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Neon's Abilities in Valorant


Riot had successfully built its 18th agent into Valorant. Neon was released in Valorant's Episode 4 Act 1. It is safe to say that Neon is a Philippine hyperaggressive duelist as she is a quite fast duelist. Her biography address the following: "Filipino Agent, Neon, surges forward at shocking speeds, discharging bursts of bioelectric radiance as fast as her body generates it. She races ahead to catch enemies off guard, then strikes them down quicker than lightning." So as mentioned, she is able to create spaces for her teammates as she is faster than most agents and has the capability of surprising her opponents. Let's dig into Neon's Abilities.

E - High Gear:

This is Neon's free ability so you will never have to buy this ability. Essentially, this ability allows Neon to run quite fast around the map. When you click E and enter high gear mode, you can see a bar in the bottom of the screen slowly decays over time, and when it hits zero that means that you can no longer sprint around the map. The bar slowly recharges over time but it's a pretty slow process. It is important to note that this ability is just like Jett's Dash, Raze's Grenades and Phoenix's Molotov as the sliding mechanic recharges for every two kills that you get meaning that you can only use it once per round unless you get two kills after you use it. You can also perform a quick slide when you right-click while using this ability.

C - Fast Lane:

This ability allows Neon to create more space for her teammates if you could combine it with her other abilities. Fast Lane is just like Phoenix's wall but on both sides and they are even more extended. We are also expecting changes that will happen to the original Phoenix wall to make it as efficient as Neon's.

Q - Relay Bolt:

This ability gives Neon the ability to stun two different positions at the same time as it stuns the first place she throws the grenade at, then, the grenade bounces initially to stun another place when it lands. We can already tell that there will be line-ups to stun different places in a bomb site.

X - Overdrive:

Overdrive is essentially a lighting beam that shoots out of Neon's fingers with a high movement accuracy while being on her High Gear ability, with a bar in the bottom of the screen that decays over time, so when the ultimate decay goes to zero you will eventually lose her ultimate, however, every time you get a kill with the ultimate, your bar automatically recharges for 25%. While Neon has a very good ultimate, it is not possible to do headshot damage with her ultimate.

Video Credits: One Esports

Neon's speed makes her able to catch opponents off-guard. Whenever you have a Neon opponent then you should always expect the unexpected as if your opponent is a good Neon, then you'll most likely struggle with the game. However, being good on Neon doesn't come from the first time so if you're looking to main Neon then you will need some practice with that agent.

Is Neon better than Jett in Valorant

If we compare put Neon and Jett into a comparison, they are pretty close in terms of abilities. Jett has a dash, Neon also has a high gear ability which makes her run pretty fast. Jett's ultimate is deadly knives, Neon's ultimate is also a deadly laser. The difference here is that Neon can stun and make a wall similar to Phoenix's, Jett could smoke and updraft. Even though both agents are super fun to play, we think that Jett would be more useful in Competitive play.

Neon's Voice Actress

Neon's voice was performed by the stunning Vanille Velasquez. She is the same voice actress who performed Zeri in League of Legends as well. Vanille was born and raised in the Philippines. At 17 years old, she became a part of a local Philippine TV anime channel Dubbing Academy. Around the same time, Vanille has also begun building her online career. In 2020, she popped off in her first original animation role in Lil Wild (Singaporean animated TV series). A year later, she played the titular character, Jelly in Helly, Ben & Pogo on PBS Kids in the USA. Then a few months later, she cast Zeri in League of Legends, and recently, she amazed us by casting Neon. (Source: Vanille Velasquez Website)

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