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League of Legends: Best One For All Champions

League of Legends: Best One For All Champions

The One For All game mode is back in League of Legends. While most game modes have players in the same team choose different champions, the same isn't true for this specific game mode, as players have to play as a single champion. Because the importance of that one champion is greater than ever, it's important to select the right champion to play as.

Today, we're here to go through some of the best champions to play as in League of Legends. In addition to highlighting the champions you should select, we'll also be going through our reasoning for selecting these specific champions, at least in the context of the One For All game mode.

So, without further ado, here are the best One For All champions to play as. If you want to learn how to use any of the champions we're about to mention below, we recommend you hire a professional-level coach from Eloking. Just don't forget to use the code "BoostToday" to get that 20% discount.


Fantasy female warrior in battle with magical staff and mythical creatures

The first champion we want to go through is Lux, a fan-favorite champion of Riot if all of the skins she has is anything to go by. After all, what's there not to like about Lux? She's easy to play as, anyone can pick her up and play with her abilities decently, and if players have any of her skins then it can be fun to play dress up with her.

Naturally, the fun aspect isn't the only reason we think she's such a good pick for One For All. Lux's abilities are extremely powerful, and just spamming her ultimate can be enough to take out some enemy members. Of course, that's without even mentioning her stuns and other ways you can give the enemy team a bad time.

Miss Fortune

Artistic depiction of a female warrior in dynamic battle pose with magical effects

Up next is another ADC character that's really easy to use, Miss Fortune. When starting the game out for the first time, most players typically go for Miss Fortune, and there's no surprise as to why. With heavy damage and very easy abilities, it's more than possible to dominate a single match with this character alone.

Now, imagine if there were five of these characters instead of one. Yup, that's how overpowered your team can be if you just all pick Miss Fortune. Her kit is easy to master and very straightforward, and she is decent in every role, regardless of how much experience you have with her.

Naturally, having a professional-level teammate alongside you playing Miss Fortune can pretty much guarantee a win, but hey, even if you don't you can always grab a couple of your friends and get the party started.

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Gigantic robot in a dynamic battle scene with spectators and a pink bunny

Okay, we're sure many of you might be a little confused about this particular champion, but hear us out. Imagine that you're playing a game of League of Legends, just minding your own business, when out of nowhere five Blitzcranks push you and not only throw you into the air one at a time, but also grapple you so you can't escape. 

Yeah, now imagine that again, but this time with all of the Blitzcranks having their ultimate ability so their speed is boosted by a bunch. Yeah, it's safe to say it can be a heck of a time playing as Blitzcrank in the One For All mode. 


Colorful fantasy creature with glowing eyes in a mysterious forest

While the other entries on this list require you and your team to actually push at the same time and cause havoc among the enemy team, the same can't be said for Heimerdinger. On the contrary, if your team plays as Heimerdinger then you can safely assume that the entire enemy team will be cursing you out.

Why? Well, because of the sheer number of turrets you can place in every lane to ensure the enemy can't do anything. If you thought one Heimerdinger was annoying, wait till you have to face five at once.

While this team composition might be a little difficult as the game progresses, especially because of the lack of attack capabilities, if you play things smart then it's more than possible to win every match and destroy the enemy's will to play any more games in the process.

Adorable animated character in a magical forest with playful creatures


Okay, we covered Heimerdinger and now it's time to cover Heimerdinger on steroids. Teemo is popular for being one of, if not the most annoying champions in the game, and being put up against five of them can definitely pass for a League player's nightmare.

After all, while Teemo's kit is easy to use, it's also very annoying. All your team has to do is use his traps to make the entire arena a deathzone, and just use his invisibility ability. Then, wait for your prey to fall into the trap you set before taking them down with Teemo's surprisingly strong attack damage.

However, it's important to switch things up every now and then. While this strategy can be useful at first, it's only a matter of time until the enemy team catches onto what you're planning and starts preparing counter-measures. The question is if you can win the match before that happens.

Epic fantasy battle artwork featuring mystical warriors


Illaoi is annoying for a similar reason to why Teemo and Heimerdinger are annoying. While the other two champions have turrets and traps, Illaoi has her high damage-dealing tentacles that no one wants to get smashed under. While this champion and her soul tentacles can be annoying in regular matches, the One For All mode just takes things to the next level.

It's possible to completely seal off any lane with multiple Illaois spawning multiple tentacles that deal devastating damage to the enemy. Of course, the tentacles aren't the only reason Illaoi is dangerous, as she has a plethora of other abilities that can give anyone a bad time.

A case in point is Illaoi's ultimate which can extract the soul of an enemy champion and deal damage to it. While it's pretty easy to avoid when there's just one Illaoi, what if there were five all going for your champion's soul?


Who's the most picked champion in One For All?

At the time of writing, Yasuo is the most picked champion in One For All, with around a 3% pick rate. With his fast and high damage attacks, there's no doubt why people wouldn't want to rush the enemy with a gang of Yasuos.

How long will the One For All mode be available?

While the exact date the One For All game mode will go away is unavailable, we can make an educated guess based on previous game modes. The game mode came with the March 20, 2024 patch, and these limited-time game modes typically last for two patch cycles. Therefore, the One For All mode will likely go away around April 17, 2024.

What happens if everyone chooses a different champion in One For All?

If everyone on the team doesn't choose the same champion then the game gives everyone a random champion to play as. Therefore, it might be a good idea to work together with your team lest you get someone like Yuumi.

What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new about League of Legends - it’s time you start playing and get better at the game. We can help! Purchase Eloking League of Legends Boost right now and start playing at the rank you deserve!

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