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Thrifty: What does thrifty means in Valorant?

Valorant, similar to CS:GO, has a system where players are able to accumulate and then spend gold on weapons. The more gold a team spends, the stronger their weapon will be. However, if a team is careful with how much they spend and still win the round, the game rewards the team with the thrifty commendation.

Spending less money than the team would mean your team would have an objectively worse loadout when compared to the opposition. Therefore, pulling off a win would be a considerable show of skill and teamwork. Because of this, Riot decided it would be best to reward teams that do this.

The biggest advantage of the thrifty commendation, however, is that if you do manage to win a round despite spending less than the opposition, you pick up the dropped weapons of the enemies your team killed. This is a MASSIVE boon towards winning the entire match, as you get good guns without having to spend anything.

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