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League of Legends: Unveiling "Smolder" the New Dragon ADC

League of Legends: Unveiling "Smolder" the New Dragon ADC

In a surprising twist, League of Legends enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation as Riot Games teases the introduction of a new champion, "Smolder," set to take the stage as the game's latest AD carry. The revelation comes hot on the heels of Riot's recent announcement, unveiling the dragon-themed champion in a visually stunning teaser video that has left fans eager for more.

Originating from the Lost Kingdom of Camavor, the teaser hints at a unique narrative, while speculation about Smoulder's abilities fuels anticipation. Additionally, players are eagerly awaiting details on the release date for this charming addition to the League of Legends universe.

But for now, let's delve into all the spicy details that the teaser has feasted us with.

Smolder's Origin: The Lost Kingdom of Camavor

Enchanting fantasy landscape with colorful flowers and mystical structures

The teaser introduces Smolder as a diminutive yet endearing dragon hailing from the Lost Kingdom of Camavor. Once a thriving kingdom on the Eastern continent of Runa, Camavor met its downfall when a Darkin invaded, enslaving Vladimir and leading to the collapse of the once-proud realm. 

The kingdom witnessed the tragedy of dragons being taken by the black mist, but the teaser hints at a unique twist, kings and queens in Camavor revered dragons, treating them like royalty.

Contrary to earlier speculations, Smolder does not seem to be connected to known League of Legends champions. Speculation surrounding his parentage suggested links to Shyvana and Jarvan or the Elder Dragon, but the teaser dismisses these notions. Smolder emerges as a small dragon with no apparent familial ties, standing out as a unique addition to the League's diverse roster of champions.

Smolder's Quest and In-game Abilities?

Fantasy stained glass artwork with a dragon and knight

The teaser video showcases Smolder's adorable demeanor, accompanied by his mother in the closing moments. His quest for a way home, coupled with the revelation that his home is now in ruins, sets the stage for a captivating narrative. As one of the last dragons of Camavor, untouched by the black mist's corruption, Smolder presents a character both charming and mysterious.

As the teaser leaves fans craving more, speculation runs rife about Smolder's in-game abilities. While the teaser hints at his capability to fly and breathe fire, players are left wondering if Smolder will possess unique mechanics, such as growing in size over the course of a match. 

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When Will Smolder Be Released?

Amid the growing excitement surrounding Smolder, the burning question on every League of Legends player's mind is, "When will Smolder be released?" While Riot Games has confirmed a full champion reveal next week, the exact release date for Smolder on the live servers remains shrouded in mystery. 

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As players eagerly await the dragon ADC's arrival, Riot Games is sure to keep the community on the edge of their seats with additional teasers and information leading up to the momentous release. Stay tuned for updates on Smolder's release date, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with this charming new addition to the League of Legends universe.

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