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Does a Tie Count As a Win in CSGO?


CSGO is perhaps the most popular competitive FPS game around. Therefore, it’s completely understandable that new players are constantly getting on the game to begin their counter strike journey. However, one thing the game doesn’t dive deep in is what happens if you get a tie in a match. Is it counted as a win? Is it counted as a loss? Does the match even count at all?

Now, ties in CS:GO are often seen as inconclusive results. Because of the way CS:GO’s ranking system works, we can’t tell how exactly your MMR is affected. However, as far as the official records are concerned, a tie is counted as a half win and a half loss. Additionally, some players have stated that they’ve ranked up from a tie, but have never ranked down.

We’re here to go through everything you need to know about getting a tie in CS:GO.

Is a Tie in CSGO Counted As a Win?

When it comes to determining the outcome of a match, CS:GO operates on a points-based system. Teams earn points by winning rounds and achieving objectives. 

The primary objective for each team is to win the match, which is generally achieved by being the first to win a specified number of rounds. In most competitive settings, a standard match is played as a "best of 30 rounds," meaning the first team to win 16 rounds is declared the winner.

In CS:GO, a tie occurs when both teams win an equal number of rounds in a match. For example, if both teams win 15 rounds each in a best-of-30 match, the game ends in a tie. However, in most competitive CS:GO settings, a tie is not counted as a win for either team.

Ties in CS:GO are often seen as inconclusive results. In professional competitive play and matchmaking, a tie doesn't lead to an outright victory for either team. Instead, the match is often resolved through overtime rounds. 

Overtime provides each team with additional chances to break the tie and secure a definitive win. Overtime rules can vary, but they generally involve playing a set number of rounds with different win conditions.

When it comes to matchmaking, however, this question is a little more difficult to answer. While some players have reported ranking up after a tie, the exact mechanics of the ranking system are not publicly disclosed by the game's developer, Valve. As a result, definitive statements about whether ties influence a player's rank are challenging to make.

Can You Rank Up From a Tie in CSGO?

Now for the golden question. Can you rank up from a tie in CSGO? Well, we’re pleased to say that while no one but Valve has all the specifics of getting a tie in CSGO, we can safely say that you can indeed rank up from a tie in CSGO.

The reason we can say this so confidently is because there’s a vast amount of evidence pointing toward this fact. Basically, while some players have commented on ranking up after a tie, there are fewer reports of ranking down due to a tie. 

This disparity in player experiences further highlights the mystery surrounding the ranking system's response to tied matches. You can argue that this mystery is why the question of what happens when you get a tie in CSGO is as popular as the question of whether skins help in CSGO.

The generally accepted theory is that getting a tie increases the MMR of the members of both teams by a little bit. This is actually a pretty good thing, as it serves as a consolation prize for players for not winning but not losing either.

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