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Best Viper Lineups and Setups for Haven

Best Viper Lineups and Setups for Haven

Valorant's tactical gameplay often hinges on strategic agent selections and precise ability usage. Viper, with her toxic arsenal, can be a game-changer on the Haven map. However, that doesn't mean that you can just use her toxic abilities anywhere and they'll be effective, so you must know some lineups and setups to take advantage of.

Today, we're here to go through several lineups and setups for the Haven map that you can use as Viper in Valorant. By using these strategies, you're sure to maximize this agent's potential and support your team, both in attacking and defending.

So, if you want to learn the best Viper lineups for Haven then keep reading. If you want to learn these setups quickly, we highly recommend you hire a professional-level coach from Eloking using the code "BoostToday" for an excellent 20% discount.

Attack Lineups for Haven with Viper

Player deploying a green energy barrier in a tactical FPS game

Valorant's dynamic gameplay demands precise strategies, and Viper's toxic toolkit can be a game-changer when it comes to attacking on Haven. Here, we delve into detailed lineups for each site to maximize Viper's offensive potential.

Site A Lineup

Site A's spacious layout provides an excellent canvas for Viper's abilities. This lineup focuses on creating a defensive perimeter using Toxic Screen and obstructing vision with Poison Cloud.


  1. Deploy Toxic Screen at A Main's entrance.
  2. Enter the door and hug the right corner.
  3. Align your crosshair with the second light bulb.
  4. Throw the Poison Cloud to land on Tower Window.

The Toxic Screen at A Main establishes a defensive line, limiting enemy visibility and control. By hugging the corner and aligning the crosshair, the Poison Cloud covers the Tower Window, disrupting any opponents trying to gain an advantageous position. In post-plant scenarios, positioning near the doorway and utilizing consecutive Snake Bites ensures an effective defense against defusal attempts.

Site B Lineup

Site B's unique layout demands adaptable strategies. This lineup leverages Toxic Screen at B Window and Poison Cloud to secure the site and create opportunities for strategic plays.


  1. Move to B Window and deploy Toxic Screen.
  2. Position the Toxic Screen as shown in the image.
  3. Use Poison Cloud on the uncovered doorway.

Initiate the attack on Site B by creating a Toxic Screen at B Window, offering cover and control over the site's approach. The Poison Cloud, strategically placed on the doorway without coverage, provides an additional layer of protection, allowing for a secure Spike plant and potential enemy ambushes. This setup eliminates the need for additional lineups when camping near B Window.

Site C Lineup

Site C's challenging distance between C Long and the site requires a straightforward yet effective strategy. This lineup focuses on utilizing Toxic Screen to establish a defensive barrier.


  1. Deploy Toxic Screen as illustrated in the image.

Executing an effective Site C lineup is simplified with a well-placed Toxic Screen. This lineup creates a defensive barrier, providing control over the site and impeding enemy advances. While other lineups may exist, this Toxic Screen strategy proves efficient in gaining a foothold on Site C.

Mastering these attack lineups empowers Viper players to navigate Haven strategically, creating opportunities and disrupting enemy plans. Adapt these strategies to your playstyle, experiment with variations, and witness Viper's toxic prowess unfold on the battlefield.

Defense Lineups for Haven with Viper

Player's perspective in a first-person shooter game with green holographic hands aiming in a detailed game environment

In defensive scenarios, Viper's abilities become instrumental in creating barriers and limiting enemy vision, turning her into a formidable force on the Haven map. Let's delve into the intricacies of each defensive lineup for Sites A, B, and C.

Site A Lineup

Introduction to Lineup:

Defending Site A involves a combination of Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to disrupt enemy advances and gain a tactical advantage.


  1. Begin by dropping the Poison Cloud at the entrance of A Main.
  2. This initial deployment obscures vision and creates a hindrance for attackers.
  3. Move to the side and deploy the Toxic Screen past the sewers, extending its reach.
  4. This strategic placement weakens the enemy's approach, making it easier to control engagements.

The Poison Cloud at A Main serves as an early deterrent, forcing opponents to navigate through obscured vision. Simultaneously, the Toxic Screen disrupts enemy advances, creating a defensive perimeter that allows Viper and her team to pick off attackers with precision.

Site B Lineup

Defending Site B demands strategic use of Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to secure B Window and control the battlefield.


  1. Align your crosshair with the designated point and throw the Poison Cloud at B Window.
  2. This setup creates a one-way barrier, offering defenders a tactical advantage.
  3. Extend the Toxic Screen across B Main, reaching into Site A.
  4. This expansive coverage helps control enemy movements and limits their options.

The Poison Cloud at B Window provides defenders with a one-way advantage, allowing them to spot and eliminate attackers without being easily seen. The Toxic Screen extends this control, dictating the pace of engagements and channeling enemy movements to the defenders' advantage.

Site C Lineup

Defending Site C involves utilizing Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud to obstruct entry points and minimize vulnerabilities.


  1. Deploy the Toxic Screen across C Main to create a defensive barrier.
  2. This screen limits enemy visibility and controls the flow of engagements.
  3. Throw the Poison Cloud at the entrance from C Garage.
  4. This placement further obstructs enemy vision and disrupts their approach.

The Toxic Screen across C Main becomes a pivotal defensive tool, controlling the movements of attackers and limiting their options. Coupled with the Poison Cloud at the C Garage entrance, Viper effectively minimizes potential entry points, making the site more defensible for her team. This defensive synergy allows Viper to adapt to various attacking strategies and maintain control over Site C.

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Why is Viper a strong choice for defending on Haven?

Viper's defensive prowess on Haven stems from her ability to create barriers and obstruct enemy vision. The combination of Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen allows her to control engagement points, making it challenging for attackers to breach sites. Her defensive lineups play a crucial role in weakening enemy advances and securing victories for her team.

How can we learn these lineups quickly?

Learning Viper lineups efficiently is crucial for maximizing her impact in matches. To expedite the learning process, consider seeking coaching services from experts like Eloking. Eloking offers tailored coaching sessions to help players master agent abilities and strategic setups. 

As an added benefit, using the code "BoostToday" during sign-up provides a 20% discount on Eloking's coaching services, making it an accessible and cost-effective way to enhance your gameplay. With personalized guidance, players can accelerate their understanding of Viper's lineups and elevate their performance on Haven and beyond.

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