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League of Legends: All Servers Location

League of Legends: All Servers Location

For online multiplayer games like League of Legends, every second counts. It's because of this fact that players do whatever they can to ensure they're able to play their game with as little delay as possible. Well, what better way to do that than by playing on a server that's located in or near your location? Luckily, Riot doesn't have any shortage of servers in a variety of locations.

Since there are so many different servers of League of Legends located in various locations, we'll be going through all of them. In addition to letting you guys know where these servers are located, we'll also be telling you what the initials for those servers are in case you want to check them out for yourselves.

So sit back and relax as we go through all the server locations in League of Legends.

Overview of All League of Legends Server Locations

League of Legends: All Servers Location - Image 1
  1. Brazil (BR) 
  2. Europe Nordic & East (EUNE) 
  3. Europe West (EUW)
  4. Latin America North ( LAN) 
  5. Latin America South (LAS) 
  6. North America (NA)
  7. Oceania (OCE) 
  8. Russia (RU) 
  9. Turkey (TR) 
  10. Japan (JP) 
  11. Republic of Korea (KR) 
  12. The Philippines (PH)
  13. Singapore, Malaysia, & Indonesia (SG) 
  14. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao (TW) 
  15. Thailand (TH) 
  16. Vietnam (VN)
  17. Public Beta Environment (PBE)

Brazil (BR)

The Brazil server caters specifically to players from Brazil. By having a dedicated server for this region, it ensures a smoother gaming experience with lower latency and improved connection for Brazilian players.

Europe Nordic & East (EUNE)

The Europe Nordic & East server serves players from Nordic and Eastern European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Hungary, and more. It allows players from these regions to connect and compete with each other in a localized environment.

Europe West (EUW)

The Europe West server is one of the most populous servers and serves a vast player base from Western Europe. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy fall under this server. It is known for its highly competitive gameplay and robust community.

Latin America North (LAN)

The Latin America North server caters to players from countries like Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and others in the North Latin American region. It provides a localized platform for players to communicate and compete with each other.

Latin America South (LAS)


The LatinLeague of Legends: All Servers Location - Image 2 America South server serves players from countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and others in the South Latin American region. Similar to LAN, this server ensures better connectivity and localized experience for players in this region.

North America (NA)

The North America server is one of the most prominent and highly competitive servers. It serves players from the United States and Canada, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

Oceania (OCE)

The Oceania server is designed for players from Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific Island nations. It provides a dedicated platform for players in this region, ensuring lower latency and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Russia (RU)

The Russia server caters specifically to players from Russia. It allows Russian players to connect and play with reduced ping and enhanced network stability, improving their overall gameplay experience.

Turkey (TR)

The Turkey server serves players from Turkey, providing a localized platform for the Turkish gaming community. It allows players to connect with fellow Turkish players, communicate in their native language, and compete in a competitive environment.

Japan (JP)

The Japan server serves players from Japan. It provides a localized experience for Japanese players, ensuring better connectivity, reduced latency, and a dedicated platform for the Japanese LoL community.

Republic of Korea (KR)

The Republic of Korea server, commonly known as the Korean server, is renowned for its highly competitive and skilled player base. It serves players from South Korea, a country known for its passion for esports and dominance in the global LoL competitive scene.

The Philippines (PH)

The Philippines server caters to players from the Philippines, providing a localized platform for the Filipino LoL community. It ensures better connectivity, reduced ping, and a more enjoyable gaming experience for players in this region. 

One thing to keep in mind is that all the servers aside from the Public Beta Environment ones are servers that were added later on in 2023. Here's how to boost in League of Legends' newest servers.

Singapore, Malaysia, & Indonesia (SG)

The Singapore, Malaysia, & Indonesia server serves players from these three Southeast Asian countries. It brings together players from these regions, fostering a vibrant gaming community and enabling competitive gameplay.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao (TW)

The Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao server serves players from these three regions, providing a localized platform for players to connect and compete. It allows players to communicate in their respective languages and enjoy a tailored gaming experience.

Thailand (TH)

The Thailand server caters specifically to players from Thailand, providing a localized platform and community for Thai players. It ensures better connectivity and a seamless gaming experience for players in this region.

Vietnam (VN)

The Vietnam server serves players from Vietnam, offering a dedicated platform for Vietnamese players to engage in competitive gameplay and connect with their local gaming community.

Public Beta Environment (PBE)

The Public Beta Environment (PBE) is a separate server designed for testing upcoming features, balance changes, and new content before they are released to the live servers. It allows a select group of players to provide feedback and help identify bugs and issues that need to be addressed before the changes go live.

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