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2 Ways to find FACEIT profile by Steam


Are you not sure if your opponent is cheating or he is just too good? With this guide, your wonderings will finally be settled down. We have two ways of finding FACEIT profile by steam, follow up.

What's FACEIT?

FACEIT is a third-party platform that has up to 20 games (including CS:GO). They have their own 128 tick servers dedicated to their community. They also got a very good anti-cheat, it's said that it's better than the game's own anti-cheat for matchmaking, that's why a lot of Professional players rather play FACEIT than the standard game's matchmaking. As they also have a lot of advanced stuff, such as Premium queue, small tournaments, and community hubs that could make you win actual money & prizes. Your chances are very big to meet Professional players such as s1mple on FACEIT if you're a high-level player. If you need help getting a high level in FACEIT then make sure to check out our FACEIT Boosting Services.

What's Steam ID?

Your Steam ID is a long series of numbers uniquely associated with your Steam account, that can't be changed by anyone - Not even steam Employees. If you link your Steam account with other game accounts, this is the number that will be used for Steam. As a result, you may need to supply your Steam ID you're looking to unlink your account.

The First Way:

1. Open your browser and go to the link:

2. Go to the specific profile you want to check and copy either the whole link or just name after /id/ - or number after /profiles/ For example, we went to the steam profile of the very famous player TenZ and copied his /id/ to check out his faceit level

3. Now go back to and paste the link/name in the input field

4. Press lookup and then you should get some information as you see above, now you need to copy the steamID64 number.

5. Go to and search for the number you copied at the step before.

There you go, TenZ is a faceit level 10 no wonder how he became so good in Valorant so quickly! You can use this trick on anyone to check out their faceit level and kind of expect how these players are going to be like in your games. 

The Second and Easiest Way:

1. Go to

2. Enter either Full Steam URL/Steam ID/Steam ID64

3. Press Search

From example we tried searching for the Professional Player s1mple:

How to check multiple accounts at once?

Faceit Finder offers to check multiple accounts at once.

While you are in game, open console and write status. You can copy the list and just input it into the faceitfinder app input field. Then click search and it will show the results.

What steam identifier types are accepted by the faceit account finder?

The supported inputs for this feature are any form of Steam identifier. This means that you can simply copy the profile URL for your Steam web browser or use steamid that is output when using the status command in the in-game console.

What’s next?

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