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13 Best Split Pushers In League of Legends

13 Best Split Pushers In League of Legends

Split pushing is a strategic gameplay tactic in League of Legends that involves a champion focusing on pushing a specific lane. This forces the enemy team to respond which, in turn, creates opportunities for their own team to gain advantages elsewhere on the map. However, not every champion is suited for this specific tactic.

Champions have to be able to hold their own against other champions for them to be suitable for split pushing. Features such as good dueling abilities, good mobility, teleportation abilities, and more are examples of the qualities the thirteen split pushing champions we've compiled have.

Below you'll find a list of the thirteen best split pushers in League of Legends that you can rely on every time.

#1. Jax

Dynamic ninja character leaping with green energy aura

The first champion on this list is Jax. Now, Jax is widely regarded as one of the best split pushers in League of Legends due to his exceptional dueling capabilities and tower taking prowess. 

His passive ability, "Relentless Assault," grants him increased attack speed for every consecutive basic attack, making him a formidable threat in fights that last a long time. Combined with his ultimate, "Grandmaster's Might," which increases his tankiness and grants bonus magic damage on every third basic attack, Jax becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, that isn't all in his arsenal. Jax's kit also includes "Leap Strike," a gap closing ability that allows him to jump onto enemies or friendly units, making it an effective tool for both engaging and escaping. All of this also makes him one of the best champions to use Guinsoo's Rageblade on.

When split pushing, Jax can quickly take down turrets thanks to his high attack speed and damage output. He excels at 1v1 situations, making it difficult for opponents to stop his push. With his dueling potential and ability to pressure lanes, Jax often forces the enemy team to send multiple champions to deal with him, creating opportunities for his team to secure objectives without any interruptions.

#2. Tryndamere

A dynamic scene of a fantasy warrior wielding flames in battle

Tryndamere is another renowned split pusher, known for his ability to dive into enemy territory, take down turrets, and escape death with his ultimate, "Undying Rage." This ultimate makes Tryndamere immune to death for a few seconds, allowing him to go all in without fear of immediate consequences. This ability, combined with his high critical strike chance and attack damage, makes Tryndamere a formidable threat in split pushing scenarios.

With his split pushing prowess, Tryndamere can quickly decimate turrets, especially when left uncontested. His ability to draw multiple enemies to deal with him often creates a numbers advantage for his team in other parts of the map, allowing for objective control or successful team fights.

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#3: Fiora

Anime character soaring through an explosive sky with a sword

One entry some of you might not have expected to see on this list is Fiora. Fiora is a highly mobile champion with exceptional dueling potential, making her a prime candidate for split pushing. Her passive ability, "Duelist's Dance," identifies vital spots on enemy champions, striking them for bonus damage when successfully hit. This allows Fiora to excel in 1v1 fights, even against tankier opponents.

If you want to make her even better in 1v1 situations, just pair her passive with her ultimate, "Grand Challenge," with which she marks an enemy champion. A marked champion has their weak spots revealed and every time Fiora strikes them she gets a boost in movement speed. 

Fiora's mobility, damage output, and ability to outplay opponents make her a potent split pusher. She can quickly take down turrets while simultaneously winning duels against enemy champions. All of this makes her one of the best split pushers in League of Legends.

#4: Camille

Dynamic female warrior with futuristic armor leaping in a fantasy cityscape

If the mobility to quickly get escape dire situations is what you're looking for, then you'll struggle to find a champion better than Camille. Camille is a highly mobile champion with exceptional lockdown potential, making her a nightmare for opponents in split push scenarios. 

Her "Hookshot" ability allows her to quickly traverse walls, making it difficult for enemies to escape or chase her down. She can use this exact mobility to quickly travel between lanes making her extremely unpredictable. 

Her burst damage is also a significant advantage when it comes to taking down turrets. Her Q ability, "Precision Protocol," for example, deals bonus damage and resets her auto attack timer, allowing her to quickly strike the turret multiple times in quick succession.

With her combination of burst damage, mobility, and lockdown, Camille is an exceptional split pusher who can quickly take down structures and escape before enemies can react.

#5: Nasus

Mythical golden warrior fighting amidst stormy skies

Up next is Nasus, the champion that thrives on scaling and becoming an unstoppable force in the late game. His split pushing power comes from his "Siphoning Strike" ability, which allows him to stack indefinitely, permanently increasing his damage. The more stacks he accumulates, the faster he can take down turrets. Before long, he can potentially be strong enough to carry the entire team to victory alone.

Nasus's tankiness is another factor that makes him a strong split pusher. His passive ability, "Soul Eater," provides life steal, allowing him to sustain himself during extended sieges on turrets. Combine this with his ultimate, which grants him bonus health, increased area damage, and range, and you have yourself a dueling monster.

#6: Yorick

Mystical warrior wielding magical staff with purple energy

Yorick is a special case, as his split pushing strategy has him attack multiple lanes all alone. Don't get what we mean? Well, his passive, "Shepherd of Souls," allows him to raise Mist Walkers from the corpses of enemies and graves. These ghouls act as Yorick's minions, attacking nearby enemies and structures.

It is exactly because of Yorick's passive that he is able to utilize his summoned ghouls and control over the battlefield to apply pressure in multiple lanes simultaneously. These ghouls deal significant damage to structures, making it difficult for opponents to defend against his push. If they aren't strong enough, though, then Yorick can use his ultimate to summon the Maiden of the Mist to further enhance his push potential.

#7: Twisted Fate

Mystical cowboy casting a magic spell in a dramatic setting

Twisted Fate is a versatile champion known for his ability to manipulate the map with his ultimate, "Destiny." This global teleport allows him to join or create fights anywhere on the map, making him a potent split pusher. He's basically like Shen if he was a long range fighter. While split pushing, he can keep an eye on the minimap and use his ultimate to teleport to his team when needed.

Of course, he has his own damage potential too. By using abilities like "Wild Cards" and constantly pushing and pressuring a side lane, Twisted Fate forces the enemy team to respond and defend their structures. This creates opportunities for his own team to secure objectives or engage in favorable fights elsewhere on the map.

#8: Quinn

A fantasy warrior with colorful hair and a fur cloak fights amidst swirling snow and attacking birds

Quinn is a mobile ADC who can be a strong split pusher due to her ability to quickly move around the map and eliminate targets. Her ultimate, "Behind Enemy Lines," allows her to transform into a powerful bird and quickly traverse the map, making her an ideal split pusher. If the situation calls for it, she can also use this ability to quickly fly to her teammates and join in team fights. 

When split pushing, Quinn utilizes her high burst damage and range advantage to quickly dispatch opponents and take down turrets. Her "Vault" ability allows her to create distance from threats or chase down enemies, making her a formidable duelist in 1v1 situations. This flexibility and mobility make Quinn a strong split pusher who can swiftly rotate between split pushing and team fighting.

#9: Shen

Futuristic armored warrior in dynamic battle pose

Since Shen was name dropped just two entries back it's only right if we include him in this list too. Shen is a tanky top laner known for his split pushing capabilities, coupled with his global ultimate, "Stand United." His split push strength lies in his ability to apply pressure in a lane while still being able to join fights and support his team.

While Shen might have some other abilities, his true power as a split pusher lies in his super handy ultimate. It allows Shen to teleport to an ally anywhere on the map, shielding them in the process. While split pushing, Shen can keep an eye on his team's positioning and join fights when his ultimate is available. This global presence creates a constant threat for the enemy team and forces them to make difficult decisions in how they allocate their resources.

#10: Master Yi

Mystical warrior wielding magical energy

Come on, how could we forget the true damage healing Master Yi himself? After all, Master Yi is a champion renowned for his split pushing prowess. With his high attack speed and true damage output, he can quickly shred through turrets and inhibitors. His primary strength lies in his ability to sustain himself through fights with his healing capabilities.

In a 1v1 scenario, Master Yi's dueling potential is formidable. His "Alpha Strike" ability allows him to become untargetable, dodging incoming damage while dealing damage to multiple enemies. Combined with his high attack speed and "Wuju Style," which grants bonus true damage on every fourth basic attack, he can quickly dispatch opponents who try to stop his split push.

#11: Teemo

Cartoon panda warrior flying with bamboo rocket in a mystical forest

Bravo six, going dark. Teemo may not be the first champion that comes to mind when thinking about split pushers, but he possesses unique traits that make him a nuisance for enemy teams. His split pushing strategy mostly revolves around planting mushrooms as traps that provide vision and slow enemies. These traps make it difficult for opponents to catch him or engage in team fights without taking damage.

#12: Zed

Dynamic futuristic mecha in intense battle scene

Zed is a champion that has some extraordinarily high dueling and split pushing potential. His playstyle revolves around quickly eliminating targets and creating pressure which forces the enemies to leave their posts and respond.

He can use his shadows from "Living Shadow" to split his opponents' attention, making it difficult for them to respond effectively to his split push. By constantly creating opportunities to eliminate opponents and escape, Zed becomes a challenging champion to catch, allowing him to continue applying pressure to the top and bot lanes.

Pair this with his ultimate, "Death Mark", which allows him to quickly decimate squishy enemies in one hit, and you have yourself one reliable split pusher.

#13: Kayle

Angelic warrior with large wings in a dramatic sunset scene

The final spot on this list goes to Kayle, a versatile champion who becomes a formidable split pusher in the late game. While it's true that Kayle starts off rather weak, by farming properly, she can become an exceptional split pusher in her own right.

The one ability of heres that gives her a spot on this list is her ultimate, "Divine Judgment." When activated, Kayle or an allied champion becomes immune to all damage for a few seconds. This makes her a challenging target to take down, allowing her to confidently dive into enemy territory and focus on taking down structures, even when split pushing goes wrong and enemy champions attack her.

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