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How to Improve Spray Control in CS2

How to Improve Spray Control in CS2

Spray control is a crucial skill to master in CS2. The ability to accurately control the recoil pattern of your weapon can significantly enhance your effectiveness in firefights and increase your chances of securing kills. After all, how can you expect to get kills in matches if you aren't able to land your shots?

Before you start controlling your spray, you first have to understand what spray control and recoil pattern mean and why it's so important. With that done, you should know when to spray and when to tap fire after which you can start learning spray patterns to take your spray control to the next level. Of course, we'll be giving you some pointers as to how you can practice too.

If you've been wanting to better your spray control then sit back, relax, and grab a snack because we're about to dive right in.

Understanding Recoil Patterns

To improve spray control in CS2, it's crucial to understand the recoil patterns of different weapons. Recoil refers to the upward movement of the crosshair caused by firing a weapon. Spend time practicing with each weapon to become familiar with its specific recoil pattern. 

Analyze how the pattern evolves as you continuously fire bullets. This knowledge will help you compensate for the recoil by moving your mouse in the opposite direction to keep your crosshair on target. Of course, it's also crucial to know the spray pattern of every weapon, which is what direction the bullets of a weapon go when you hold the fire button.

When it comes to spray patterns, each weapon in CS2 has its own unique pattern. These patterns refer to the bullet pattern of guns as you continuously fire. Take the AK-47 compared to the M4A4, for example. The AK-47 has a slightly diagonal pattern that requires practice to control. The M4A4 and M4A1-S, on the other hand, have their own specific spray patterns. Each weapon demands its own level of familiarity and skill.

While all weapons present their own challenges, some are indeed more challenging to control in terms of spray patterns. The Negev, for instance, with its high rate of fire, has an extremely difficult spray pattern. It requires exceptional control and precise accuracy to effectively handle this weapon. 

Know When to Spray

Spraying continuously is not always the best approach. In certain situations, using burst fire or tap shooting can be more effective. It's very important to first look at the situation you're in before quickly thinking on the spot.

Burst firing involves firing a short burst of 2-3 bullets at a time before pausing to readjust your aim. Tap shooting, on the other hand, involves firing single shots with precise timing. These techniques can enhance accuracy, especially when engaging enemies at medium to long range. Practice controlling your bursts and tap shooting to improve your overall accuracy. As you might have noticed, the deciding factor between what type of firing to use is usually distance.

Speaking of distance, the distance to your target can significantly impact spray control. When engaging targets at close quarters, you'll need to make quick adjustments to your spray. On the other hand, longer-range engagements may require more controlled bursts or tapping to maintain accuracy. Adapting your spraying technique based on distance is crucial for effective spray control.

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Getting Better at Spray Control

Line drawings of various firearm models with model names and numeric markers

With all of this being said, how do you start with improving your spray control? Well, the first thing to do is to start practicing spray patterns.  Devote time to practicing specific spray patterns for different weapons in CS2. 

As mentioned above, each weapon has a unique spray pattern that you need to learn and master. Training maps can help you visualize and practice controlling these patterns. Start by spraying at a wall and observing the bullet impacts. Aim to maintain a tight grouping of bullets on target by adjusting your mouse movement accordingly. With practice, you'll develop muscle memory and improve your ability to control recoil patterns.

With that done, you have to then start looking at your own movement. Movement plays a significant role in spray control. When engaging in a firefight, try to minimize your movement to improve accuracy and control. Stopping or crouching before initiating a spray helps stabilize your aim as moving while spraying can cause bullets to stray from your intended target. 

Additionally, practice counter-strafing, which involves quickly tapping the opposite movement key while firing to reset your accuracy and minimize the effects of movement on your spray. This technique allows you to quickly stop your character's movement and regain accuracy before spraying. As a matter of fact, we've already made an in depth video on improving your counter strafing.

Finally, Good crosshair placement and the best crosshair settings are essential for successful spray control. Always keep your crosshair at head level, anticipating where enemies are likely to appear. Pre-aim common angles and corners to reduce the time required to adjust your aim and spray when engaging opponents

Practice Makes Perfect

First person view in a shooter game training with a rifle aimed at targets

Improving spray control requires consistent practice and analysis of your gameplay. Engage in deathmatch modes for real time practice. As you play, focus on applying the techniques mentioned above. Additionally, review your gameplay demos to identify areas for improvement. 

Look for instances where you missed sprays or overcompensated for recoil. By analyzing your gameplay, you can pinpoint specific areas that need attention and adjust your practice routine accordingly. Observing professional players and studying how they control their sprays can also provide valuable insights and techniques to incorporate into your own gameplay.

Of course, if all else fails then the best way of getting better at anything related to CS2 is to play with one of Eloking's professional level CS2 players. There's nothing better than having a professional show you the ropes.

What’s next?

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