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League of Legends: Rek’Sai Getting a Bruiser Rework?

League of Legends: Rek’Sai Getting a Bruiser Rework?

The Void Burrower, Rek'Sai has arrived in Riot Games' spotlight, as they look to give the champion a mid-scope rework. This decision aims to make Rek'Sai more versatile and sustainable in team fights, rather than being a hit-or-miss one-shot champ. 

Effectively molding the Rek'Sai from a semi-assassin to a tanky bruiser, these changes are reminiscent of her former self from years ago. All of Rek'Sai's abilities are subjected to this rework with a general direction of nerfing high AD builds and encouraging more sustained tankier build paths. 

So without further delay, let us dive into all these changes one by one and determine the direction in which Rek'Sai is headed.

Health and Movespeed Adjustments

To bolster her resilience on the Rift, Rek'Sai will receive an increase in health growth per level. However, this comes at the cost of reduced base health regeneration and health regen growth. Additionally, her agility sees a notable boost as her movement speed is ramped up from 335 to 340.

Passive and Healing Overhaul


Action scene in a video game with jungle environment and character abilities displayed


Rek'Sai's passive will go under a substantial revision, focusing on scaling with her health rather than offering a base healing rate. With this adjustment, her healing potential is significantly enhanced, particularly when building tanky items. However, the acquisition of Fury from minion strikes is halved, encouraging players to prioritize other methods of Fury generation.


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Rek'Sai's Abilities Adjustments

As we mentioned earlier, all of Rek'Sai's abilities are getting tuned in order to balance the nature of this role shift. Let us discuss each ability in detail below:

Queen's Wrath (Q)

Both versions of Rek'Sai's Q ability receive noteworthy alterations. The unburrowed variant now grants a substantial attack speed boost upon activation, facilitating quicker consecutive attacks. 

Meanwhile, the burrowed version's damage shifts from physical to magical, accompanied by adjustments to base AD and AD ratio. Moreover, the cooldown is standardized to 10 seconds at all ranks, offering more reliability in combat.

Burrow (W)

Rek'Sai's W ability receives tweaks to its bonus movement speed scaling, now tied to spell rank rather than champion level. This, coupled with a base movement speed increase, amplifies her mobility potential, particularly in late-game scenarios. Furthermore, the vision loss penalty is reduced, granting Rek'Sai improved situational awareness while burrowed.

Furious Bite (E)


Intense gameplay scene with airborne status and damage indicators

Significant changes are introduced to Rek'Sai's E ability, altering its cooldown, damage type, and scaling mechanics. The cooldown is reduced, while the damage shifts from physical to magical and scales with AD instead of AP. Additionally, the ability now deals percentage-based max health damage at full Fury, adding versatility to her kit.


Void Rush (Ultimate)

Rek'Sai's ultimate, Void Rush, sees a reduction in its base AD ratio, hinting at potential future adjustments to its functionality. However, the specifics of these alterations remain uncertain pending further testing and feedback from the community.

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These impending changes mark a substantial overhaul to Rek'Sai's kit, aiming to redefine her role on the battlefield. Whether these adjustments succeed in transforming her into a formidable tanky bruiser remains to be seen.

Rek'Sai mains are eager to explore these modifications and provide feedback on their effectiveness. As the rework approaches its live implementation, the League of Legends community awaits with bated breath, excited to see this season 4 champion finally receiving some proper attention.


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