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League of Legends: New Champion Aurora's Abilities Explained

League of Legends: New Champion Aurora's Abilities Explained

Riot Games has introduced Aurora, a Vastayan bunny mage with a unique set of abilities. Aurora, developed over seven years, brings diversity to League of Legends as a representation of autism. She bridges the spirit and material realms, hailing from Freljord as a witch. Designed to be viable in both mid and top lanes, Aurora may also find her place in other roles. 

In this article, we will explore Aurora's abilities in detail, covering her passive and each of her skills. We'll provide an overview of her mechanics, damage scaling, cooldowns, and strategic implications, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how to master this new champion.

So without further delay, let us dive right in and see what makes Aurora a fascinating addition to the game.

Spirit Abjuration (Passive)

Aurora's passive, Spirit Abjuration, draws wayward spirits to her when she damages an enemy. This stacks up to three times with her spells or attacks. Upon reaching full stack, it triggers an exorcism, dealing a percentage of the enemy's max health as magic damage and freeing a spirit that empowers her.

Twofold Hex (Q)


A video game character attacking another near a turret in a game battle scene


Aurora's Q ability, Twofold Hex, fires a blast of cursed energy in a direction, marking enemies with Spirit energy. This ability has a recast option to draw back the spirit energy, dealing up to double the initial damage based on the enemy's missing health.

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Across the Veil (W)

Aurora's W, Across the Veil, allows her to bunny hop in a direction, becoming invisible upon landing. After this she can move around invisibly just like Shaco’s Q. This ability also puts her in Spirit mode, providing extra movement speed and refreshing on takedowns within 3 seconds of damaging an enemy.

The Weirding (E)

Aurora's E, The Weirding, sends out a blast of spirit magic, dealing area damage and slowing enemies by 80%, decaying over 1 second. This ability also knocks Aurora back, similar to Graves' ultimate.

Between Worlds (Ultimate)


Intense multi-player online battle arena game scene with vibrant spell effects


Aurora's ult, Between Worlds, unlocks a rift to the spirit realm, sending out a pulse of energy that deals magic damage and slows enemies. While inside, Aurora gains an empowered Spirit mode and can travel through the rift's walls, flying from one edge to the other while being untargetable and unstoppable.


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Aurora is a versatile champion with a rich background and a unique playstyle that blends mobility, stealth, and powerful magic. Her ability to move between realms and draw power from spirits makes her a formidable presence on the battlefield. Whether played in the mid or top lane, Aurora is set to bring a new level of strategic depth to League of Legends.


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