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Valorant: How to connect keyboard and mouse on PS5

Valorant: How to connect keyboard and mouse on PS5

Valorant coming to consoles is on the horizon, and if you didn’t get fortunate enough to be invited to the test beta then you likely have a couple of questions. One of the biggest questions we’ve noticed and want to clear up is how and if players can connect their keyboard and mouse to play Valorant on their PS5.

Today, we’re here to go through everything you need to know about connecting your keyboard and mouse on PS5. This includes whether you can do it currently, the reason behind Riot’s decision to implement or not implement this feature and whether players can use gyro aiming to make the Valorant experience more immersive.

Without any more delay, here’s whether you can connect your keyboard and mouse to Valorant’s PS5 port.

Does the PS5 version of Valorant support a keyboard and mouse?

First-person perspective in a colorful shooter game alleyway

Even though the original PC version of the title only has keyboard and mouse controls, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ports of Valorant do not support that control scheme in any capacity. 

Why does not the PS5 version of Valorant have keyboard and mouse support?

Illustrative diagram of a gaming controller with detailed button functions and layout

Riot Games did not include any keyboard and mouse support for the console versions of Valorant that there is a level playing field. This restriction is applied so the title prides itself on its tactical and fair elements, so to uphold its reputation, Riot has decided that players can only play the game with a controller since that control scheme has a way different and harder experience than keyboard and mouse.

To make Valorant easier for console players, Riot has introduced exclusive features to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions, like focus mode. Focus Mode allows gamers in Valorant to slow down their aim by lowering their sensitivity when holding the L2/LT trigger, enabling them to hit precise shots when trying to shoot near an enemy. 

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Do third-party adapters work to use a keyboard and mouse in the console versions of Valorant?

First-person shooter game scene with combat action

Third-party adapters, such as the Xim Apex, allow players to use keyboard and mouse in console games that only support controllers by tricking the game into thinking that keyboard and mouse inputs are controller inputs. These adapters do it by translating controller inputs into keyboard and mouse signals.

The problem with these adapters is that alongside the fact that they have unreliable performance, which can cause issues with inputs, it can also put players at risk of bans. Valorant’s anti-cheat, Vanguard, can detect these adapters and ban users who use them to get an advantage over others.

Despite the Valorant console’ beta being a few days old, players are already getting banned from the game for using mouse and keyboard.  In a popular video on X, a Valorant player shared where the match ended abruptly mid-game in the console Valorant with a red screen that said “CHEATED DETECTED” all over it. Phillip Koskinas, Riot’s head of anti-cheat, quoted posted it and said “a satisfied first customer”.


Can players use gyro aiming in the PS5 version of Valorant?

Despite many other games like Fortnite and Call of Duty adopting gyro aiming in the PS5 version of their titles, Valorant does not support it in any capacity. This limitation was added to Valorant because the Xbox Series X|S controllers don’t have that functionality, so it would be unfair to those players if they play against PlayStation users with gyro aiming. 

Coleman Palm, the Product Management Lead on Valorant, said that if Riot went towards the gyro aiming route, it would feel like they prefer PlayStation users more than Xbox, which they want to avoid. Later, when players shared that other major titles have the feature, Palm replied that he’s not against the mechanic and that some developers are excited about it.

Will these features come to the game when released?

While nothing is confirmed, keyboard and mouse support and gyro aiming might be implemented in the PS5 version of Valorant if enough players request it. However, restrictions might be forced into the game to allow these mechanics, like keyboard and mouse players only being able to play on PC lobbies or gyro-aiming users being able to play against other PS5 players.

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