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8 Best Valorant Aim Lab Routines

8 Best Valorant Aim Lab Routines

While at first glance Valorant might look like just any other FPS, that couldn't be further from the truth. Instead, there are so many unique mechanics in the game such as agent abilities and unique weapons, that it deserves a completely different set of Aim Lab routines for players wanting to improve. That's where we come in.

Now, there are multiple different Aim Lab routines, or tasks, that players can go through. However, we shortlisted the eight most useful ones that are sure to help you improve in Valorant specifically. Those eight routines are Headshot, Gridshot, Linetrace, Sixshot, Tenz Task, Reflexshot, Spidershot, and Motionshot. Naturally, we'll be explaining how every specific task can help with Valorant.

So if you were looking to make the perfect Aim Lab routine for you that's tailored specifically for Valorant, then keep reading.

#1. Headshot

Player holding a pistol in a virtual shooting range with a score display

The first task we want to go through is Headshot (Precision). Now, the thing about headshots in Valorant is that they're EXTREMELY valuable because of the fact that it takes only one headshot to take a player out of the round for good. Therefore, if two agents go against each other in a one on one, more often than not, the agent who can land a headshot first will win.

That's exactly what this specific task aims to help you with. The biggest hurdle most players have when wanting to improve their ability to reliably land headshots, is they aren't able to get their aim to consistently be head level. Well, this task spawns targets that are ALWAYS at head level.

Therefore, by practicing this task and adding it to your routine, you'll be able to build up muscle memory and reflexes to always know just where to keep your cursor if you want to land a headshot.

#2: Gridshot

Three glowing blue balls floating inside a virtual gaming room with geometric tile floor and grey walls

Up next is Gridshot (Ultimate), which just so happens to be the most popular Aim Lab task for FPS games. If you've used Aim Lab before, then chances are you've heard of this task more than once. However, have you ever wondered why that is? After all, if almost every professional player has this specific task in their routine, it has to be doing at least one thing correctly, right?

Well, Gridshot is what you might call the ideal warm up task. Multiple targets pop up on the screen, and it's up to you to take them out as quickly as you can. There's a small gap between all of the targets, and they always spawn randomly, which means you have to rely on your sensitivity and reflexes if you want to get a high enough score at the end of the task.

Now, one rather unique thing about this task is that it's recommended that you repeat this task anywhere between three and five times. Because this task is meant to warm up players, repeating it multiple times will help you get in the zone so you can decimate the opposition when you jump in and play the real thing.

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#3: Sixshot

First person view of a player holding a gun in a shooter game

Here's a task that should always be played if a player feels that Gridshot is too easy for them. Sixshot is basically Grishot but bumped up to 100. Instead of there being multiple moderate sized targets on the screen, there are multiple tiny targets instead. Every time you take one target out, another one pops up to take its place, and you have to shoot as many as you can before the time runs out to maximize your score.

Sixshot has a much bigger emphasis on precision and landing quick flicks. Naturally, you can't do either properly without having the necessary reflexes which are only born after hours of practice. Therefore, we recommend you put in the same practice as you did with Gridshot back when you were starting out. 

That's right, you should repeat Sixshot three to five times as well to ensure you're able to benefit as much as possible. One fun thing you can do is play Sixshot a couple of times and then go to Gridshot. You'll see a major improvement in your overall precision and reflexes.

#4: Multilinetrace (+Linetrace)

First-person view of a shooter game with a handgun and a holographic sight targeting

Next up is a bit of a special case. Multilinetrace and Linetrace both managed to make the list and since they're both pretty much the same thing, we decided to just pair them together. Now, whether you want to play the Multilinetrace or Linetrace is up to you, but for the sake of this article, we'll be focusing a little more on Multilinetrace.

So, what do players do in this task? Well, it's exactly how it sounds. You make a line with your cursor from one target to the other without letting your aim jitter too much. Because the targets are so small, you have to extremely accurate and stop at just the right time without straying from the straight line set out for you.

We're sure most of you can imagine how important it is to be able to accurately aim at a target without straying, as unnecessary movement is something that just adds to the overall time it takes to get from one target to the next. In Valorant, you'll often find yourself having to aim quickly at specific spots (mostly heads), and knowing how to properly flick to specific targets will be a game changer.

#5: Tenz Task

Gamer engaged in a specialized aim training video game during the 2022 Champions Tour

That's right, we're mentioning Tenz' Aim Lab task in this list as well. Hey, if a professional like Tenz says you can improve in Valorant by playing this specific task, then it must be true, right?

So, how does it work? Well, imagine Headshot, but instead of the heads (targets) being at one spot, they're coming toward you. This makes for more of a realistic simulation, as the targets can be smaller or larger depending on how far or close they are to you. Of course, the size of the targets is still the same, the same as an average agent's head.

This is a more than decent task that is sure to help you in your reaction time and precision all at once. There's also the added pressure of having to take out targets quickly before they get too close to your screen.

#6: Reflex Shot

First person view of a shooter game targeting a blue hologram

Oh, so Gridshot and Sixshot are too easy for you now? Well, then then the natural way to progress would be to move on to Reflex shot. Of course, if you want to most out of this task then you should opt for Reflex Shot Ultimate.

In Reflex shot, instead of there being one set size for targets, the size is always randomized every time you destroy a target. Of course, the location at which the target spawns is also always randomized. Because of this, you always have to be on your toes if you want to get a high enough score.

Reflex shot is aimed toward improving your, well, reflexes. As you play this specific task and get better results, you'll eventually start seeing an improvement in how far you're able to zone your cursor to any target, regardless of how big or small it is.

#7: Spider Shot 180

First person shooter game with handgun targeting spherical object in a simulated environment

Spider Shot 180 Warmup is just like Spider Shot until it isn't. Now, the regular Spider Shot has you shooting as many targets as you can while standing still, much like Gridshot. However, instead of Spider Shot where the aim is to shoot as many targets as you can while standing still, the aim here is to shoot one or two targets, do a 180, shoot one or two targets, and then keep repeating the process.

Remember to not time yourself, as there are several reasons for doing the exercise in this specific way. For starters, it helps you get a sense of just how much space you have on your mousepad to move your mouse. This familiarization allows you to pull off flicks more successfully in the game. Also, if you're trying to improve your flicks on the Op or Marshall, then this weapon will help you.

Additionally, it's also something you can emulate in an actual Valorant match. Sometimes, you might have to take enemies out, then quickly turn around and shoot another target. Of course, it isn't always a 180 degrees turn that you have to make, but it helps to have an idea of how to recover your footing after making a quick turn.

#8: Motionshot

Player engaging in a virtual shooting range exercise on a computer

If you feel like Headshot, Gridshot, Sixshot, and even Tenz Task are too easy and you want a bigger challenge, then Motionshot is definitely the task to go for. So, you have stable targets, and you have targets getting smaller and bigger. What's next? If you answered targets that are getting smaller and bigger all the while moving around, then you're absolutely correct!

Motionshot has the target change completely every time you take it out. Sometimes, the next target might spawn closer to you, while other times it might get further away. Similarly, sometimes the target might get smaller in size while other times it might get bigger. This element of randomness is what keeps players on their toes and ensures they're ready for literally anything.

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