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Does Valorant battle pass give XP Boost


Valorant, like many online games, has a battle pass system where you can purchase a premium pass and grind XP to unlock various weapon skins, Radianite points (RP), and gun buddies. However, another thing those aforementioned online games do is reward players who purchase the battle pass with an XP boost.

Valorant is no different in this regard, but there’s a catch. The basic battle pass is available for any player who logs in during its availability period. However, the premium battle pass is what players must purchase with in-game premium currency if they want to avail themselves of the premium rewards and XP boost.

An XP boost essentially gives extra XP, or experience, for any activity done. Let us take Fortnite, for example. If a regular player were to get 50,000 XP in a day for completing all daily missions, a player with the battle pass purchased would get 55,000 instead because of the 10% increase it grants.

How much XP boost does Valorant battle pass give

While most other games give a good percentage of extra XP to reward their players that purchase the battle pass, Valorant’s XP boost is known for being somewhat controversial. If you were to buy the Valorant premium battle pass, you would get a meager 3% XP boost.

To put this into perspective, an average Valorant unrated or competitive match gives 100 XP for playing a round and 200 XP for winning one. So if you were to completely dominate the opposition with a 13-0 final score, you’d get 3,900 total XP, 1,300 for the rounds played, and 2,600 for the rounds won.

Take the 3% XP boost into account, and you’re looking at an insignificant 117 extra XP, especially considering it takes over a million XP and around 100 hours of gameplay to max out the battle pass. 

Fortunately, the time you have to spend grinding can be cut down by hiring a professional player from Eloking to play your games for you, increasing the chances of winning rounds for getting that extra 200 XP too. To rid yourself of any concerns you might have, read our guide on whether or not Valorant boosting is safe.

Is the premium battle pass worth it?

Whether or not the premium battle pass is worth it entirely depends on the player. Everything you can earn through it is strictly cosmetic based. Even the Radianite Points (RP) that you make can only be used to upgrade weapon skins with new VFX, audio, animations, finishers, and variants of the skins. If you want to know if skins can affect your gameplay, check out our guide explaining just that.

As for the cost, the premium battle pass costs 1,000 Valorant Points, which is roughly $10. This is the average cost for paid battle passes for online games in general, including Fortnite and Overwatch, so it isn’t like you’ll be paying more than expected.

Additionally, each act has its own pass, and every new act closes progress on the current pass, resetting all players back to the beginning of the new pass. This means that you’ll have around two months to complete all 50 tiers before the next act’s battle pass drops. Premium pass players can also automatically earn progress to reach a specific tier they haven't unlocked by paying 300 Valorant Points for every tier that needs to be completed to reach the player's target.

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