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How to counter Cypher traps in Valorant

How to counter Cypher traps in Valorant

While Valorant definitely has a bunch of agents that players can choose from, the one agent almost everyone despises going against is Cypher. This isn’t because of the agent’s voice or appearance, but because of his utilities. All of the traps this agent can set and utilize can make anyone want to break their monitor out of rage.

Fortunately, it isn’t as though these Cypher traps can’t be countered. If you’ve been looking for a way to counter these annoying utilities then you’re in the perfect place as we’re here to go through just that by telling you some tips and tricks you can use to counter Cypher traps.

So, without further ado, here’s how you can counter Cypher traps in Valorant. If you want to play with a pro-level Cypher who’ll make the enemy players want to rip their hair out then all you have to do is hire a professional teammate from Valorant. Just don’t forget to use the code “BoostToday” for that epic 20% discount.

What are Cypher traps in Valorant?

Cypher agent card

Let’s first understand what Cypher traps are in Valorant. As you know, Valorant has numerous characters you can choose from, all of whom specialize in different roles. These roles include Initiator, Duelist, Sentinel, and Controller. 

Out of all these, Cypher is a Sentinel whose main job is playing defensively. Cypher is known for his traps, more specifically his trip mines that are basically just a line that a player can set-up. If anyone crosses these trip lines, they’ll get marked on the map, slowed down, and then concussed if they aren’t able to shoot it and destroy it in time.

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How can I counter Cypher’s traps in Valorant?

Cypher trap

Pick an agent that can counter it.

We know you can’t change agents mid-match, so it’s a good idea to pre-emptively select an agent who can take care of or avoid his traps. The agents that can counter his traps are Jett, Skye, Sova, Yoru, Omen, and Raze.

Destroy it from afar.

If you’re attacking a site and know where Cypher has his traps set up, but you can’t exactly go in there and destroy it, you can use projectiles. Raze’s grenades and Sova’s shock darts can let you smash his trip mines without coming close and exposing yourself to the enemy team.

Sneak past it.

Cypher Screenshot

This might be tough when you’re attacking, but if you’re in the defense team and flanking an opponent, it’s possible to sneak past Cypher's traps. His traps make a quiet sound when you get close to them, so what you can do is walk and listen to sounds closely. If you hear a sound, that means a trip wire is nearby.

Once you find a trap, try to jump over it or crouch under it, depending on how it's there. You can also shoot and destroy them, but it will alert the enemy team and render your flank useless, so don't go that route unless necessary.

If you’re playing an agent with mobility, such as Jett, Yoru, or Omen, you can go past them without setting them off. As Jett, you can updraft over the trap and go over it or find a high place to jump from and glide. If you’re playing as Yoru or Omen, then you can teleport through the traps without setting them off.

Set it off from afar.

You can also set the traps off without touching them. If you’re using an agent like Skye or Sova, you can trip the traps using your abilities. As Skye, you can sacrifice her dog's ability to set a trip off or multiple if they’re together. With Sova, you can use his Owl Drone and run into the traps to set them off without coming close.

Go to a different site

If you’re attacking and having trouble entering a site thanks to a Cypher, and they’ve been holding a specific site for multiple rounds, you can go to another site. Cyphers usually hold a single area so by avoiding him altogether, you won’t have to deal with his traps at all

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