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6 Heroes to Main in Overwatch 2 Season 5

6 Heroes to Main in Overwatch 2 Season 5

With the new Overwatch 2 season, it’s only natural that players would want to know what heroes they should main if they want a competitive advantage. After all, every season brings with it a bunch of new changes to the meta, and different heroes are recommended every time. Fortunately, season 5 didn’t nerf or buff heroes too badly, so those who played the game near the end of season 4 might have an idea of what champions to play.

After looking at the buffs, nerfs, and overall conditions of all the heroes, we made a list of six heroes you should definitely play. The heroes on the list are Brigette, D.Va, Sombra, Mercy, Cassidy, and Junker Queen. All of these heroes are part of the season 5 meta, and as such, should give you a competitive advantage to start the season strong.

We’ll be going through each and every hero on the list along with why they deserve to be called the best.


Female futuristic warrior extending hand in a friendly gesture

Brigette, also called Brig by many players, is the first hero we want to highlight on this list. Now, Brigette might not have gotten any direct changes going into season 5, but the fact of the matter is that she has been on a roll in recent seasons.

After all, there’s just so much she has. She has the survivability to ensure you don’t have to rely on any other player, she has the ability to make plays with her ultimate and the ultimate of other players, and she’s able to dominate both offensively and defensively. Of course, this adaptability factor is a major part of why she’s at the top of this list.

With that being said, currently, the play style that Brigette players are dominating with is the bodyguard playstyle. This is even more so because of the fact that several DPS players that are squishy, like Cassidy and Sombra, have gotten significantly stronger too. Therefore, they can be protected by Brigette while also having the strength to take out the enemy themselves.


Female character in a futuristic mech suit with vibrant decals

Ah yes, the fan favorite character herself, D.Va. While she isn’t nearly as strong as she was back in season 1, D.Va has still managed to consistently remain one of the most recommended to play characters. Well, season 5 is no different in that regard.

Perhaps the best thing about D.Va is that she’s good at, well, everything. She’s good at absorbing a huge amount of damage, she’s good at protecting squishy heroes, and she’s even good at shutting down hit scans and countering Tracer.

Of course, the one thing that hasn’t changed even now is that D.Va shines the most when she’s in a match that has a height advantage she can abuse. Though if you’re a good enough D.Va player you can, theoretically, dominate on any map in the game.

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Female character with purple energy glow in futuristic setting

One hero that Overwatch 1 players might not have expected to see on a list like this is Sombra. The thing about Sombra is that she’s constantly getting better and better with every passing season. It seems like someone over at Blizzard’s development team really likes her, and rightfully so.

The combination of having the ability to consistently punish out of position players (tanks in particular), while also constantly hacking them is deadly. Add in the fact that Sombra’s EMP is also extremely powerful in its own right, and you have a hero that can take out pretty much anyone in a one on one.

Hey, if you feel like you won’t be able to win a fight, there’s always the option to either turn invisible or teleport away somewhere. The more you play Sombra, and the more you learn her mechanics, the more you’ll want to keep playing her.


Female warrior with magical staff and angelic wings in a fantasy game

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking. Why did we choose Mercy over every other support in the game, right? Well, the thing about Mercy is that she has so much potential to change the course of the match that we just had to include her.

The thing about Mercy is that she’s able to synchronize with literally any hero in the game. The constant stream of health and damage boost can be a game changer when used correctly with any hero, especially with someone like Reaper who can heal himself while taking full advantage of the damage boost Mercy provides. 

We should point out, however, that the strategy that’s most popular in season 5 is the poking one, and that’s also something Mercy can contribute to. All she has to do is stand near a Widowmaker or Hanzo that’s taking out enemies from a distance, and do whatever she can to ensure they stay alive while getting kills.

Finally, how could we forget the insanely powerful ability to bring someone back from the dead? Not having to wait for the respawn timer can be a major clutch moment, especially under the right circumstances.


Animated cowboy character smiling with a cigar in action scene

Cassidy, or as some people still call him, McCree, is probably the hero who has gotten the best buff this season. The fact that he can slow enemies with his grenade now, added to the fact that the overall distance of that said grenade is very high is actually insane. When using the grenade as a proper anti dive and anti mobility weapon, players are able to take the maximum advantage of it.

Also, remember the poke strategy we mentioned before? Well, Cassidy has the potential to use this strategy too, and if you pair him with a Brigette or Mercy, then you’ll have yourself a hero that most players will struggle to counter.

Junker Queen

Punk style female character posing in Junkertown

Now, Junker Queen might have gone through a bunch of nerfs over the past couple of seasons, but it’s still more than possible to dominate as her. Of course, you shouldn’t expect her to be nearly as OP as she was back when she was first introduced.

Being one of the few tanks in the game that actually have some decent mobility, Junker Queen has the potential to last long and deal some major damage while she’s at it. Pair her up with someone who’s able to deal even more damage like Cassidy and you’ll have yourself a winning duo.


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