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LOL: How to Get Gladiator in Arena?


Riot has released a brand new limited-time mode for League of Legends, and fans are absolutely loving it. Perhaps the best thing about it is the fact that it has its own dedicated ranking system, kind of like how Overwatch does with eliminations. Therefore, players are looking forward to climbing to the highest possible Arena mode rank which is a gladiator.

Getting to gladiator rank is much easier than climbing the ranks in League of Legends. This is because not only do you win if you come either second or first, but there aren’t any promotion games either. You simply need to hit 3800 RP and you’ll get the rank, To make it even easier, we’ll be going through some tips that are sure to help you in this endeavor.

So, if you’re one of the many League players trying to hit gladiator rank in the arena then keep reading because we got you covered.

How to Reach Gladiator Rank in Arena

So, how do you get Gladiator rank in League of Legends arena mode? Well, the most direct answer would have to be that you get the rank as soon as you reach 3800 RP. As it is with pretty much every other ranked game mode, you earn RP by winning matches. Get enough of them and you’ll eventually rank up.

As we mentioned earlier, there are no promotion games or levels within the rankings. But it's normal to have a way to get or lose points. Just like in other games, when you win matches in the ranked arena, you get points. When you lose matches in the ranked arena, you lose some points.

However, there's a BIG difference in this game mode compared to others. Instead of needing to be the best in every match to get points, it's a bit different. If you're either the best or second-best, it counts as winning.

This means that in each arena match, there will always be two winners and two losers. So, you get points if you're first or second, but you lose points if you're third or fourth. We recommend you go through the entire League of Legends arena mode ranking system to get the full picture.

Tips for Reaching Gladiator Rank

Now that you know how to reach gladiator rank in League of Legends, there’s the matter of actually reaching that rank to consider. To help you, we’re here with a couple of tips that are sure to make the climb easier.

Use the Best Augments

The first tip we want to give you is to use the best augments possible. Augments are a new addition to the game mode and they give you a bunch of unique abilities. Depending on your champion and circumstances, different augments are recommended for you to use.

With that being said, if you go with our list of best augments in League of Legends arena mode then you won’t ever go wrong. 

Have a Reliable Teammate

This League of Legends game mode is all about having a reliable duo to play with. This means when two players team up and work together really well, it's like they become even better than just adding up their skills. The main idea is to play with a friend you can count on.

When you know your friend really well it makes your teamwork even stronger. You get so used to each other that you can predict what the other person will do without even thinking about it. This also helps to avoid any bad behavior or negativity in the game.

Being sure that your friend will support your moves or help you when needed makes your teamwork strong. This kind of trust can really change how battles go in the game. Because you believe in each other, you can quickly adjust to changes and work together amazingly well. This teamwork helps you get points, outplay your opponents, and win the game.

Alternatively, if you don’t have anyone you can count on to that extent, then we recommend you hire a professional-level teammate to play with you instead. All the benefits of having an extraordinary teammate with none of the drama.

Master Champion Combos

In addition to what player you play with, the champions you and your friend use also make a huge impact on whether you win or lose. Some champions just vibe really well with each other which makes them prime choices to pair up together. If you want to learn more about champion combos as well as the best combos to use in LoL’s arena mode then we already have a guide right here.

Use Optimal Builds

Item building might be a little different in this mode when compared to, say, Summoner’s Rift or ARAM, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t equally as important. Because the game mode is so different when compared to the other modes, the best items to build are also different.

Therefore, do as much research as you can on the items you should build. Knowledge is power, and you’ll need a lot of knowledge if you want to be able to make item-building decisions on the fly.

Win Matches

This one might sound a little obvious, but hear us out. At the end of the day, you and your duo should always focus on winning every match possible. This means you shouldn’t mess around and troll the enemy team or be unnecessarily toxic. Zone in on what you need to do to see that satisfying victory screen and make every play count.

What’s next?

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