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All New League of Legends Season 14 Items Explained

All New League of Legends Season 14 Items Explained

League of Legends Season 14 is almost out, and the season is promising to bring about a slew of new additions to the ever-expanding game. In addition to the new champion Hwei coming to the game, there are also a bunch of new items that players will be able to purchase and use for their champions when in the rift.

Today, we're here to go through all of the new items coming to season 14 of League of Legends one at a time. To make things easily digestible we've also categorized all the items based on what champion class they belong to, whether it be support or assassin.

So, without further ado, here are all of the new League of Legends items coming in Season 14. If you want to get a headstart on learning about the new items as soon as they're made available, consider having a professional-level coach from Eloking show you the ropes. You can use this and all of our other services by using code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount.

All New Marksmen Items

Fantasy warrior wielding energy in dynamic battle scene


Priced at 3200 gold, Terminus is crafted from Recurve Bow, Last Whisper, Dagger, and 750 gold. Boasting 40 Attack Damage and 30 percent Attack Speed, its unique properties include the "Shadow" passive, inflicting 30 magic damage on-hit, and the "Juxtaposition" passive, alternating between Light and Dark effects with each attack. Light attacks offer armor and magic resist buffs, while Dark attacks provide armor and magic penetration, both accumulating up to 25 stacks over five seconds.

All New Support Items

Fantasy female mage summoning magical creatures in an enchanted forest

World Atlas

At a cost of 40 gold, World Atlas provides 30 Health, 25 percent Mana Regeneration, 25 percent Health Regeneration, and three gold per 10 seconds. Designed for support, it transforms into Runic Compass upon earning 500 gold. This item generates gold through charges, obtained every 18 seconds, with a maximum of three stacks. Earning gold involves damaging champions or structures and killing minions, encouraging support engagement in lane activities.

Runic Compass

An upgraded version of World Atlas, Runic Compass, costing 500 gold, enhances the stats to 100 Health, 50 percent Mana Regeneration, 50 percent Health Regeneration, and 5 gold per 10 seconds. Retaining the same gold generation mechanics, this item, upon reaching 1,000 gold, can further evolve into the versatile Bounty of Worlds or other support items. The support role gains added depth with the gold-generating charges and the potential to influence team gold income by killing minions.

Bounty of Worlds

As an intermediary upgrade from Runic Compass at 1,000 gold, Bounty of Worlds maintains the same stats: 100 Health, 50 percent Mana Regeneration, 50 percent Health Regeneration, and five gold per 10 seconds. Serving as a transitional item, it provides flexibility for support champions to tailor their build according to the evolving needs of the match. 

If you don't have a good teammate with you who can help take advantage of this item then consider hiring a professional-level LoL teammate from Eloking using the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

Celestial Opposition

Featuring the "Blessing of the Mountain" passive, Celestial Opposition reduces incoming champion damage by 40 percent (melee) and 25 percent (ranged). After absorbing damage, a shockwave is unleashed, slowing enemies by 50 percent for 1.5 seconds. The effect refreshes if the champion leaves combat for 15 seconds, offering a strategic defensive and crowd-control tool for support champions.

Solstice Sleigh

Solstice Sleigh rewards players for slowing or immobilizing enemy champions, granting 120 bonus health and 90 movement speed for four seconds to the user and the nearby ally with the lowest health. The passive has a 20-second cooldown, introducing a tactical aspect to engagements by providing temporary health and mobility advantages.


Bloodsong introduces the "Spellblade" passive, enhancing the next attack with additional on-hit physical damage after using an ability, with a 1.5-second cooldown. When targeting champions, it applies "Expose Weakness," increasing the damage they take by 12 percent for melee champions and eight percent for ranged champions over six seconds. This item encourages skillful ability usage and precision in champion engagements.

Dream Maker

Featuring the "Dream Maker" passive, Dream Maker grants a Blue Dream Bubble and a Purple Dream Bubble every eight seconds. Healing or shielding an ally consumes these bubbles, providing defensive and offensive boosts for three seconds. The Blue Bubble reduces incoming damage, while the Purple Bubble adds bonus magic damage to the next hit, promoting support champions' versatility in protecting and empowering allies.

Zaz'Zak's Realmspike

Zaz'Zak's Realmspike includes the "Void Explosion" passive, triggering an explosion at the champion's location when dealing ability damage. This explosion damages the target and nearby enemies with 50 (plus three percent maximum health) magic damage, capped at 300 against monsters, with a three-second cooldown. This item introduces an area-of-effect element to support champions, amplifying their damage output in team fights and skirmishes.

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All New Enchanter Items

Fantasy female warrior with a magical staff surrounded by light and butterflies

Glowing Mote

Priced at 250 gold, Glowing Mote offers a straightforward boost with five Ability Haste, providing enchanters with a cost-effective means of increasing their ability usage frequency.


Crafted from Bandleglass Mirror, Bandleglass Mirror, and 700 gold, Dawncore totals 2700 gold and provides 40 Ability Power, 20 Ability Haste, and 150 percent Mana Regeneration. Its unique passives include "Dawncore," granting bonus Heal and Shield Power and Ability Power based on Base Mana Regeneration, and "Summoner Spell Haste," offering an 18 Summoner Spell Haste boost. Dawncore introduces a dynamic combination of supportive and mana-focused attributes.

Echoes of Helia

For 2200 gold, Echoes of Helia combines Kindlegem, Bandleglass Mirror, and 400 gold to deliver 200 Health, 40 Ability Power, 20 Ability Haste, and 125 percent Mana Regeneration. With the removal of the "Dissonance" passive, Echoes of Helia introduces the "Soul Siphon" passive, allowing champions to accumulate Soul Shards upon damaging an enemy. These shards can be consumed to heal and deal magic damage to nearby enemy champions, providing enchanters with versatile utility.

All New Mage Items

Fantasy warrior wielding a magical staff in a mystical landscape


Valued at 3000 gold and created from Lost Chapter, Fiendish Codex, and 900 gold, Malignance boasts 80 Ability Power, 20 Ability Haste, and 600 Mana. The item grants additional Ability Haste for ultimate abilities and introduces "Ultimate Flames," causing damage and reducing Magic Resistance when an enemy champion is hit by the ultimate. This item enhances mage capabilities both in terms of ability usage frequency and impactful ultimate damage.

Caster's Companion

With a total cost of 3000 gold, Caster's Companion is formed from Lost Chapter, Hextech Alternator, and 700 gold. Offering 90 Ability Power, 20 Ability Haste, and 600 Mana, it features the "Load" mechanic, accumulating Shot Charges every three seconds. These charges enhance damaging abilities, providing an additional magic damage effect. Caster's Companion encourages strategic ability use, rewarding players who manage their Shot Charges effectively.


Priced at 2900 gold, Stormsurge is composed of Hextech Alternator, Aether Wisp, and 950 gold, delivering 90 Ability Power, 10 Magic Penetration, and 5 percent Movement Speed. Its "Stormraider" passive deals damage based on a percentage of the target's max health and grants movement speed. Additionally, the "Stormsurge" passive strikes the target with lightning after two seconds, dealing magic damage. If the target dies, lightning explodes in a large area, providing gold to the user. Stormsurge combines burst damage with mobility, catering to aggressive mage playstyles.

Haunting Guise

At 1300 gold, Haunting Guise incorporates Amplifying Tome, Ruby Crystal, and 500 gold to provide 35 Ability Power and 200 Health. The "Madness" passive rewards sustained combat with enemy champions, increasing damage output over time. Haunting Guise is a cost-efficient choice for mages seeking early-game power and durability.


With a total cost of 2850 gold, Cryptbloom is created from Blighting Jewel, Fiendish Codex, and 850 gold. Offering 70 Ability Power, 15 Ability Haste, and 30 percent Magic Penetration, it features the "Life From Death" passive. This passive triggers a healing nova on the location of a takedown within three seconds of damaging an enemy champion, benefiting allies and introducing a supportive aspect to mage playstyles. Cryptbloom encourages strategic engagement and provides team utility in team fights.

All New Assassin Items

Fantasy artwork of a cloaked warrior in battle with magical shards flying around

Voltaic Cyclosword

Priced at 2900 gold and composed of The Brutalizer, Kircheis Shard, and 863 gold, Voltaic Cyclosword provides 55 Attack Damage, 18 Lethality, and 15 Ability Haste. Its "Energized" passive enhances movement and attacking, generating Energized Attacks that apply bonus physical damage and a slow, particularly effective against melee champions. The Energized effect stacks faster during dashes and stealth, adding a dynamic element to assassins' mobility.

Profane Hydra

With a total cost of 3400 gold, Profane Hydra combines Tiamat, The Brutalizer, and 863 gold to offer 60 Attack Damage, 18 Lethality, and 20 Ability Haste. The "Heretical Slash" active deals significant physical damage to nearby enemies, increasing against low-health targets. The "Cleave" passive enhances attack damage against both melee and ranged units within a 450-unit radius, providing assassins with a versatile tool for wave-clearing and burst damage.


Priced at 3000 gold and crafted from Serrated Dirk, Caulfield's Warhammer, and 900 gold, Hubris provides 60 Attack Damage, 18 Lethality, and 15 Ability Haste. The "Ego" passive grants a statue of the assassin upon killing an enemy champion, while the "Eminence" passive boosts Attack Damage for a duration after a champion damaged by the assassin dies, promoting continuous aggression and sustained combat.


Opportunity, costing 2700 gold and formed from Serrated Dirk, Nether Shard, and 800 gold, offers 55 Attack Damage, 18 Lethality, and 6 percent Movement Speed. Its "Murder" passive increases Lethality after being out of combat, and the "Murderspeed" passive grants bonus movement speed upon champion takedowns, rewarding efficient engagement and swift elimination of opponents.


A cost-effective option at 900 gold, Rectrix is created from Long Sword and 550 gold, providing 20 Attack Damage and four percent Movement Speed. While offering basic combat stats, it serves as a quick and accessible item for early-game effectiveness and mobility for assassins.

The Brutalizer

Priced at 1337 gold and comprising Glowing Mote, Pickaxe, and 212 gold, The Brutalizer provides 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and eight Lethality. This item offers a balance of Attack Damage, cooldown reduction, and armor penetration, catering to assassins seeking a cost-efficient early-game power spike.

All New Tank Item

Mystical fantasy warriors with ethereal energy in a mountainous setting

Hollow Radiance

Valued at 2800 gold and created from Bami's Cinder, Spectre's Cowl, and 550 gold, Hollow Radiance offers 600 Health, 40 Magic Resistance, and 100 percent Base Health Regeneration. Its "Immolate" passive deals magic damage to nearby enemies upon taking or dealing damage, with increased damage against minions. The "Moonburn" passive triggers upon killing enemies, dealing additional magic damage to the surrounding area, making it effective for both tanking and wave management.

Unending Despair

Priced at 2800 gold and composed of Chain Vest, Kindlegem, Ruby Crystal, and 800 gold, Unending Despair provides 400 Health, 55 Armor, and 10 Ability Haste. The passive effect periodically deals magic damage to nearby enemy champions while in combat, simultaneously providing a healing component based on the damage dealt. This item emphasizes sustained durability in prolonged engagements.

When used correctly, this item in particular has the potential to be extremely useful when going up against the newly revamped Baron types.

Kaenic Rookern

Costing 3000 gold and crafted from Spectre's Cowl, Negatron Cloak, and 850 gold, Kaenic Rookern offers 350 Health, 80 Magic Resistance, and 100 percent Base Health Regeneration. The "Magebane" passive grants a magic shield equal to 18 percent of maximum health when not taking damage from champions for 15 seconds. This shield enhances the tank's resilience against magic damage, offering strategic mitigation during lulls in combat.

All New Fighter Items

Sundered Sky

Valued at 3100 gold and crafted from Tunneler, Caulfield's Warhammer, and 900 gold, Sundered Sky provides 55 Attack Damage, 15 Ability Haste, and 300 Health. The "Lightshield Strike" passive ensures the first attack against a champion critically strikes for 150 percent damage, while also offering a substantial heal based on base AD and missing health. Sundered Sky caters to fighters seeking a combination of damage and sustain in engagements.

Nitro Hexaegis

Priced at 3000 gold and formed from Tunneler, Noonquiver, and 600 gold, Nitro Hexaegis offers 55 Attack Damage, 20 percent Attack Speed, and 300 Health. The item introduces two passives: one providing a significant boost to ultimate ability haste and another granting increased attack speed and bonus movement speed for a duration after casting the ultimate. Nitro Hexaegis enhances a fighter's overall combat capabilities and agility.


An accessible option at 1100 gold, Tunneler is created from Long Sword, Ruby Crystal, and 350 gold, providing 15 Attack Damage and 250 Health. This item serves as a foundational component for building more advanced fighter items, offering a balance of offensive and defensive stats for early-game effectiveness.


What are the standout features of the new items introduced in League of Legends Season 14?

Explore the unique passives and effects of items across various roles, from the game-changing Lightshield Strike of Sundered Sky for fighters to the strategic utility of Dream Maker for supports. Understand how these items contribute to champion strengths and influence the evolving meta. It's also important to research on how these items effect new changes in the game like the new internal rift effect.

How can players effectively adapt their gameplay based on the new Season 14 itemization?

Gain insights into strategic decision-making by learning which items synergize best with specific champion types. Whether you're a seasoned marksman, a supportive enchanter, a bursty assassin, or a durable tank, the best way to effectively adapt your gameplay based on the new Season 14 items is by having a professional LoL coach from Eloking give you some one-on-one pointers. You can also use the code "BoostToday" to do this with a 20% discount.

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