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Valorant: Best Viper Lineups and Setups for Bind

Valorant: Best Viper Lineups and Setups for Bind

Bind is a fan-favorite map in Valorant that has several different spots that players can take advantage of using the abilities of their agents. However, one agent that players can potentially struggle with is Viper, as her utilities require some major strategy. Fortunately, we have four lineups that you can use to drastically increase your chances of making a positive impact in the match.

To ensure you have at least one lineup for whatever the circumstances call for, we have two lineups for both attacking and defending. This way, it doesn't matter if you want to protect your bombsite and take down the enemy, or use your utility to allow yourself to plant the spike, we have you covered.

So, if you want to know the best lineups for Viper on Bind, keep reading! For those seeking a swift understanding of these setups, we recommend engaging a professional-level coach from Eloking, and don't forget to apply the code "BoostToday" to enjoy an outstanding 20% discount.

Attacking Viper Lineups for Bind

A Site

Snake Bite Post-Plant Lineup

First-person view of a player holding futuristic weapon in a video game

This Snake Bite lineup is a potent tool for disrupting enemy defusal attempts after planting the spike on A Site. Proper execution can significantly increase your team's chances of securing the round.


  1. Stand in the leftmost corner of A Lobby.
  2. Direct your crosshair towards the sky, just slightly away from the building's edge.
  3. Shoot to release the Snake Bite projectile towards the A Site.

The strategic placement of the Snake Bite from A Lobby allows it to land precisely at the A Site plant area. This damages and debuffs enemies attempting to defuse, creating a challenging situation for them and buying valuable time for your team.

Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud Combo

Combining Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud can pave the way for a coordinated team push into A Site. This lineup establishes control and disrupts enemy vision, giving your team a strategic advantage.


  1. Position yourself in the rightmost corner of A Lobby.
  2. Aim to make the line between the Ultimate and the Toxic Screen touch the edge of the leaf.
  3. Throw the Poison Cloud to create space for teammates entering from A Lamps.
  4. Place Toxic Screen from A Lobby to cover the other half of A Site and create space for the spike plant.

The Poison Cloud provides cover and disrupts enemy sightlines, making it easier for your team to enter A Site. Combined with the Toxic Screen, this setup offers a comprehensive approach to taking control of A Site during the attack phase.

B Site

Snake Bite Post-Plant Lineup from A Link

First-person view in a tactical shooter game with player holding a grenade

Executing a post-plant Snake Bite lineup from A Link can catch enemies off guard, making it a valuable tool for securing rounds on B Site.


  1. Stand in A Link.
  2. Aim towards the sky from the leftmost corner, overlapping Viper's Poison Cloud ability HUD with the lamp.
  3. Jump and shoot to drop the Snake Bite at B Site's plant area.

This lineup requires precision, but when mastered, it provides a powerful tool for denying enemies access to the spike. The Snake Bite landing at B Site can disrupt defusal attempts and create chaos among the opposing team.

Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen Combo

Employing both Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen at B Site can establish control and impede enemy movement, facilitating a smoother attack for your team.


  1. Position yourself in the corner near the B Garden entrance.
  2. Aim at eye level at the door frame's edge.
  3. Throw the Poison Cloud to create a one-way smoke at B Site.
  4. Divide B Long into two halves by placing Toxic Screen strategically.
  5. Block B Elbow to make the entrance easier for your team.

The Poison Cloud one-way smoke disrupts enemy vision, providing a tactical advantage during the attack. The Toxic Screen further divides the B Site, limiting enemy options and increasing the likelihood of a successful spike plant.

Defending Viper Setups for Bind

A Site

One-Way Smoke with Poison Cloud

First-person view in a shooter game showing user interface and architectural details

When defending A Site, Viper's Poison Cloud can be employed to create a powerful one-way smoke, restricting enemy vision and providing a strategic advantage.


  1. Move near the A Bath entrance and locate the box at the entrance's tip.
  2. Stand on the box to gain elevation, enhancing the effectiveness of the one-way smoke.
  3. Align your crosshair at the top right corner of the red tile at the entrance's tip.
  4. Activate Poison Cloud to generate a one-way smoke that obstructs enemy sightlines.

By standing on the box and utilizing the one-way smoke technique, Viper creates a situation where she can see enemies approaching A Site while remaining largely unseen. This strategic setup can catch opponents off guard, allowing for easier eliminations and efficient site defense.

Strategic Use of Snake Bite and Toxic Screen

Player navigating through a toxic green smoke barrier in an FPS game

In addition to one-way smoke, Viper can strategically deploy Snake Bite and Toxic Screen to fortify A Site defenses.


  1. Use Snake Bite to dissuade enemies from entering A Site. Target chokepoints and common entry areas to inflict damage and disrupt their advance.
  2. Position Toxic Screen strategically to block both A Site entries. Cover the paths where enemies are likely to approach, hindering their progress and creating confusion.

Snake Bite serves as a versatile tool for area denial, forcing opponents to reconsider their approach. Meanwhile, the carefully placed Toxic Screen divides the A Site effectively, making it challenging for attackers to coordinate and execute their strategies. The combination of these abilities strengthens Viper's role as a formidable defender on Bind's A Site.

B Site

Poison Cloud One-Way Smoke

First-person view in a shooter game showing a player wielding a sci-fi weapon emitting a glowing green energy ball

Defending B Site with Viper involves creating a one-way smoke with Poison Cloud to gain a tactical advantage over attackers.


  1. Stand in the corner near the B Garden entrance, providing a vantage point for effective deployment.
  2. Aim at eye level at the door frame's edge to ensure precise placement.
  3. Execute a throw to make Poison Cloud land in a way that creates a one-way smoke at B Site.

The one-way smoke generated by Poison Cloud allows defenders on B Site to observe and engage attackers while remaining mostly concealed. This setup is particularly potent for holding off pushes and controlling the flow of the round in favor of the defending team.

Utilizing Snake Bites and Toxic Screen for Defense

Player using tactical abilities in a first-person shooter game

Viper's defensive capabilities on B Site extend beyond one-way smokes, involving the strategic use of Snake Bites and Toxic Screen.


  1. Deploy Snake Bites strategically when enemies rush B Site. Focus on areas with high foot traffic to inflict damage and disrupt the attackers.
  2. Position Toxic Screen to block B Hookah and B Garden entries. This divides the site, making it challenging for attackers to coordinate their push.

By incorporating both Snake Bites and Toxic Screen into the defensive strategy, Viper can create chaos among attackers, limiting their options and making it easier for the defending team to repel the assault. This multifaceted approach enhances Viper's effectiveness in holding B Site on Bind.

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Can these lineups and setups also be used for other maps?

Definitely! By utilizing the same concept, you can also use these lineups and setups for other maps like SunsetBreeze, and Haven. Of course, you'll have to make some minor adjustments as well, and a professional coach from Eloking can help you do that, that too with a 20% discount if you use the code "BoostToday" when finalizing your order.

Why does Viper excel as a defensive pick on Bind?

Viper's effectiveness in defending on Bind arises from her capacity to establish barriers and disrupt the opponent's line of sight. The synergy between Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen empowers her to dictate engagement locations, presenting a formidable challenge for attackers attempting to infiltrate sites. The strategic deployment of her defensive setups is instrumental in impeding enemy progress and contributing to successful outcomes for her team.

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