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League of Legends Season 14 Ranked Changes Explained

League of Legends Season 14 Ranked Changes Explained

League of Legends Season 14 is finally here, and fans from all over the world are hopping on for the first time to experience all of the map changes and additions. One lesser known change to the game is the change to the game's ranked system. Through it, Riot hopes to make the entire experience of playing ranked LoL more fair for players.

The new ranked system aims to make it easier for the game to assign ranks to players based on several factors and not only the number of matches they win or lose. Things that will be taken into account include experience, kills, champion selection, participation in the match, and more. However, these changes will be implemented later in the season.

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LoL New Season 14 MMR System

Promoted to Diamond IV in a ranked solo tier game

Design Director August Dean "Iksar" Ayala took to Reddit to provide insights into the upcoming changes. According to him, at the commencement of the 2024 season, Riot Games will introduce a proprietary MMR system. However, this is only a temporary measure as the transition to TrueSkill 2 is inevitable and permanent.

TrueSkill 2 is a significant departure from the conventional MMR systems that rely primarily on wins and losses. Instead, it employs a more nuanced approach, considering various factors to evaluate a player's skill accurately. This marks a crucial evolution in the way players are assessed and placed on the ranked ladder.

Instead of basing a player's rank on how many wins they have, this system will aim to determine someone's rank based on how they perform in matches. Since League of Legends is a team-based game, the old system gives solo and new players a major disadvantage as their teammates may be worse than them.

How Will This Affect New Accounts?

One of the key advantages of the new MMR system is its ability to more accurately place new accounts on the ranked ladder. The initial placement of fresh accounts will be refined, ensuring a fairer representation of a player's skill level from the outset. This addresses one of the longstanding issues in competitive play where new accounts often faced challenges in achieving accurate placements.

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What Will TrueSkill 2 Do?

Illustration of a glowing golden armor with mystic design and embers

TrueSkill 2 takes a holistic approach to measuring a player's skill by considering factors beyond mere victories and defeats. It incorporates elements like in-game behavior, experience, kill count, and even addresses the issue of players leaving or quitting matches. This multifaceted evaluation is expected to provide a more nuanced and accurate representation of a player's skill level, creating a more competitive and balanced playing field.

Through this system, players will be judged on their performance and how much they contribute to a match instead of how many matches they win. Of course, this doesn't mean winning and losing will be irrelevant, so it's still recommended that you get yourself a professional-level teammate from Eloking with a 20% discount by using the code "BoostToday" if you don't want to get stuck with some terrible teammates.

When Will These Changes Be Made?

Guide to gaming rank tiers, from Iron to Challenger

While the community eagerly anticipates the implementation of TrueSkill 2, the exact timeline remains uncertain. Riot Games has not specified the exact date for the rollout, only confirming that it will occur at some point during the 2024 season. 

It's very likely that more information regarding this MMR change will continue to roll out as the release date edges closer. For the quickest updates related to League of Legends, we recommend you follow Eloking since you already know we'll be on top of things before anyone else.


When will the TrueSkill 2 system be implemented in League of Legends Season 14?

Riot Games has not provided a specific date for the implementation of TrueSkill 2 during the 2024 season. Players are advised to stay updated on official announcements for the latest information on the transition.

How does TrueSkill 2 differ from traditional MMR systems in League of Legends?

Unlike traditional MMR systems that primarily consider wins and losses, TrueSkill 2 takes a more comprehensive approach. It factors in aspects such as in-game behavior, experience, kill count, and handling of leaving or quitting games, providing a more nuanced evaluation of a player's skill level.

What’s next?

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