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How to Get Better at Using OP in Valorant?

How to Get Better at Using OP in Valorant?

If you've been playing FPS games for a while, then you'll know every one of them has a fan favorite sniper rifle. Where CS:GO has the AWP, Valorant has the OP (or Operator). Ironic, we know. However, using the OP isn't really all that easy, and many players spend their entire Valorant lives without being able to use it properly.

There are four major factors that are certain to help you get better at using the Operator. The first is, of course, your aim. Your movement and positioning also play a huge part in your performance with the Operator. Finally, communicating effectively with your teammates is also very important in improving your OP skills.

We'll be going in depth regarding all these four key components that are important if you want to OP better.

#1: Aim

How to Get Better at Using OP in Valorant? - Image 1

This one might seem a little obvious considering we're talking about a sniper rifle. However, because it's so important we just had to go through it. While the Operator does deal some very high damage, it also has a slow recoil speed and a slow rate of fire. This means that missing even one shot has the potential to be fatal for you.

Therefore, it's important that you make every single shot count when using the Operator. We understand this sounds easier said than done, but there are some ways for you to improve your aim with this specific weapon.

Naturally, the first way is by going to the game's shooting range, going through Aim Lab sniper playlists, or playing unranked games while using the Operator. Practice makes perfect, and you'll need a lot of practice if you want to land your shots. The best way to improve your aim, however, would be to hire a professional Valorant coach from Eloking to show you the ropes.

#2: Movement

The next thing you should focus on if you want to OP better is your movement. Now, movement is a rather broad term, so we'll clarify what exactly we mean. When we say movement, we're talking about the movement of your character as well as the cursor.

Because the Operator is so cumbersome, you get slowed down when you equip it. Therefore, you'll have to ensure your character's movement is fluid yet unpredictable. Incorporating jiggle and jump peeking into your arsenal can be very advantageous. If necessary, you might also have to switch to your secondary to get that extra burst in speed if the situation calls for it.

As for the aim of the cursor, the most important thing is to be alert at all times. Since the Operator has the close range disadvantage that every sniper has, enemies are more likely to try and catch you by surprise by getting close to you. In situations like this, quick scoping and flicking are your best friends.

#3: Positioning

How to Get Better at Using OP in Valorant? - Image 2

If you're using a sniper rifle, it's crucial that you keep your positioning in mind. Ideally, you want to find a spot that offers a good long line of sight with cover. If required, there should also be enough space for you to back away and reposition. Keeping a distance from your enemies is also very important, otherwise, you won't be able to make the most of the Operator.

It's recommended that you start learning angles for every map that you could hold. Ensure these angles are reliable and check all the boxes we mentioned above. Finally, knowing the map layout can go a long way when using a weapon like the Operator. There's nothing quite as satisfying as getting away from an enemy and successfully repositioning because you knew the map better than the other person.

#4: Communication

Finally, something most players gloss over is the importance of communication between teammates. You have to remember that because you're using a sniper rifle, you'll need two key things if you want to be able to take down enemies without any worry. Those things are cover and information.

Do you know who can provide both of these to you? That's right, good teammates. Let your teammates know where you are, and have them, in turn, provide you with cover and information regarding the enemy's whereabouts. Remember, Valorant is a team based game, and the best way to consistently win matches is to start working together with your teammates.

Of course, we understand that sometimes you might come across teammates that are, well, not so good. In situations like this, we highly recommend you start hiring a professional Valorant player from Eloking to play as your teammate. There's no better way to consistently get good cover and information to OP than by having a teammate you can rely on.

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