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How to get better in Valorant


Do you feel like you're spending too much time in Valorant Ranked and you're not getting better or even climbing ranks? Then you're doing it wrong. Valorant is an FPS game, that's true, but it's not only about having a god-like aim, there are many things you will need to work on so you could improve in Valorant and actually climb the ranks and reach the top. Within this topic we are going to share tips and tricks to make you actually improve in Valorant.

Maintain Your Mentality

Yes, mentality is the one of the biggest factors in improving in Valorant, always be positive to your team mates and have a strong mentality so that you would be able to absorb new ideas and actually learn new things in the game, there's a bad habit most players have that they're mostly frustrated when they get killed in Valorant, instead, when you die, think about what you could have done better for such situation, being hungry to learn new things isn't a bad thing but instead it could help you to improve in Valorant. Valorant is a mental game so if you maintain your mentality you will yield results you never expected it to happen.

Warmup Routine

Warming up in Valorant or in FPS games is very important for your aim to improve, and when your aim improves you're most likely going to get more frags and lead your team to win, so you should always have a proper warmup routine that you tend to follow everyday. There's different styles of warm up routines you could follow, for example there's some Professional Players in Valorant that play from 7 to 10 Deathmatch games everyday before jumping to ranked, scrims or even big tournaments! There's also some aim training programs such as Aimlab and Kovaaks you could try, you could also jump into The Range and hit some bots in the head everyday. Definitely Warm Up will make you feel better results.

VOD Reviewing Your Game Play

In order to improve in Valorant, you'll have to record most of your gameplays and watch them when you finish playing, while watching your VODS try to write down what you're actually doing wrong and what you're doing right in a Notepad, avoid doing what doesn't work properly on your next games, and keep doing the same to find out all the mistakes you do in game so you never do them again.

Finding The Right Agents

It's no secret that Valorant doesn't only depend on aim but also it depends in Agents and Abilities, you can always outplay your opponent with your abilities so to do that, you will have to find the agents you're comfortable with and to do that you'll have to ask yourself a question, what do I want to play? You have the choice to play Duelist, Controller, Sentinel and Initiator. It all depends on you, if you wanna be the fragger then you go for duelist, if you wanna support your team, you go for Controller or Initiator if you wanna watch the flanks and lockdown sites you might wanna go for Sentinel, then you try out most agents and learn them and the ones you feel comfortable with you just spam them.


Now you have the mentality, the aim and the right agent, now all you need is time and actually put time into the game. The reason professional players are actually very good at the game is that because they put so much time into the game and into learning new things, try to find yourself a team so you could work more into coordination and strategies, if you don't have that option it's okay, don't be afraid to solo queue and always do your best in the games.

What’s next?

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