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All Server Locations for Overwatch 2 and How to Change Them


For a game like Overwatch 2, what servers and which server you connect to are extremely important if you want your experience to be as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, because the game has just launched, the servers are rather limited.

However, they do cover enough regions so that as few people as possible will get left out, and everyone is able to get at least decent playable ping. Moreover, changing server regions is as easy as it gets, at least if you’re on a PC or laptop.

All known server locations for Overwatch 2

As mentioned above, Overwatch 2 is still rather new. As such, it is expected that they will be introducing more server locations soon to make the game smoother for more players. The currently known dedicated server locations, however, are divided into three regions.




In addition, Australia seems to also come in the Asian regions as many players have reportedly been connected to it when setting their region as ‘Asia’.

How to change Overwatch 2 server location on PC or Laptop

Changing the server location on a PC or laptop is as easy as it can be. Simply 

Unfortunately, you can not select a specific Overwatch 2 server location and only the region. However, you should automatically connect to the server which is either located closest to you or gives you the best ping. 

Of course, it is recommended that you select the region that’s closest to you, even if you don’t live in that region. This will ensure that you get the best ping possible, and you don’t have to face constant ping spikes that would ruin your experience playing this otherwise extremely fun game.

How to change Overwatch 2 server location on consoles

If you’re playing Overwatch 2 on a Playstation or an Xbox, then we have bad news for you. Unfortunately. Overwatch 2 does not support server changing on consoles, as even on PC, the server is changed from the launcher, which does not operate on consoles.

Why might someone want to change their servers?

There are many reasons players playing Overwatch might want to change their server locations. The first and most obvious is that if you play on a server that isn’t the same or at least close to where you live, then chances are your ping will be much higher than it otherwise should be.

Let’s say, for example, you live in Japan and are playing on American servers. Instead of the usual >30 pings, you’ll get over 100 which might go as high as 300 or even more. With high ping, your shots will take longer to register, and you’ll encounter rubberbanding, which is when you move forward on your screen, but the game doesn’t register it in its server.

In addition, having a high ping might stop you from even leaving your spawn point. Trust us, we’d know. Nothing’s worse than loading into a competitive match only not to be able to leave the spawn point and ending up not only losing but also getting hate messages from your entire team.

Moreover, sometimes a specific server region is under maintenance or full of players, so you might have no choice but to switch to a different operational server or not play at all. Most would pick the second option. If you pick the first option, however, then we suggest you play Valorant. It’s good, it’s free, and we have tips and tricks from professional Valorant players to help get you started.

Finally, Overwatch 2 is a game that requires communication and teamwork between teammates. However, players might find themselves not speaking the language that others on the server speak.

For example, if you pick the Asian region and get connected to the Japanese servers, your teammates will most likely communicate in Japanese, both in voice chat and game chat, even if you don’t speak the language. In such a case, it would be better for you to connect to the American region to get rid of the communication barrier.

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