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CS2: Can't See Damage Dealt

CS2: Can't See Damage Dealt

CS2 is out and there are a bunch of new things you need to know about it. One new feature is the ability to see how much damage every player in the match has dealt over the course of the map. However, many players know this feature exists but don't know how to see the damage they've dealt. That's where we come in.

Seeing the damage dealt is fairly simple. You just have to play any match as you would normally, and then wait for any round to end. During the end of the round screen, you'll see stats at the bottom of the avatar of the enemy players at the top of the screen. There will be two numbers here, the first number will indicate how much damage you've done to that specific player, and the second number will indicate how many shots that player took from you.

So, if you know about the damage score feature but don't know how to utilize it then you only need to keep reading. To know the best way to utilize the knowledge of how much damage you're dealing with, you can also play with a professional-level player from Eloking for a wealth of information. Use code "BoostToday" and experience 20% off all our services.

How To See Damage Dealt in CS2

Screenshot of a first-person shooter game showing a victory scene

In Counter-Strike 2, the damage you inflict upon your opponents is displayed on the "end of the round" screen or the "scoreboard." Here's how to find it:

End of the Round Screen

After a round concludes, you'll see a screen displaying various statistics, including your damage dealt. This screen always appears when the round ends, regardless of whether you win or lose.

The Scoreboard

The scoreboard is where you'll find a wealth of information about the players on the server, including damage dealt. We aren't talking about the scoreboard you see when you press tab though. Instead, we're referring to the scoreboard that pops up after a match has ended.

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CS2 Damage Dealt Numbers

First-person view of a victory scene in a shooter game

Now, you'll notice that there will be two numbers shown when looking for your damage dealt instead of one.

Underneath the avatar of each player at the top of your screen within the scoreboard, you'll see two numbers. The first number highlighted beneath will indicate how much damage you've done to that specific player. For example, if you've dealt 25 damage to a player, this number will read "25."

The second (smaller) number next to the damage dealt will indicate how many shots you fired to inflict the previously mentioned amount of damage. For instance, if it took you 2 shots to deal 25 damage, it will display as "25 in 2."

It's important to note that while some players have reported occasional bugs with this feature during the match (especially when you die and respawn), it has been reliably proven to display at the very end of the match when the winning team is declared. To ensure you're at the top of every other player when this screen is showing, you can use code "BoostToday" to get 20% off all of our services.

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Unlocking the Potential of CS2 Scoreboard

Screenshot of a competitive gaming scoreboard

The CS2 scoreboard offers more than just damage dealt information. It's a treasure trove of data that can help you assess the performance of all participants in the server. While statistics alone don't provide the complete picture of a player's contribution (they don't reveal, for instance, how often a player has executed a round-winning smoke or defused the bomb), understanding the significance of all the statistics on the CS2 scoreboard can be highly beneficial.

One aspect worth noting is that many players are unaware of Counter-Strike's second scoreboard, which houses valuable data such as the number of enemies a player has blinded with flashbangs. So, it's worth sticking around to the end of every match to see how your damage stacks up against the number of shots you've fired, as well as other stats that can be useful for more seasoned players.

What’s next?

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