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25 Best Valorant Discord Servers

25 Best Valorant Discord Servers

As it is with every other online game, it's crucial for players to have a sense of community building and belonging if the developers of a game want their game to last. After all, the more engaged players are with the game, the more they're inclined to play it, and the same is true for Valorant. Well, there's no better way to build a community than by joining Discord servers.

There are multiple discord servers Valorant players can join, all with their different community types and purposes. We're here with twenty five of the very best Valorant discord servers you can join. Whether you're looking for a couple of friends to play Valorant with, or if you just want some buddies to discuss your favorite weapons, these Discord servers have you covered.

Below is a list of the 25 best Valorant Discord servers as well as the link you can use to join them instantly.

#25: Discord Server

Discord server link

First up is the official Discord server of, a community that's dedicated to helping players find new teams to play with. Not only does this server help you find teams for Valorant, but you can also potentially come across teams for other popular games. 

#24: Average Jonas Discord Server

Invitation screen to join the Average Jonas gaming community

Discord server link

Some of you might recognize Average Jonas as being a person who works with Team Liquid, an ESports EU team. He made his Discord server with the intention of having a place for game discussions, random hangouts, events, memes, and so much more.

The server currently sits at over 60,000 members, so you already know you can expect to find like minded individuals here fairly easily.

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#23: HEET Official Discord Server

Discord server link

Next is the official server of Heet. While this team isn't one that's too well known, the players in it are as dedicated as can be and have some major dedication too. If you're looking for a small Discord server with a tightly knitted community, then this is the server to join. Though, you might have to @ the members to wake them up the first time you join.

HEET is an esports team playing games like Valorant and PUBG. They have several giveaways, events, and even tournaments amongst players.

#22: Hiko Homies Discord Server

Invitation to join 'Hiko Homies' gaming community with member stats and welcome message

Discord server link

Here's a Discord server that another professional Valorant player created. The eSports team 100 Thieves NA Valorant pro player Hiko created the Hiko Homies Discord server. While the server mostly acts as a way for Hiko's fans to share clips and memes of him, Hiko also encourages some healthy Valorant discussions. This is a must join server for Hiko fans especially.

#21: Blazing Series Discord Server

Discord server link

The Blazing Series Discord server is a Valorant community server where people often host tournaments every month. They also have some extremely fun tournaments when new game modes come out to ensure everyone's able to familiarize themselves with them. They also have a scrims leader board full of rewards for teams that like getting competitive.

#20: Valorant Cafe

Discord server link

While the Valorant cafe Discord server might not have too many members, it has a cozy vibe that not too many servers can beat. The owner is out to create a homey community for players to play together with each other as a community and we're all here for it!

#19: Tokkii's Cove Discord Server

Discord server link

Up next is another Discord server that strives to bring a homey and cozy vibe. Tokkii's COve is a friendly and chill discord serve with a bunch of cats and cute emotes. While they are a small Discord server, they are also hoping to grow a little bigger in the future. Not only are they heavily addicted to Valorant / League / Genshin but they also have game roles, pronoun roles, and region roles to make it easier to find someone to hang out with.

#18: Tranquility

Discord server link

If you're tired of having to play with children or people who just refuse to join voice chat when playing Valorant, then Tranquility's 10+ voice chat social gaming Discord server might be just what the doctor ordered. Don't worry, the server is SFW and the aim of the server is to be a place to meet cool, mature people, and have great conversations.

#17: SmG Gaming

Discord server application link

This is the official partner server for SmG gaming. You can expect to find people who are into Valorant gaming, anime, and having an overall fun time. Having over 50,000 Members, over 500 emotes, and frequent giveaways and events, joining this Valorant server is a no brainer.

#16: Stanimus

Man in a neon-edged red t-shirt screaming in excitement

Discord server link

Stanimus is a Discord server that's mostly made to cater to streamers and those looking to grow their fanbase. You can expect to have multiple Valorant 10 Mans, as well as events for other games like Rocket League and League of Legends.

#15: Valorant-JP

Discord server link

If you've been looking for a Valorant Discord server where players speak in Japanese and even play on the Japanese Valorant servers then we have the perfect server for you. Valorant-JP might not have as many players as you might expect, but if there's one thing for sure, it's that the people are as dedicated to the game as can be.

#14: The Goose House

Discord server link

The Goose House is the largest UK based VALORANT community, built on passion and solidarity. As you can imagine, this server has frequent giveaways and events for players related to Valorant. Tournaments are also very common and if you're looking for a good UK based Valorant community then this is the Discord server for you to join.

#13: The Void

Discord server link

The Void is one of the most popular Discord servers that aims to connect gamers of different games with each other. They have a dedicated section for Valorant players trying to find a team, or squad, or just looking to group up.

#12: Friendos

Discord server link

Friendos is another Discord server that's created with the intention of having a closely knit community to game with. The one thing that sets this Valorant and gaming server apart from others of its kind is the fact that this one has over 1000 members.

#11: Valorant NL/BE

Valorant NL/BE community invitation screen with join button

Discord server link

This is an unofficial Valorant NL/BE Dutch speaking server that's created to help bring Dutch speaking Valorant players together. There's nothing better than having your entire team speak the same language you do after all.

#10: Atro's League of Legends & Valorant Shop

Discord server link

One of the last unofficial Valorant Discord servers we want to go through is Atro's League of Legends & Valorant Shop. If you're looking for a server to purchase or sell your Valorant or League of Legends account then this is the server for you.

#9: Sentinels

Invitation screen to join the Sentinels gaming community with member details

Discord server link

If you are a fan of Sentinels, the extremely popular Valorant esports team, then it's time to join their discord server which is fittingly named Sentinels. You can meet people, play competitively, and keep up with the latest updates on the Sentinels team.


Discord server link

Valorant Ascent focuses on the competitive aspect of gaming and aims to help you find people to play ranked games with. You can also use this server to keep up to date with tournaments and Esports news.

#7: Valorant Pro

Discord server link

Valorant Pro is basically the same as Valorant Ascent with the only exception being Valorant Pro is much more active, and therefore, more appealing for players looking for people to find teammates to play ranked with.

Additionally, this is what you might call a no nonsense server. There are no channels for casual talking or anything of the sort and it's all business.

#6: Valorant Server For Oceania

Valorant OCE membership invitation with characters

Discord server link

Having over 35,000 members, Valorant OCE, the server for Oceania is the ideal server to be if you're an Oceania server player. The community also hosts giveaways, among many other events.

#5: Valorant LFG

Discord server link

The best Valorant Discord server to join if you're looking for a group is definitely Valorant LFG. What does LFG stand for you ask? Well, it stands for 'Looking For Group', so you just know this server is the real deal.

#4: Valorant Server for the EU (Europe)

Discord app launch screen featuring Valorant characters

Discord server link

Similar to the Valorant server for Oceania, the Valorant server for the EU is dedicated to the Europe region and currently hosts 57,000 members.

#3: /r/Valorant

Discord server link

No, this isn't a Reddit server, though it is a Discord server for a Reddit server. Confused? Well, you don't have to be. Just know that this Discord server has everything you can ask for. LFG channels, meme channels, discussion channels, and all related to Valorant.

#2: Valorant (Official)

Colorful digital art of a diverse group of characters

Discord server link

Naturally, there are few Discord communities that can come even close to the real deal. The Valorant Official Discord server has over 800,000 members and has literally everything you could ask for from a Valorant Discord server.

#1: Eloking Official Discord Server

Animated gaming characters in a Discord launch overlay

Discord server link

The number one Valorant Discord server is definitely the Eloking one. Not only does this server cater to Valorant players looking to have their account boosted, but players of games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch 2, and CS:GO can also join to enjoy the benefits we provide.

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