mouse DPI(Dots per inch). These settings change the speed of the mouse system-wide since it's more of a hardware change rather than a software change. To change a mouse's DPI, first, make sure your peripheral supports it. If it does, then simply install its drivers, and there should be a companion app alongside it that will let you change it.

Another thing that matters is the mouse's polling rate, and all you need to know regarding that is that a lesser polling rate means lesser responsiveness and vice versa.


Finally, we have eDPI. eDPI is the combination of the previous two variables, and it's considered the real sensitivity of a game. To calculate eDPI, just multiply your in-game sensitivity with your mouse DPI.

How to get the best sensitivity

Now that we understand the three types. Let's check how to get the best sensitivity in the game through eDPI. Most players should try to aim for an eDPI between 280-350, as it's considered the perfect spot for aiming. Once you've got an eDPI you are comfortable with, simply adjust the sensitivity over time until you find something perfect.

Most players go to the range multiple times and try to get a high score on the hard difficulty by changing their eDPI constantly. If you're serious about finding the perfect sensitivity, check out Aimlabs on Steam because it provides a wider variety of aiming challenges.

What sensitivity do most pro players use in Valorant? 

The best Valorant sensitivity settings - Image 2

To give you an idea of what eDPI you should be aiming for, here are some sensitivities pro players in Valorant use. 


DPI = 800, sensitivity = 0.32, eDPI = 256.0


DPI = 400, sensitivity = 0.741, eDPI = 296.4


DPI = 400, sensitivity = 0.44, eDPI = 176


DPI = 800, sensitivity = 0.35, eDPI = 280

Some miscellaneous settings

Besides the normal stuff, there are some other settings you should be aware of that can affect how your mouse works. The first is Raw Input Buffer, which lets Valorant get the mouse input without the operation system's influence, leading to lower response times. The other is Invert Mouse, which just vertically reverses the mouse movement.

Coming to Valorant from CS2?

Players migrating from different FPS games is more common than you might think, and we think most players come from the other popular FPS game CS2. Fortunately, if you want to transfer your CS2 sensitivity to your Valorant one then we already have an article dedicated to just that.

What’s next?

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