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Everything You Need to Know About Jiggle and Jump Peeking in Valorant


Valorant is an online FPS where two teams are put against each other in an objective based match. There are many different mechanics players need to master if they want to be good at the game, but one of the most important ones is information gathering.

Now, Valorant players have come up with multiple different ways to gather information. Of course, utilities and drones are the safest options, but what if you don’t have them? Well, under such circumstances you would be wise to turn towards either the jiggle or jump peek.

Below you’ll find all the relevant information you could possibly need in order to master both the jiggle and jump mechanics for yourself in Valorant.

Jiggle Peek

The first of the two we would like to tackle is the jiggle peek, which is significantly easier to pull off successfully when compared to the jump peek due to it having fewer required inputs. If you’re a regular FPS player then you might have heard of this mechanic already from other similar games.

What it pretty much means is quickly moving side to side, similar to how jelly jiggles from left to right when touched. Say that you’re out of utilities, but you think (or know) that an enemy agent is right around the corner.

In this case, it might be best to pull off a jiggle peek. To do so, first, stand perpendicular to a corner while facing the wall. Put your fingers on both your strafe keys (Left and right movement keys which are usually A and D respectively), and then quickly press them in an alternating order.

So if you want to peek at a corner that’s to your right, you’ll first press the right strafe key to make your player move right and out of the corner, and then press your left strafe key to go back to where you were standing previously.

Why is it Useful

There are multiple reasons you might want to use the jiggle peek in Valorant, but we want to highlight the two common ones.

The first reason is that it’s very good for baiting op shots. Say that you jiggle peek just enough so that the operator at the other side of the corner sees just your shoulder (This is done by jiggle peeking in a way that you don’t even see the angle the enemy op has taken)

In this case, not only would you be safe from a headshot, but you’ll also be able to draw out the enemy’s shots to pinpoint the location of the enemy and alert your teammates of your location all the while wasting the enemy’s bullets (or abilities if you’re lucky),

The second reason this peek is useful is that if you’re a player with very quick reflexes, then you could jiggle peek a corner, pinpoint the location of an enemy that’s taking an angle, take an angle yourself to ensure you headshot the enemy, and then strafe peek one final time to take the enemy out.

Jump Peek

The jump peek in Valorant is significantly harder to pull off successfully than a jiggle peek, but that’s because it has some extra mechanics you need to get used to first. As the name suggests, a jump peek is done by peeking at a corner quickly while jumping.

This can be done by approaching a corner at a specific angle (a 45 degrees angle pretty much). Hold forward so you approach the corner and then jump right as you’re about to reach the end. As you jump, stop holding the forward key and let your momentum move you forward just enough so you see accomplish what you were peeking for, may that be to bait out an op shot or get the location of the enemy.

When you do, however, quickly hold either the left or right strafe key (depending on your circumstances) along with the back key. So, say that you want to jump peek a corner while being on the right side. In that case, you’ll first approach the corner at an angle, jump, stop holding forward, and then hold back and the right strafe key to quickly go back to where you were before.

Of course, if you’re standing on the left side of the corner, then you’ll press the left strafe key when backing out instead of the right one. Keep in mind that you want to back out before your character touches the ground, otherwise the enemy might get the opportunity to take you out.

We personally recommend that you equip your knife when jump peeking because of the additional mobility it gives you. Jump peeking with a gun feels clunkier and therefore is less effective.

Why is it Useful

Jump peeking is so useful that most professional players solely depend on this specific way of peeking when playing in tournaments. The biggest reason for this is that it pretty much negates any angle a player on the opposite side of the corner might be taking.

After all, when you jump peek properly, you’re much higher than you would have been if you had been standing still while peeking. Because of this, seeing as how chances are the enemy operator would have been holding an angle aimed toward a standing character’s head, jump peeking will make it so that the angle gets aimed a little under (or right at) the legs instead.

How to Get Better at Jiggle and Jump Peeking

As is with pretty much every mechanic in Valorant, the best way to get better at both jiggle and jump peeking is by practicing until you perfect them. Jump peeking especially requires you to get the timing of the jump down perfectly to ensure your momentum doesn’t end up taking you too forward.

If you want some extra help or if you want to perfect both these mechanics much quicker than you would have otherwise, then consider hiring a professional Valorant coach from Eloking. After all, the best way to learn something is by having someone who’s already a professional at it teach you personally.

If you want to learn more about how Valorant coaching by Eloking works, then check out this article going in depth on what Valorant coaching is like.

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