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League of Legends: Will Faker Retire?

League of Legends: Will Faker Retire?

The man, the myth, the legend, Faker has done it again. The Worlds 2023 concluded with unparalleled hype as Faker rallied T1 to their 4th World Championship Title. It had been 6 years since T1's (formerly SKT Telecom) back-to-back world titles streak was broken. 

With all the consistent effort and numerous ups and downs through the years, this was long due for the unkillable demon king. Now the fans can finally rest as their hero has triumphed. But the question is, will Faker rest? The short answer is, he most definitely won't.

A lot of fans romanticize the idea of Faker going out in a "blaze of glory", hanging up his hat over the sparkle of his 4 Summoner Cups. But this might not be the shape reality takes as we move forward. But before we dive further, let us talk about the events that led up to this latest triumph. 

Worlds 2023: Faker vs LPL

It is no overstatement to say, that Faker has been the single best mid-laner throughout the Worlds this year. While T1 as a whole has been a force to be reckoned with, Faker acts as the core, supplying his team with confidence through his exceptional lane-gapping and play-making expertise. 

The Worlds 2023 Knockouts was left with a single team to keep the hopes of LCK fans ignited. From the end of Swiss Stage and throughout the Knockouts the fans witnessed T1 stomping LPL teams left and right. 

First was the BLG 2-0 at the end of Swiss Stage. Afterward, T1 toppled LNG (3-0) in the Quarterfinals, followed by the unprecedented defeat of JDG (3-1) in the semis, and finally, Faker gapped Xiaohu in the finals and threw the last petal on LPL's grave.

Will Faker Retire Now?

Regardless of fan theories and rumors, Faker is not retiring anytime soon. This is backed by many reasons that infer the continuation of his career. Some of these are more practical while others hold more emotional value.



First of all, Faker's official contract with T1 ends Nov 17, 2025. This alone is enough proof that T1 does not intend to let Faker go anytime soon. How can they? Faker is a name that tailored the evolution of LolEsports. Without Faker, the World Championships will lose half their hype.


Not to mention, Faker himself has said on record that he intends to play league for at least 30 years of age. Even in the absence of Esports Events Faker loves grinding Solo Q and adapts to the latest metas effortlessly, even shaping some of them himself. 

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Exemption from Military Service

Faker is now exempt from military service, which leaves him with no obstructions in his endeavors ahead. This Military exemption was granted through Faker's win in Asian Games 2023. Just like the Worlds, these games saw Faker leading team South Korea to victory against the Chinese teams. This exemption was not only granted to Faker but to the entire team. 



Soldiers in camouflage gear during military training

Note: While this exemption means you can skip military service currently, it does not mean you will never do it. 


Faker's love for League and his ambitious nature will prevail over fan's stipulations, as he thrives to restore the LCK empire that once dominated LolEsports. Let us be real, no one really wants Faker to exit the LolEsports scene anytime soon. We all are here to witness what Faker has in store for us as he walks in his prime.

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