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Valorant: Ultimate Beginner Guide

Valorant: Ultimate Beginner Guide

Valorant might be one of the hottest FPS games right now, but that doesn't mean it's what you might call beginner friendly. New players are jumping into the game for the first time in their lives, and countless of them end up being overwhelmed thanks to the sheer number of things you have to learn.

If you're a beginner to Valorant and are struggling to learn all of the mechanics and know-how of the game, then you're at the perfect place. Today, we'll be going through everything a Valorant beginner should know before jumping into the game to ensure they have the required knowledge to go up against the pros.

So, without further ado, here's the complete beginner guide for Valorant. If you're someone who prefers having a pro teach you the ropes instead then you can always have a professional-level coach from Eloking teach you how it's done. You can even use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount when you do so.

The Basics of Valorant

Valorant: Ultimate Beginner Guide - Image 1

First off, it's time to go through the absolute basics of Valorant, including what you have to do and what sets Valorant apart from similar FPS games.

Objective and Winning Conditions:

Valorant is played in rounds, and the first team to reach 13 round wins emerges victorious. Each round has a specific objective, and your team must work together to achieve it. The primary objectives are to either detonate the Spike (the attacking team's goal) or defuse the Spike (the defending team's goal). Alternatively, eliminating the entire enemy team is another route to victory.

One Life Per Round:

In Valorant, every player has one life per round, creating a high-stakes environment. Once eliminated, you must wait until the next round to rejoin the action. However, there are exceptions as some agent abilities, like Sage's ultimate, can bring a fallen teammate back to life, adding an extra layer of strategy and teamwork to the game.

Attackers and Defenders:

Teams in Valorant are divided into attackers and defenders. The attacking team's goal is to plant the Spike at designated sites, while the defending team aims to prevent the Spike from detonating. The roles of attackers and defenders switch after 12 rounds, providing each team with an opportunity to showcase their skills from both perspectives.

Agent Roles:

Valorant features a diverse cast of agents, each with unique abilities that can significantly impact the outcome of a round. Understanding the roles of agents is crucial for effective team composition and strategy. The four main agent roles are:

It's important to know the types of agents you can pick up, and every team should ideally have a healthy mix of different roles.

Preparing for Battle - The Buy Phase and Maps

Valorant: Ultimate Beginner Guide - Image 2

Okay, you know the basics of the game before jumping into the match. Now, we'll cover the buy phase and variety of maps that you should learn about.

Buy Phase:

At the beginning of each round, players enter a buy phase where they can purchase weapons, shields, and abilities using the in-game currency called Creds. The buy phase is a critical aspect of Valorant, as it determines the resources available to each player for that round. Communication with your team during this phase is crucial for coordinating strategies and ensuring a well-balanced loadout.

Experiment with different weapons and find the ones that suit your playstyle. From rifles like the Vandal to sidearms like the Sheriff, there's a wide array of choices. Keep in mind the new addition to Valorant's arsenal, the Outlaw sniper rifle offers a powerful option for players with a keen eye and precise aim.

Variety of Maps:

Valorant boasts a variety of maps, each with unique layouts and features. As a beginner, take the time to explore and familiarize yourself with the maps, understanding key locations, bombsites, and potential chokepoints. The available maps include Bind, Split, Haven, Ascent, Icebox, and more, each offering its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Learning map callouts is essential for effective communication with your team. Whether you're attacking or defending, understanding the layout of the map allows you to make informed decisions and contribute to the success of your team.

Advanced Strategies and Communication

Valorant: Ultimate Beginner Guide - Image 3

Hey, you're already more knowledgable than most Valorant players who jump into the game blind. To give you an even bigger advantage, we figured it might be a  good idea to cover some more advanced strategies.

Team Communication:

Effective communication is the backbone of success in Valorant. Use voice or text chat to relay vital information such as enemy positions, planned strategies, and agent abilities. Map knowledge and callouts become even more critical during intense moments, so practice clear and concise communication to keep your team coordinated.

Economy Management:

Understanding the in-game economy is crucial for long-term success in Valorant. Efficiently managing your resources during the buy phase ensures your team can afford essential weapons, shields, and abilities. Consider adopting an economy strategy with your team, such as a full buy, a save round, or a force buy, depending on the situation. Know when to be thrifty.

Agent Synergy:

As you progress in Valorant, explore agent synergies to maximize your team's potential. Certain agent combinations can create powerful strategies, whether it's pairing a duelist with a controller for aggressive pushes or combining initiators to disrupt enemy positions. Experiment with different team compositions to discover synergies that suit your playstyle and provide a tactical advantage.

Mastering Agent Abilities and Ultimate Usage

Valorant: Ultimate Beginner Guide - Image 4

The final thing we want to cover in this guide is the importance of mastering agent abilities and their ultimates. After all, if you're migrating from a different FPS game like CS2 then you're likely familiar with everything we've gone through so far but at struggling to learn how the ability system works.

Agent Abilities:

Each agent in Valorant comes equipped with signature abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Take the time to understand the capabilities of your chosen agent, utilizing their abilities strategically. Whether it's initiating engagements, providing support, or disrupting enemy movements, agent abilities add a layer of depth to gameplay.

Ultimate Abilities:

Ultimate abilities are powerful tools that can single-handedly change the course of a round. Understanding when to use your ultimate and coordinating with your team can lead to game-changing moments. Keep track of the enemy team's ultimates as well, as this information can influence your team's approach to each round.

Adapting to Different Playstyles:

Valorant is a game of adaptation, and being flexible in your approach is key. Pay attention to your opponents' playstyles and adjust your strategies accordingly. Whether you need to play defensively, aggressively, or take a balanced approach, the ability to adapt to different situations will make you a more formidable player.


How can I improve in Valorant quickly?

There are several ways you can potentially improve in Valorant, including playing with high-level players, reviewing how other players you come across in a match play, and watching tournaments. However, the one we recommend is playing with a professional-level Valorant teammate to know how a pro plays. You can use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

How can I unlock competitive fast?

If you want to unlock competitive in Valorant then you have to be at least level 20. If you don't have the time to play so many games against low-level players to level your account up then we recommend simply buying some win boosts. Not only will you most likely win, but you can also use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

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