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Top 5 Champs to One Trick In LOL


In League of Legends, "one trick champions" are those champions that players specialize in and focus on playing exclusively. These champions are typically strong in certain areas and excel at specific strategies or playstyles. However, not every champion is a one trick champion, and players often mistake non one trick champions for them.

There are several one trick champions in League of Legends, but the best ones are definitely Lux, Yasuo, Thresh, Riven, and Lee Sin. All of these champions have abilities that make them fit for several strategies, and many players tend to master playing only one of them but still end up performing well consistently.

We’ll be going through the five best one trick champions in LoL to ensure you’re able to find the best one for yourself.

#5: Lee Sin

The first one trick champion we want to go through is Lee Sin, who is a champion known for his excellent mobility and playmaking potential whilst in the jungle role. This role pairs well with his passive ability, flurry, which gives him additional attack speed and regeneration to ensure he’s able to finish fights quickly and move on to the next opponent.

Perhaps the biggest reason he’s considered to be a one trick champion is because of just how versatile he is, especially when it comes to his builds. He can be built as a tank, a bruiser, or even an assassin depending on whatever the circumstances of the match call for. Adaptability and versatility are crucial for a good one trick champion, and Lee Sin has them both in spades.

#4: Riven

Up next is Riven, a champion many of you might not have expected to see on this list. Riven, in addition to being a melee fighter that’s able to deal a high amount of damage with her hits, is also able to chain those said hits in order to land blow after blow to one specific enemy. Pair her combo making ability with her passive ability, Runic Blade, which adds bonus damage to her next auto attack after she uses an ability, and you have yourself a winner.

Although it’s true that Riven takes a while to get used to, and even longer to completely master her mechanic, several players love to use Riven as a one trick champion because of her exceptional ability to simply outplay other champions.

Players take full advantage of her dodging abilities to avoid enemy abilities and then they reposition her with her Q and E abilities to prepare for a devastating counter attack.

#3: Thresh

How could we make a list of the best one trick champions without mentioning perhaps the best one trick support champion in the game? Thresh is extremely popular amongst LoL players as a one trick champion because of his ability to control the battlefield, despite him being a support champion.

Remember when we said versatility was one of the most crucial things a one trick champion needed to have? Well, Thresh practically created that word. With his unique abilities, it’s possible for him to play either offensively or defensively depending on what the situation calls for.

Chain enemies up and bring them towards you then use your ultimate ability to keep them near you while your teammate finishes them off if you want to play offensively, or launch that champion away from you then use your lantern to bring your teammate out of any danger if you’d rather play defensively. Pair all of this with his passive ability which allows him to collect souls to increase both his armor and ability power, and Thresh has the potential to be a game changer.

#2: Yasuo

Come on, you know Yasuo was going to be making an appearance on this list. Yasuo is another melee champion with very high damage output potential and mobility, something that’s only increased when you take into consideration his abilities which also allow him to move around quickly.

Yasuo's ultimate ability, Last Breath, allows him to suspend all airborne enemies within a short radius, dealing damage and setting up follow up attacks from his team. This makes him invaluable, especially in team fights.

However, the reason he’s so loved by players as a one trick champion is, again, his versatility. He’s able to play many different roles in a team and can be built in several different ways depending on what the match calls for.

#1: Lux

Call us a little bit biased, but who doesn’t love Lux? Lux is perhaps the most versatile champion in the game as she’s able to play three different roles. Need a good support? Maybe you want to go mid. Oh, you want to play as an ADC? Well, Lux has you covered in all of these roles and you can even take her top if you’re feeling brave.

Lux’s abilities allow her to play whatever role she wants. Not only does she have abilities that stun and abilities that heal, but also abilities that slow or grant shields to her teammates. Of course, we can’t wrap up without mentioning her ultimate ability either, which has the potential to deal extremely high damage, even at a distance.

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