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When is Valorant coming to consoles, and will it have crossplay?

When is Valorant coming to consoles, and will it have crossplay?

Valorant, Riot Games’ huge 5v5 hero shooter is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox consoles, something that some players assumed would never happen. The developers have also revealed information about when players can get their hands on the console version of Valorant and whether they can play with their friends.

Today, we’re here to go through everything you need to know about the release date of Valorant’s console edition. Additionally, we’ll also answer every question related to the game’s crossplay, and which friends you can play the game with when the game finally hits your PlayStation or Xbox.

So, without further ado, here’s when Valorant will come to consoles and whether it’ll have crossplay.

When was Valorant announced for consoles?

Character Fade throwing a red orb in a video game scene

On June 8th, 2024, during the Summer Game Fest, Riot Games announced that Valorant will make its way to consoles. The announcement was through a gameplay trailer where it revealed how the game will look and play. The graphics look similar to the high preset in the PC version of Valorant, and while the gameplay looks the same as well, Riot states that it will have “custom-built gameplay” to accommodate the new market better.

What consoles will get Valorant?

Valorant will be released only on the 9th generation of consoles, like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S. It seems that Riot has omitted previous generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, even though the game is easy to run on weak systems and isn’t very demanding. 

Why is Valorant getting a console port?

Players engaged in a tense FPS game shooting on a colorful battlefield

Riot is releasing Valorant on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S because it wants to introduce a complex tactical shooter for other platforms besides the PC. Valorant’s production director tells Polygon in an interview “We’re working from the assumption that competitive players are competitive players no matter which platform they choose to play” and It is a bit of a leap of faith to take this hardcore competitive tactical shooter to a platform that doesn’t have the same background and history of tactical shooters as PC”.

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When is Valorant coming to consoles?

While the official release date for Valorant is unknown, Riot has announced that the game will have a limited test starting June 14 that players can register for. 

To register for the console beta, players need to go to this website:

Will the console version of Valorant have crossplay?

First-person view in a shooter game with players preparing for battle

Yes, the console versions of Valorant will have crossplay, but it will be minimal. PlayStation 5 players and Xbox Series X|S players will be able to queue up and play with and against each other, but they won’t be able to do all of that with PC players. 

Why don't the console versions of Valorant support crossplay with the PC version?

The console versions of Valorant don’t have crossplay functionalities with the PC version, probably because the former has superior aim and movement that the others can't match. Riot claims that the console version of Valorant has “custom-built gameplay”. 

Valorant is known for its precise gunplay, so to emulate it, the new version of the game will feature a focus mode where when the player holds the left trigger, they’ll enter a mode where their aim will slow down so they can hit better shots. This strategy assists fans with hitting flick shots on consoles while also keeping it familiar to countless other shooters, where people can aim with the left trigger and shoot with the right trigger.


Is Valorant coming to mobile?

Riot announced that Valorant would be coming to mobile in 2021 but hasn’t discussed more details since its reveal. The only thing known about it is that it will be titled “Valorant Mobile”, instead of just “Valorant”.

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