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Do Skins Affect Gameplay in Valorant


Skins are fancy changes to the original looking of a game character or a weapon. Some people think that skins are pointless or just not worth the money, and this is wrong. Buying skins support the hard work of the developers and also brings you joy. Like who doesn't like fancy stuff? It's just as same as getting your cat painted. Skins could also be your way to go if you're into flexing on your friends while playing the game. Valorant is also one of the games that put much effort into making very fancy-looking skins.

Valorant Skins have no effects on the gameplay, but they give you confidence. It makes people think that Valorant is a pay-to-play game which is not true. Skins don't have an aimbot or anything similar to that, nevertheless, they do give you that feeling of you having an aimbot, so the whole thing here is only mental.

Valorant has a lot of skins considering that the game is only two years old. Riot is excellent at making grandiloquent skins, we should give them kudos for that. But which skins are the best and which skins are the worst? We have answers for you.

Best Valorant Vandal Skins

Prime Vandal

Prime Vandal is one of the very first skins that was released and loved by many players. Players thought that it gives you easy headshots. It was a very popular skin back skin and is still being used to this day. One of the reasons that Prime Vandal is a good pick, it's because of the very quiet shooting sound of the gun as it allows you to hear what's going on around you without disturbance.

Price: 1,775 VP

Prime Reaver

The Reaver Vandal from The Reaver Collection not only gives you that incredible feeling of satisfaction when you hit headshots, but it makes you feel like you are the king of the game. The feeling of holding the Reaver Vandal is just astonishing as well as the reload and the sounds of the gun, it's just something else.

Price: 1,775 VP

When it came to comparing between the reaver vandal and the prime vandal it was a very close comparison. Both skins are very pleasurable and fun to play. It's only a matter of preference whether to choose between the prime vandal or the reaver vandal, ask your friends or teammates to drop you both skins, try them and see what suits your better.

Best Valorant Phantom Skins

Oni Phantom

Valorant did a great job creating the Oni skin. It is one of the phantom skins that were ever released. Oni Phantom is a very clean skin and it gives you that professional gamer feeling, and it also has various color options you can pick from. That's why a lot of people just love the Oni Phantom.

Price: 1,775 VP

Spectrum Phantom

The collaboration between the Valorant and the famous DJ Zedd resulted in The Spectrum Collection which is currently the most expensive Valorant collection. The Spectrum Phantom gives you a luxury experience as it's a very slick skin with music involved when you inspect the gun. The Spectrum Phantom has also one of the coolest finishers in the entire game as well as different variants to pick from.

Price: 2,675 VP

Do Skins Actually Improve Performance?

(Source: eggwick)

Placebo Effect in Valorant

Placebo in Valorant is when your brain thinks that playing with skins gives you an advantage. By the visual and audio, your brain tells you that this skin gives you more damage or makes your shots more accurate, therefore, you hit more shots. Riot Developers definitely consider Placebo Effect while making their unique skins and that's the reason why a lot of players tend to buy skins, which is very smart from Riot.


Conclusion: It's mainly the gun feeling and there is no change of the recoil or damage. A Lot of players say that the prime vandal has aimbot and that's because it feels more satisfying to aim with. The Prime Vandal sound effects just change the way you think and play, a placebo effect where many players get more confident. Sometimes with the reaver vandal, you want to tap more heads, but when you play with the Glitchpop Vandal you would feel spraying more and that's because of the skin. The skin can impact your aim as they make you more comfortable. The animations of many guns elevate the feeling as the Elderflame operator feels different when you shoot as it makes you more confident than the default operator.

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