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CS2: How to Practice Nades

CS2: How to Practice Nades

CS2 is out, and while there are many new things you need to know about it if you're a recurring player, brand new players might struggle with even basic features. One of the most basic features in the game has to be using grenades, or nades. Fortunately, we're here to tell you how exactly you can practice nades in CS2 easily and with clear improvement.

The best way to practice nades is to be in practice mode. You can enable certain features like unlimited ammo and the grenade camera to get the hang of how the gravity of nades works in CS2. There are also some extra features we think you can use to increase the efficiency of your grenade practice.

So, if you want to practice nades in CS2 then keep reading because we're about to go through our favorite way of doing so. You'll be nade stacking in no time!

Setting the Stage for Practice

CS2's Map selection screen

Before diving into practice, it's essential to prepare your CS2 environment for optimal training. Below are three steps you should follow before actually practicing nades.

1. Access CS2 Grenade Camera and Infinite Ammo

Before you begin a practice match, locate the CS2 Grenade Camera and Infinite Ammo settings in the left side menu. Enabling these options is crucial for a productive practice session with smokes and grenades. Simply hover your mouse near the left side menu while matchmaking and click the buttons next to these options to activate them.

2. Activate Cheats

CS2's Game Settings

To unlock the full potential of your practice session, you'll need to activate cheats. Open the Developer's Console by pressing the appropriate key (usually the tilde key, ~), and then enter the command sv_cheats true. This step allows you to access various cheat commands.

If you don't have the Developer's Console enabled, then you have to:

  1. Launch CS2 and reach the main screen.
  2. Click on the gear icon located in the top left corner to open the Settings menu.
  3. Within the Settings menu, find the "Game" section.
  4. Under the "Game" submenu, look for "Enable Developer Console (~)".
  5. Change the setting from "No" to "Yes" to enable console access.
  6. To confirm the changes, exit the Settings menu by clicking the home icon at the top left.
  7. Now, press the "~" key to open the console in CS2.

3. Enable Noclip

To move through walls and textures freely during your practice, enter the command bind n noclip in the Developer's Console. This command binds the "noclip" function to the 'n' key, allowing you to explore the map without barriers.

Practicing with CS2 Grenade Camera

What a nade in CS2 looks like

With the stage set, it's time to delve into practicing nades using the CS2 Grenade Camera. It's pretty straight forward from here as all you have to do is throw grenades in Practice Mode and review the trajectory.

Activate Grenades

Equip your desired grenade (smoke or nade) and pull the pin. The CS2 Grenade Camera will come to life, displaying the precise landing spot and trajectory of your grenade. This visual aid is invaluable for learning how to throw grenades with precision.

Aiming and Throwing

With the CS2 Grenade Camera active, aim your grenade and release it. You can now move through walls using the "noclip" function to check your accuracy and memorize the angles. This unique perspective allows you to fine-tune your throws and understand how your grenades behave in different situations.

We recommend you actually aim for specific spots and try to get your grenade as close to that spot as possible. This will help you improve your throwing accuracy and will help you perform better in actual matches.

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Speeding Up the Process

Eloking, the best CS2 Boosting website

Oh, is this process too slow and you want to drastically speed the process up by learning from someone first hand? Well, then we recommend you hire a professional level CS2 player from Eloking to have them show you how it's done.

While your boosting is going on, you can ask for pointers and tips from the booster assigned to you. Like this, not only will you be able to increase your rank drastically and without any issues but you'll also improve your nade skills in CS2 by a huge margin. After all, who better to teach you than someone who's literally a master at it?


What are some techniques professionals use to increase the effectiveness of their grenades in CS2?

Many high and professional level players use techniques such as the pop flash and bounce throws to gain a big strategic advantage.

How many grenades can each player carry in a CS2 match?

Every player has the ability to carry up to four grenades in a single match. Naturally, what types of grenades they choose to go for is up to them.

What are the types of grenades in CS2?

CS2 has six types of grenades. They include:

  1. Smoke
  2. Flashbang
  3. Molotov
  4. Incendiary
  5. HE
  6. Decoy

What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new about Counter-Strike - it’s time you start playing and get better at the game. We can help! Purchase Eloking CS2 Boost right now and start playing at the rank you deserve!

Alternatively, you can Join our Discord Server & participate in various giveaways!

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